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GREAT Added 3 Oct 2004, ID #2483
Raw 2 is so good and it's fun and the storylines are good
I give this 9/10 and get
Awesome Game!! Added 3 Aug 2004, ID #2134
Wow!! In the immortal words of Hawk, "What a rush!!." This game has everything, execept the rest of the F.B.I. WWE Raw 2 is much better than WWF Raw 1. They got great graphics, great moves, great superstars.

I was so suprised to Shannon Moore, Mark Henry, Crash, & Chuck Palumbo, & Tommy Dreamer in the game. Including great matches, such as Hell In A Cell, Cage, & Street Fight. This game has got a great create a superstar (also known as CAW).

I just got my XBox and this was the first game I went looking for.

So my final score is a 9-10 or a B+. The only thing missing was a few superstars (no biggie).
AWESOME YET!!! Added 16 Jun 2004, ID #1875
This game is VERY COOL. For Example, the graphics are totally awesome i.e the superstars look very realistic and the lighting are also nice. The Gameplay is also nice for example, in a Hell In A Cell match, u can chokeslam or F-5 the person down from the top which will result in a Knock Out (KO). Also, in a ladder match, u can take a tall ladder (also known as: 20 feet ladder) or a short ladder by pressing the black button when you are near the apron. The difference is simple, if you are using the tall ladder, you need not jump for the belt, you can juz reach up and take it. Whereas, if you are using the short ladder, you must jump for the belt. (It is not recommended if you are using a short wrestler such as Rey Mysterio.) That's all I have for now.
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