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Intel Locations

We've put together an awesome Intel Locations guide as part of our complete Black Ops guide.

Each Intel Location is spotted with an individual video and text description of how to collect it.

To go to our Intel Locations Guide just follow this link:'s Black Ops Intel Locations Guide

Added 9 Nov 2010, ID #6556, by Sanzano and get

Annihilation DLC Gamerpics

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding gamerpic will become available.

Earn the 'Time Travel Will Tell' Achievement.

Earn the 'Time Travel Will Tell' Achievement.

Added 12 Jul 2011, ID #7486, by Sanzano

Unlock '115' on Kino Der Toten

When you collect the three meteors in the Kino Der Toten level the song '115' by Elena Siegman will play. The first meteor is located on a pedestal in a corner behind the soda in the main lobby. The second meteor is on a pedestal in the dressing room near some mannequins. The third meteor is the room upstairs near the alleyway, on a 'dresser' with black marquee letters. Note: The meteors appear as red veined rocks. To collect them hold 'Use' on each meteor until the veins in the rock glow red or your character speaks.

Added 19 Jan 2011, ID #6868, by Sanzano

Dreamland Server

Access the Central Intelligence Agency Data System and then enter the case sensitive command 'rlogin dreamland' (without the quotes). You will then be prompted to login with an account with MJ12 access. Use the following usernames and passwords to continue.

Login as Robert Oppen
Username: roppen
Password: trinity

Login as T. Walkeare
Username: twalker
Password: thanksdad.

Login as Vannevar Bush
Username: vbush
Password: majestic1.

Added 14 Jan 2011, ID #6842, by Sanzano

Nuketown Mannequin Secret

When you shoot the heads of ALL the mannequins in Nuketown you will hear the Rolling Stones song 'Symphony for the Devil' play over the loud speakers.

Added 27 Dec 2010, ID #6776, by Sanzano

Easy Frag Master Achievement

Check out the following video to get this Achievement. Remember to blow up the barrels first otherwise it won't count as a frag kill.

Click here to view the video

Also see our achievements guide for tips on this achievement and more

Added 24 Nov 2010, ID #6635, by Sanzano

Easy 'Hands Off The Merchandise' Achievement

In Round 4 on the 'Five' map in Zombies mode shoot a zombie's legs off so it is crawling around before the round ends. When you do this you will give yourself more time to turn the power on. The Thief shows up randomly after you turn the power on. The strategy used in the following video was done in Single-Player mode.

Click here to view the video

Added 24 Nov 2010, ID #6634, by Sanzano

Unlock Frank Woods Gamerpic

When you escape the interrogation chair by pressing the Left and Right triggers simultaneously you will unlock the Frank Woods Gamerpic.

Added 24 Nov 2010, ID #6633, by Sanzano

Finding the Pack-A-Punch Machine on Five Map in Zombies Mode

This device which allows upgrades to the majority of the weapons found in the zombie mode can be found by making a crawler and then going into the middle room and adjusting the DEFCON level to DEFCON 5. ALL teleporters will take you to the Presidential Suite where you will find ALL the switches in that room (3 are upstairs and 1 is downstairs). When you have hit ALL four switches a 'Panic Room' will unlock and the Pack-A-Punch machine is located in there.

Added 24 Nov 2010, ID #6632, by Sanzano

Unlock Jason Hudson Gamerpic

If you log into Jason Hudson's account on the computer terminal a Gamerpic featuring Jason Hudson will become unlocked.

Added 22 Nov 2010, ID #6621, by Sanzano

Multiplayer Bonuses

Reach the indicated Level/Prestige to receive the corresponding bonus.

Create A Class:
Reach Level 4

Reach Level 5

Clan Tag:
Reach Level 6

Game Mode Challenges:
Reach Level 8

Killstreaks, Killstreak Challenges, Playercard Emblems:
Reach Level 10

Combat Record:
Reach Level 13

Medal Challenges:
Reach Level 15

Gun Emblems:
Reach Level 16

Gun Tag:
Reach Level 19

Elite Challenges:
Reach Level 20

Reach Level 22

Custom Reticules:
Reach Level 25

Custom Lenses:
Reach Level 28

Final Challenges:
Reach Level 30

Reach Level 31

Prestige Mode:
Reach Level 50

Prestige Leaderboard, Custom Class 6:
Reach Prestige 1

Custom Class 7:
Reach Prestige 3

Custom Class 8:
Reach Prestige 5

Custom Class 9:
Reach Prestige 7

Custom Class 10:
Reach Prestige 9

Face Tattoos:
Reach Prestige 11

Clan Tag Colors:
Reach Prestige 13

Golden Camo:
Reach Prestige 14

Prestige Playlists:
Reach Prestige 15

Added 16 Nov 2010, ID #6596, by Sanzano

Terminal Codes (Usernames and Passwords)

Access the Central Intelligence Agency Data System and type the case sensitive command 'login' (without the quotes). When you are then prompted to login with an account enter the following usernames and passwords. Access their documents with the 'dir' command or email with the 'mail' command.

