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462 RCaron00 27th Nov 2006 78% Read Review
471 O_Steel994 9th Dec 2006 90% Read Review
475 John Woodman 15th Dec 2006 92% Read Review
521 agent Cody Bauer 24th Jan 2007 86% Read Review
577 Jam Jar 25th Mar 2007 96% Read Review
595 superblobby 16th Apr 2007 96% Read Review
596 superblobby 16th Apr 2007 96% Read Review
668 mufc4life 4th Aug 2007 84% Read Review
770 guy in oakland 2nd Jan 2008 84% Read Review
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WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2007 Added 23 May 2007, ID #26567
First of all, SVR2007 has being greatly improved since last year. There are more ways of hurting your oppenent, there are better ways to improve your characters entrance and you can get into the crowd. The only down side I have with SVR2207 is the commentry. It is completely messed up. If you go in a match as HBK and use Sweet Chin Music, J.R goes \"RKO! RKO! We all know whats coming next. And when I was in a steel Cage Match between Edge + John Cena, Jerry \'The King!\" started talkin about the Undertaker! Apart from that, a superb game!

Overall: 89% and get
The best game out Added 12 Oct 2006, ID #23788
I think down Vs RAW 2007 is a best it is probably the best game of 2006/07.
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 review Added 18 Jun 2007, ID #1256
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 Added 16 May 2007, ID #1383

If you have got a spare £40 then THIS is the game to buy.There is 40 weapons to choose from and a 120 cars you can choose or steal that is a lot more than GT3.You can also get a motorbike,rollerblades and even a BMX to get around with.Now that the game is more hi-tec you can even walk into nightclubs,hotels and you can hold a bank hostage then fly away in a helicopter that you stole before the crime.

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