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Fable: The Lost Chapters hints

Ok here is my favour weapons in the game here goes

Damage: 198=
=Augmentations: Sharpening, Piercing=

To get this legendary sword, you must go to the Temple of Avo in Witchwood.
You will find some people crowded around a sword stuck in the rock, trying to
Pull it out. Wait until you get a chance, and walk up to it. Press A and you
Will try to pull the sword out... And fail. At this point, the game will
Remember your stats. You must improve your Physique by 5, your Health by 2, and
Your Toughness by 3, or you can just max them all out (to 7). Then go back to
The Temple and pull the sword out.

This one is my favourt sorwd

The Solus Greatsword [Greatsword]

=Damage: 314=
=Augmentations: Flame, Sharpening, *Free Slot*=

This is for sale in the shop at Bowerstone North, you can get there after you
Beat the Arena. Don't be fooled! Just because you are buying it, doesn't mean
It isn't good. It's very powerful, but it's a heavy weapon, so it isn't that
Fast. It's expensive, but to make some money, you don't even need to go
Anywhere! Buy all the Diamonds in stock, and then sell them back. You will make
A profit. Repeat this a few times and you'll have enough money to buy it.

Skorm's Bow [Longbow]

=Damage: 264=
=Augmentations: Lightning, Sharpening=

Skorm's Bow is the strongest ranged weapon in the game, and is a must-have! If
You have a good character, you don't need to do much. Get the merc from Oakvale
To follow you to the Chapel of Skorm, and sacrifice him at MIDNIGHT EXACTLY
When he takes his pay. Skip the cutscenes. Note: This may or may not work!
Getting the bow depends on luck sometimes. If you are evil, you will have a
Hard time getting this bow. Donate to the Temple of Avo and get a lot of good
Points. This will make it easier. Keep trying different ways. Dont give up.
Sacrificing the two GOOD mercs (Oakvale and Temple of Avo) are the best ways
To get the bow. Save before trying, so you can reload the save and try again.


Bellow is a list of all 30 Silver Keys in the game, along with their
locations. The keys are listed in the order by which you will come
across them in the game. While a majority of the keys can be attained
by simply searching, digging, or fishing, there are a few which can
only be attained by completing a quest.

For those new to the game it should be noted that to dig you will need
to purchase a Spade, and to fish you will need a Fishing Rod. Both can
be acquired in Bowerstone South.

Guild Woods
- Fish at the ripple in the water at the pond

Lookout Point
- Cut through the vines near the statue

Bowerstone South
- On the balcony of the top floor of the clothing shop

Bowerstone South
- Complete the school teacher's Book Collection Quest

Orchard farm
- Fish at the ripple at the end of the northern pier

Fisher Creek
- Fish at a ripple along the northern side

Fisher Creek
- Complete the Fishing Competition Quest

Greatwood Lake
- At the end of the northern path

Rose Cottage
- Dig in the ring of flowers by the house

Hobbe Cave
- Dig in the ring of mushrooms inside of the Focus Chamber

Darkwood Lake
- Shoot an arrow through the hole in the tall mystic stone at the
southern end

Ancient Cullis Gate
- Fish at the ripple at the western bridge

Grey House
- Fish at the ripple near the Demon Door

- Dig at the base of the statue in the Memorial Garden

- Complete the Chicken Kicking Competition Quest

Twinblade's Camp
- Dig in the ring of flowers at the southeastern edge

Witchwood Stones
- Fish at the ripple near the Demon Door

Witchwood Lake
- Dig at the base of the red glowing statue

Knothole Glade
- Dig in the ring of plants between two houses at the southern edge

Windmill Hill
- Dig in the ring of flowers near the western house

Windmill Hill
- Dig in the ring of flowers near the windmill

Headsman's Hill
- Fish at the ripple in the pond during the Mayor's Invitation Quest

Bowerstone Manor
- Search the bed in Lady Grey's Bedroom

Lychfield Graveyard
- Fish at the ripple in the pond near the house of the gravekeeper

Lychfield Graveyard
- Dig in the grave of Katie Stutter outside of the middle crypt

Lychfield Graveyard
- Search inside of the middle crypt

Cliffside Path
- Dig in the ring of mushrooms at the northern edge

Hook Coast
- Search in a cabinet inside of the lighthouse

The Lost Bay
- Dig in the grave of the Bayhouse Keepers near the western shore

- Fish at the ripple near the Demon Door

Ok thatís all I have for now email me with your rating on this guide

If you have any qestipn email them to me

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