Bruce Harris
Username: bharris
Password: goskins

D. King
Username: dking
Password: mfk

Adrienne Smith
Username: asmith
Password: roxy

Vannevar Bush
Username: vbush
Password: manhattan

Frank Woods
Username: fwoods
Password: philly

Grigori 'Greg' Weaver
Username: gweaver
Password: gedeon

J. Turner
Username: Jturner
Password: condor75

Jason Hudson
Username: jhudson
Password: bryant1950

John McCone
Username: jmccone
Password: berkley22

Joseph Bowman
Username: jbowman
Password: uwd

John F. Kennedy
Username: jfkennedy
Password: lancer

Lyndon B. Johnson
Username: lbjohnson
Password: ladybird

Richard Nixon
Username: rnixon
Password: checkers

Richard Helms
Username: rhelms
Password: lerosey

Richard Kain
Username: rkain
Password: sunwu

Ryan Jackson
Username: rjackson
Password: saintbridget

T. Walker
Username: twalker
Password: radi0

Terrance Brooks
Username: tbrooks
Password: lauren

William Raborn
Username: wraborn
Password: bromlow

Added 16 Nov 2010, ID #6594, by Sanzano


Check out the following video if you want to see some of the available weapons in the game and what they look like.

Click here to view the video

Added 9 Nov 2010, ID #6557, by Sanzano


Below is a list of perks and their effect.

Tier 1

Flak Jacket:
Reduces explosive damage

Flak Jacket Pro:
Deflect fire damage, and safely toss back grenades

Get ammo from fallen enemies

Scavenger Pro:
Start with extra magazines, and get grenades from fallen enemies

Harline Pro:
Change the contents of a Care Package

Undetectable by the Spy Plane and Blackbird

Ghost Pro:
Undetectable by aircraft, IR scopes, Sentry Guns, and no red cross hair on your name when targeted

Killstreaks require one less kill

Move faster

Lightweight Pro:
No fall damage

Tier 2

Hold breath longer

Scout Pro:
Switch weapons faster

Sleight Of Hand:
Faster reloads

Bullets penetrate better

Hardened Pro:
Increased bullet damage to killstreaks and less aiming recoil when shot

Equip two attachments to your primary weapon

Warlord Pro:
Start with one extra lethal and tactical grenade (except Willy Pete)

Sleight Of Hand Pro:
ADS with all weapons, except sniper rifles

Steady Aim:
Increased hip-fire accuracy

Steady Aim Pro:
Faster ADS after sprinting

Tier 3

Longer sprint

Marathon Pro:
Unlimited duration

Silent movement

Tactical Mask:
Protects against Nova Gas

Tactical Mask Pro:
Reduces the effects of flash and concussion grenades

Ninja Pro:
Make no noise, and hear ALL enemies louder

Second Chance:
Ability to use your pistol before dying

Second Chance Pro:
Survive longer, and get revived by teammates

Ability to detect enemy equipment and explosives

Hacker Pro:
Booby trap enemy Care Packages and turn enemy killstreaks and equipment friendly

Added 9 Nov 2010, ID #6555, by Sanzano

Cheat Mode

To be able to access early unlockables and hidden features in the game use the Right analog-stick to look down at your hand when you are locked up at the 'Title' screen. Then keep pressing LT + RT to escape the chair (this also unlocks the 'Just Ask Me Nicely' Secret Achievement) and move to the area behind your chair where you will find an old computer terminal that you can plug a USB keyboard into your Xbox 360 and type one of the following case sensitive codes (without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect.

Unlock ALL Missions, 'Five' Zombie Mode Mission, Dead Ops Arcade Game, Zork Game:
Enter '3arc Unlock' as a code.

Unlock ALL Intel:
Enter '3arc Intel' as a code. Enabling this code will prevent you from getting the 'Closer Analysis' Achievement.

Display ALL Commands:
Enter 'help' as a code. This displays a list of system commands in the terminal and Pentagon user e-mail access.

