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Unlock Virtual Console Trials

It is possible to unlock ALL of the following Virtual Console Trials by completing the corresponding task in the game.

Unlock Donkey Kong:
Play the game for more than 10 hours.

Unlock F-zero:
Using Captain Falcon beat SSE.

Unlock Super Mario World:
Play Yoshi's Island (Melee) more than 3 times.

Unlock Super Mario USA:
Using Peach win in Vs mode more than 5 times.

Unlock Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time:
Use the Toon Link more than 10 times.

Added 6 Feb 2008, ID #1113, by Sanzano and get

Unlockable Music and Sound Tests

Try completing these tasks in the game to unlock the corresponding tune.

Unlock King Dedede's Theme:
Complete Event #5.

Unlock Road to Tokiwa:
Complete Event #8.

Unlock Legendary Air Rider Machine:
Complete Event #13.

Unlock Mountain and Forest:
Complete Event #18 on the the 'Difficult' setting.

Unlock Fire Field:
Complete Event #24.

Unlock Great Temple:
Complete Event #33 on the 'Difficult' setting.

Unlock Song of Storms:
Complete Event #37.

Unlock Dream Chaser:
Play 10 vs. Matches on Port Town.

Unlock Goruda:
Play 10 vs. Matches on Halberd.

Unlock His World:
Play 10 vs. Matches on Green Hill Zone.

Unlock Metroid Prime 2 (Multi-Play).
Play 10 vs. Matches on Frigate Orpheon.

Unlock Powerhungry Fool:
Play 10 vs. Matches on Castle Siege.

Unlock Frozen Hillside:
Play on the Halberd stage 10 times in VS mode.

Unlock Snake Eater:
Play 15 Vs. Matches on Shadow Moses Island.

Unlock 3D Hot Rally Title:
Using any character clear Target Level 5.

Unlock Ike's Theme:
Find Ike in the Subspace Emissary.

Unlock Kuru Kuru Land:
Get a distance of 400m in Home-Run Contest with one character.

Unlock Love Song (Commercial Version):
In Home-Run Contest get a combined distance of 12500m.

Unlock Mach Rider (Melee Version):
Defeat 50 alloys in Endless Multi-Man Brawl.

Unlock Staff Credits Music:
Clear Classic mode on the 'Difficult' setting.

Unlock Taru Taru Highlands:
Clear All-Star Mode on the 'Easy' setting.

Unlock Menu 2:
Unlock ALL 35 Characters.

And here are the sound test unlockables...

When you complete the following tasks the option to hear the corresponding sounds from these new categories in the 'Sound Test' will be available.

Unlock ALL characters.

Kirby's Copy Abilities:
Unlock ALL characters.

Assist Trophies 3:
Unlock ALL assist trophies.

Unlock Boss Battles and All-Star.

Subspace Enemies and Bosses:
Clear the Subspace Emissary.

Added 6 Feb 2008, ID #1112, by Sanzano

Start Match with Zero Suit Samus

If you want to begin a match with Zero Suit Samus then select him at the 'Character' screen and hold the indicated buttons with the corresponding controller that is being used before the match starts.

Using Gamecube/Classic Controller:
Hold the R button before the match starts.

Using Wii Remote:
Hold the Minus '-' button before the match starts.

Using Wii Remote with Nunchuk:
Hold the Z button before the match starts.

Added 1 Feb 2008, ID #1099, by Sanzano

Unlock ALL-Star Mode

This mode which allows you to battle every playable character in the game becomes an available option when you have unlocked ALL the hidden characters.

Added 1 Feb 2008, ID #1098, by Sanzano

Infinite Stickers & CDs

Do you need more stickers to complete challenges or to boost your players' stats in Adventure Mode? Do you need more songs to complete challenges or to play your favourite songs on stages? There is a simple way to get lost of stickers & CDs easily. In stage builder, build a stage with 3 conveyor belts; 1 on the top moving right & 2 on the bottom both moving left, & next to the bottom left belt, place a block. Then, once it is built, play the stage in brawl with only sandbags on & on high, being Bowser, & having 1 computer player in battle on puny. On the stage, go down so the belts push you against the block. When the sandbags come, just press the simple attack button once, & repeat the simple attack. Stickers & CDs should appear sometimes, making it much easier to collect them.

*This cheat can also be used having a player 2 just standing on the block, meaning no CPU will attack you*


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Added 14 Nov 2014, ID #5679, by Matt77

Sonic the heaghoge

If you go under a stadium which sonic you can keep pressing 1! 1! 1! 1! ! 1! You can stay under the stadium.


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Added 20 Feb 2014, ID #5634, by robstar

Hidden people in the subspace emissary

You CAN get wolf, young link, and jiggly puff in story mode. You get young link in "the forest", Jiggly puff in "the swamp"(after beating the big diddykong), and wolf in "the ruins"(when your going down it's the SECOND DOOR, NOT THE FIRST ONE). Oh and YOU HAVE TO HAVE BEAT THE GAME FIRST. There is a new door for them, and they all have their own cutscene.


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Added 30 Nov 2013, ID #5611, by hackster9000

Good and bad characters for battling 5 bosses

For Galleom and Duon, I would sugguest Fox or Falco, because their 1+up attack is really effective on them.
For Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and Tabuu, I think the three best characters are Meta Knight, Kirby, and Pit. Meta Knight has good attacks, is fast and can attack 5 - 10 times in mid-air. Kirby, pretty much the same except he's not as fast. Pit is also the same. For tabuu, I think the three worst characters are Mr. Game and Watch, Bowser, and Jigglypuff. My friend once told me that Jigglypuff is the worst character in the game. With Bowser, sure, his attacks are strong, but he is absolutely extremely super duper SLOW!!!! He walks to Tabuu who's on the other side of the screen and before you can attack, he's gone! Mr. Game and Watch's most powerful attacks cannot be used in mid-air. There are some tips for Tabuu (or as my sister likes to call him, a computer-generated multi-pixel idiot).
Thanks for reading my boss battle tips!

