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Spider-Man 3 Cheats for Wii

Spider-Man 3 Cheats for Wii

We have 7 cheats on Wii
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Colleting MeteoritesAdded 25 May 2011, ID #4491
When you play as the Black suit Spider-Man listen for a pulsating sound as this indicates that you are near a meteorite fragment (small rock-like objects surrounded by a purple/pink glow). The louder the pulsating sound the closer you are to it.

Collecting TokensAdded 25 May 2011, ID #4490
When you are swinging through the city listen for a chime as this indicates that you are close to a token.
Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get
Rival Gang RewardAdded 25 Feb 2011, ID #4311
If you select any of the gang patrol missions (H-Bombers, Apocalypse, Dragon Tail, Waste Tribe) and defeat ALL of their marked territories that match their logos you will earn 3 Experience points.
Unlock Black Spider-Man SuitAdded 25 Feb 2011, ID #4310
To wear the Black Spider-Man suit anytime without experiencing any negative effects you must collect ALL 50 Spider Emblems.
Easy KillsAdded 31 Dec 2009, ID #3412
The easiest way to defeat enemies is to jump and tap both Attack buttons repeatedly.
Completion BonusesAdded 31 Dec 2009, ID #3400
Unlock Symbiote Spider-Man's Story Mode and Arena Mode:
Complete the game as Spider-Man

Unlock Black Spider-Man Suit:
When you have collected ALL 50 Black Spider Tokens the option to wear the black Spider-Man suit whenever desired for as long as you want becomes available.

Play as Venom:
Collect 100 Meteorite Pieces to play as Venom.
UnlockablesAdded 9 May 2007, ID #408
Play As Venom: Get all 100 metorite pieces

Black suit spider-man: Destroy the suit the get all 50 spider emblems

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