Unlock Dead Ops Arcade Game:
Enter 'DOA' as a code. This feature is a zombie killing mini-game similar to Smash TV. Use the Left analog-stick to move and the Right analog-stick to shoot. Play this mini game to get the 'Insert Coin' Achievement.

Unlock Zork Game:
Enter 'ZORK' as a code. Play this mini game to get the 'Eaten By A Grue' Achievement.

Added 9 Nov 2010, ID #6554, by Sanzano

Killstreak Bonuses

When you reach the following number of consecutive kills in Multiplayer mode you will recieve the corresponding bonus.

3 kills (strapped with explosives remote control car)

Spy Plane:
3 kills (on the mini-map shows enemies; can be shot down)

SAM Turret:
4 kills (airdrop a placeable SAM turret to destroy enemy aircraft)

Counter Spy Plane:
4 kills (temporarily disables enemy mini-map)

Care Package:
5 kills (airdrop a random killstreak or ammo crate)

Napalm Strike:
5 kills (aircraft covers an area in Napalm)

Sentry Gun:
6 kills (airdrop a placeable Sentry Gun)

Mortar Team:
6 kills (target 3 locations to bombard with Mortar Strikes)

Valkyrie Rockets:
7 kills (launcher with remote controlled rockets)

Attack Helicopter:
7 kills (call in support helicopter)

Rolling Thunder:
8 kills (carpet bombing airstrike)

8 kills (on the mini-map shows both enemy position and direction; cannot be shot down)

Chopper Gunner:
9 kills (be the gunner of an attack helicopter)

11 kills (pilot an attack helicopter)

Attack Dogs:
11 kills (attack dogs that hunt down the enemy)

Added 9 Nov 2010, ID #6553, by Sanzano

Gun Game Wager Match Weapons

The following is a list of ALL 20 guns in the Gun Game wager match.

1 - Python with Multiple Attachments

2 - Makarov Dual Wield

3 - Spas

4 - Ithica

5 - MP5K

6 - Skorpion Dual Wield

7 - AK74u

8 - M14

9 - M16

10 - FAMAS

11 - AUG

12 - Hk21

13 - M60

14 - L96A1

15 - WA2000

16 - Grim Reaper

17 - M72 Law

18 - China Lake

19 - Crossbow Explosive Tip

20 - Ballistic Knife

Added 22 Sep 2010, ID #6295, by Sanzano

Kino Der Toten: Portrait Easter Eggs

On the zombies map Kino Der Toten in the circular room that that has Mule Kick their will be 5 Portraits, Holding "X" or "Square" while aiming at them will cause your character to comment something about each of the other characters. Their is also A Mysterious Portrait of just a Silouitte which could be another Mystery. Perhaps it could have been a picture of samantha, The Little girl that went missing and also resided in the building, Or maybe in future games they will link a character to the portrait.


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Added 24 Feb 2014, ID #9638, by DGK Alpha Wolf

"Kino Der Toten" & "Five" Musical Easter Eggs

These Easter Eggs Will Play A Special Song When Found And Held "X" or "Square" While Aiming At Them. On the zombies map Kino Der Toten their are 3 hidden meteors. The first can be found in the starting room behind the couch between the Two staircases in the corner. The second is in the dressing room behind the MPK5 In the corner across from the Barricade. The third is in the Room between the Alley & the Stage, It is on a large Bookshelf directly across from the mystery box spawn next to a pile of Decor Letter's & Numbers. After finding these the song "115" by Elena Siegman (which also does the Easter Egg for CoD WaW map "Nacht Der Toten") will play. On the zombies map Five there are 3 Red Telephones you must find. The first is in the hallway on a table next to the starting room by to the Quick Revive. The second is in the Basement (laboratories) directly across from where the Power Switch is facing. The third is in the PACK-A-PUNCH room on a table to the left side of the room when you teleport their. After finding all 3 phones the song "Won't Back Down" by Eminem & Rihanna will play. Hope this helps...


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Added 24 Feb 2014, ID #9637, by DGK Alpha Wolf

Kino Der Toten: Multiplayer Suicide Glitch

While playing multiplayer. Enter the stage area of the map, It will cost 4,250 in total to buy your way their. Once your there turn the power, Then have one player stand in the Anti-Dog Spot which is on the side of the stage closest to the teleporter and next to the staircase their should be a Chair which if your careful enough you can walk to the edge of the staircase and hover over the chair. While here have the second player crouch and walk under the first player (the person on top was spinning in circles when we I learned this). This will cause both players to be downed.


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Added 24 Feb 2014, ID #9636, by DGK Alpha Wolf
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