Added 10 Nov 2013, ID #5597, by Guest

Three cheats

I have three cheats: one is when you are peach, after you jump, hold up and you can float. Also if you're peach, when you use your umbrella and you push down you can actually use it again. Last one: If you're luigi, if you get really close to someone or they're hanging on to the end, when you use down taunt, it makes the fully-charged home-run bat sound and it does 2 percent damage.


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Added 6 Nov 2013, ID #5596, by lucario15

Infinite giant JIGGLYPUFF!

Be Jigglypuff, and go to Bridge of Eldin with smash balls. Get the smash ball AFTER crazy pig thing (forgot name) bombs the bridge ( or the thing won't come to blow up the bridge). As Midna's portal comes to restore the bridge, jump inside the bridge ( timing is relevant, to soon and the smash will finish without the effect, to late and you'll still be quite small)! Time perfectly and you'll be GIGANTIC! Restores to normal size when you die. My tip is to use downward smash over and over again.


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Added 28 Oct 2013, ID #5593, by 77chromezilla

AUX Calls!

When on the stage from Snake's game, jump, and repeatedly press taunt when you fall. YOU HAVE TO BE PLAYING AS SNAKE OR THIS WONT WORK. You should get a call from one of Snake's pals. They might tell you something about your opponent, or just do something weird...this also works if your fighting AGAINST Snake AS Snake. Die while in the middle of a call (walk off the edge of the map) and they'll think youve died's actually kinda funny. You can also get calls when playing as Fox on the Meelee level when your on his ship. Im not sure about Falco or Wolf (I havnt tried it with Falco and I don't have Wolf yet)


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Added 23 Aug 2013, ID #5580, by PokemonMasterAce

Different skins and some other costume related stuff

First of all, for those who don't know how to do it, when your selecting your character, put the cursor over it and press 2 (or A if your using a Gamecube controller) and it will change the character's looks (you have to have it selected first). When playing as the Pokemon Trainer (by default, Red) put the cursor over any Pokemon on the team and press 2 (or A for GC) to start the brawl with it. Select the trainer again to start with a random Pokemon. You can also do this with Zelda by selecting Shiek on Zelda's picture. When playing as Link, you can become any of the 4 swords links, as well as Dark Link and Super Link (the yellow one from Twilight Princess; use a gold chu or something). You can also play as Daisy (Luigi's wife) by selecting Peach and changing her costume. When using Lucario, you can play as the White Lucario (not sure if thats a fan thing or what). With Pikachu, you can get him to wear Ash/Red's hat by pressing 2 or A, depending on your controller. When playing as Mario, you can play as Fire Mario (Super Mario? IDK) by selecting him on his picture. You my have to find some of these skins on Campaign.


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Added 20 Aug 2013, ID #5577, by PokemonMasterAce

Pit flies away

If you choose pit as your character and final destination as your arena, you can use Pit's flying ability to fly under the stage and and stay there for a little bit and fly back up later.


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Added 13 Aug 2013, ID #5573, by Charizard87

More taunts.

You can have more taunts if you press taunt with side or down at the same time.


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Added 2 Jul 2013, ID #5551, by Charizard87

Complete 100-Man Brawl Really Fast.

When you are in 100-man brawl,hold up on the nunchuck/ D-pad and then keep on pressing A/2 continuously.Whenever the enemies come to you, if the timing is right, they will instantly be killed. Although near the end when the enemies get more difficult, you may want to change your strategy.

Hope this helps!

Added 15 Mar 2013, ID #5461, by Matt77

Flower power

If you need to do battles quickly just go on special brawl and select:flower and stamina. Then select your applicants stamina 1 and yours 10 then battle preferably in shadow Moses island to unlock snake who is unlocked by playing 15 times in shadow Moses island

Added 3 Mar 2013, ID #5450, by Guest

how to play two players in training mode

GO to training mode and change in settings com as control than make player 1 hold a 1 2 then player 2 is controlling the cpu

Added 5 Nov 2012, ID #5349, by Guest

Snake's Secret Taunt

Snake has a secret taunt where he will use his codec.On a wii remote with a nunchuk, press down and 2 very quickly(It is very hard to do, so don't get frustrated).You can do it with the gamecube controller and the wii remote itself, but I don't have a gamecube controller and it's really hard on the remote.So, Snake will call either Colonel,Otacon,or Mei Ling.You can also talk to Slippy Toad from Star Fox when Snake is against Falco.The people who Snake contacts will give some info about his opponent.Have fun discovering them all.Happy cheating.

Added 25 Sep 2012, ID #5297, by Guest

Go through spring in pictochat

1.choose sonic as your charecter
2.go to pictocahat
3.wait for the springs to appear on the sides
4.go on one of the springs and use the down jump attack on the spring. Make sure you do itcontinuiosy
5.if you do it right you will stand n the bottom part of the spring!!

Also you can use the sonics spring and use the jump down attack.

Hope you like my cheat!!!

Added 20 Jun 2012, ID #5167, by Guest

Lucario glitch

Lucario can stick to walls.this is for wii remote and nunchuck. 1st jump toward wall and then hold the nunchuck stick toward the wall you want to stick on.

Added 26 May 2012, ID #5130, by MultiHenry999
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