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Added 31 Jan 2005, ID #5009
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 is good game. The graphics are not to good though. Heres my scoring method: 1 to 10: graphics-6 gameplay-8 sound-7 control-9 reality-6 = 7. Here is how the scoring works: 1- Bad and all around unplayable. 2- A really horrible game not worth playing. 3- Pathetic 4- Unworthy of buying. 5- Pretty bad, but playable. 6- Ok. 7- A good game that is arguably a game that could be a best seller. 8- A very good game that is worthy of putting in the hall of fame. 9- Almost perfect in every aspect. 10- The ultimate game. Here are some other games I rated for the N64: "Conkers bad fur day"- rating 8. "Tony hawks pro skater 2"- rating 7.5. "Pokemon stadium 2"- rating 7.5. "Super smash brothers"- rating 8. "Diddy kong racing"-rating 7. "WWF attitude"- rating 6.5. "Mario party 3"- rating 8.5. Well thats all I got.

Jay-Dogg out!!!!!!!!!!! and get
ID #3427

This game is a very fun wrestling game. Good: This game has good graphics, it plays some of the entrance video and all of the song. The beginning video ROCKS!!!!!

Not good: The wrestlers look like they are all cutup. They always have the same expression the whole match

ID #3426
Its good because theres how to make new wrestlers and they made it so that your wrestler can look just as good as the others unlike wwf warzone and attitude.

But the bad partis that the graphics arent that great because the wrestlers sort of look like wwf action figures.

Here's some little secrets if you want to get Stephanie Macmann you have to beat road to wrestle mania with Test.

To get a latter match beat it with the Hardyz.To win Road to wrestlemania without Undertaker stealing the belt and not giving you a title shot at Wrestle mania win the royal rumble.

Well those are the only cheats that i've tried and they worked so try them.

GREAT Added 1 Nov 2004, ID #3142
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