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223 LPD 3rd Dec 2005 90% Read Review
248 annefranman52 7th Jan 2006 90% Read Review
264 Warrior of darkness 4th Feb 2006 88% Read Review
309 wwe619 29th Apr 2006 84% Read Review
468 John Woodman 4th Dec 2006 90% Read Review
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Added 24 Jun 2006, ID #21739
WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2006 is a wrestling game to have since the wwe games came out. The gameplay is good with better matches like buried alive. In the season mode when you play the undertaker, there is a ECW invasion which is mint and you get to chose between going to ECW or stay with the WWE. That was the advantage of the game, now the disadvantage of the game is that you will get bored of it. and get
Great game! Added 18 Mar 2006, ID #20142
This game is very good it has many new matches such as Buried alive calassic Hell in a Cell!!. GM mode is preety good too, this game is worth buying. The graphics are fine but better than the previus games. In this game you have: Legends:
Andre the Giant
Hulk Hogan
The Rock
Bret Hart
Jake Roberts
Steve Austin
British Bulldog
Jimmy Hart
Ted DiBiase
Hogan 80\'s
Junkyard Dog
Hollywood Hogan


The voces were asome but the announcers are bad.

Imagine the familiar SmackDown mechanics but add the strategy of a real momentum and stamina systems, while refining just about every other aspect of the game. That\'s SVR 2006.

Lasting Appeal
A much-improved online feature, the General Manager mode, a cinematic season
COOl game Added 28 Dec 2005, ID #18839
This game is cool and the new features are great. What is so boring is the season. It repeats and there isn't a season for every character. in raw and smackdown it is only about 6 months long. I beat this game in 1 day. The graphics are good though. The challenge mode is a killer but the all new 3 d locker room allows you to customize your own room. You could also use your created wrestlers in season. The gm mode is boring though.
The best wrestling game ever. Added 29 Aug 2005, ID #16950
Yes thats right, smackdown Vs raw 2006 will be the best wrestling game out to date.

With three stages of blood and all your favorite characters like Undertaker, JBL, Batista and John Cena and even more like Eugene or Orlando Jordan (who was once trained by the undertaker).

New matches like the casket match and mutch more .i would give this game 11/10 for just looking at the new pictures.

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