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unlock dead or alive utilmate 2Added 18 Jun 2010, ID #7980
go to training mode and play as ein press pause and go to sparring and compleat ein move set

Ein and random selectAdded 22 Sep 2006, ID #6421
Ein and random select- Finish Story Mode with all 16 characters. Use Hayate in Survival Mode or Mode. Enter EIN as your name.

Happy gaming =p
Added 11 Jun 2006, ID #5831
How do you do those quarter sircles and half circles!!!!!!!!!!
(plz ansa)
ID #101

Watch clips

When you play as story mode after you have beaten OMEGA you can watch a small clip. At the main menu you can watch the clips of all the characters that have beaten story mode.

Beat the game with each character to see each ending

Unlock 'Real Ending' with On/Off Option. Beat the game with everyone. The last character you beat it with will have the staff credits attached to the ending. Once that's done, you can decide if you want the credits on or off the endings in the Game Settings Screen.

Kasumi Hair Trick

When picking Kasumi, press Y for her long hair, A for her pony tail. .

Unlock Ein's third costume

Complete Time Attack in under 6 minutes.

Unlock Zack's third costume

Beat 20 people in Survival Mode

Unlock Kasumi's third costume

In the Sparring Option, Perform all of Kasumi's moves under the "Exercise" Option. Once the game awards you the "Complete!" award, you'll have the costume.

Play as Ein

1. First Beat the game with every character.

2. Take Hayate through Survival or Time Attack Mode, and place.

3. Enter your name as "Ein".

4. You can now play him in any mode but Story.

ID #98

To get extra costumes, first beat the game with the player of your choice and then, in any mode when selecting, highlight the desired costume and press X instead of A for-:

TINA-costume 1-Lepord pants

KASUMI- any costume-Plait

HAYABUSA-costume 2-turns white

HITOMI-costume 1-new top

GEN FU-costume 1-white cloak

BRAD WONG-costume 2-turns brown

BASS-costume 2-no top with black & blue pants

BAYMAN-costume 1-blue hat & no jacket

LEON-costume 1-topless with round of bullets

JANN LEE-costume 1- black pants

-costume 2-turns yellow

HELENA-costume 2-turns black

LEIFANG-costume 1-blue dress

CHRISTIE-costume 2-turns red

HAYATE-costume 2-turns green

AYATE-costume 2-turns white

Press Y instead of A when highlighting costume for-:

KASUMI- any costume-hair out

LEIFANG-costume 1-white dress


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