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$$ALLOT OF MONEY$$ hint for Dead Island



Ok now you should know that later in the game you get really bad ass melee weapons that you can either buy, find in locked boxes, or create.But the stronger a weapon is the more expensive it is to repair. This is a very use full way to both make money and to prepare you for the Jungle,(area after the City), because the Jungle has a few VERY hard missions, and there's not that many work benches. (NOTE to do this you need ALLOT of patients because this really drags, but is worth it). Ok to do this you need to be in the City of Morsby, and you need to be able to Fast Travel to the Church, the Ware House(where you help a bunch of Spanish speaking dudes), The Bunkers(in the Resort). So go to the Church and as you know there's a guy Rodrigo sitting that you can sell and buy stuff, and there's that girl that travels whit you to the City(the one wearing overalls, can't remember her name rigth now I'm at school). Step:1 talk to the girl and give her all your melee weapons and guns exept for one(NOTE keep at least one fully loaded gun whit you and maybe two health kits, you need allot of open inventory slots). Step:2 fast travel to the Ware House, grab the hammer on the table, the weapon inside the silver box, and the baseball bat leaning on the car. Step:3 Travel to the Bunkers in the Resort, go through the sewer passage that leads to the connected Bunker, shoot the Suicider, get the weapon in the silver box, go back to the first Bunker, go to the next room and climb the ladder, get the two weapons in the silver boxes, go back, get the weapon in the silver box next to the Fast Travel Map(NOTE sometimes the silver boxes are empty). Step:4 Travel back to the Ware House, collect the hammer and baseball bat AGAIN. Step:5 Finnaly travel back to the Church, talk to Rodrigo, go under SELL, go under MELEE, and sell all the weapons you collected besides the gun you already owned. You can do this as many times as you want because every time you go back to the Ware House and Bunkers, all the weapons should be their again. Each time you do this you make about $100 or more, so if you do it 10 times you make more than $1000. So if you have $4000 or $5000, you can boost it up to$10,000. It took me 4 ever but I made like about $8000 doing this. Whit the money you make you can either fully upgrade all your weapons, or buy a new set of expensive weapons(NOTE when you get to the Jungle and Prison, you CANNOT have crappy weapons). I really hope this can help some people whit this bloody fun and challenging game. Later.

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