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Soulcalibur Legends Cheats for Wii

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itemAdded 23 May 2009, ID #2767
If and when you acquire the rank garnet warrior you unlock one of Astaroth's items

onwardsAdded 23 May 2009, ID #2766
The game keeps getting better and better. If you are stuck and you are siegfried the cheat is you hold the C button and stab the remote straight forward
Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get
Unlock Lloyd IrvingAdded 5 Aug 2008, ID #1845
When you reach Chapter 3 in Quest mode and you have Astaroth, Ivy, Taki, Mitzurugi and Sophitia you will see a scene that features Lloyd Irving from Tales Of Symphonia. When the scene has ended a fight will start which will be followed by a second fight. If you win the second fight Lloyd Irving will join your group.
Unlock Alternate CostumesAdded 5 Aug 2008, ID #1844
When you beat the game new costumes become available for ALL the characters.
Unlock WeaponsAdded 5 Aug 2008, ID #1843
Complete the following tasks with the indicated character to unlock the corresponding weapon for them.

Astaroth Alpha

1st Weapon - Kututues:
Default weapon.

2nd Weapon - Nanbanfu:
Acquired at Garnet Warrior rank.

3rd Weapon - Terror Moon:
Acquired after the Ammon Temple quest in Chapter 5.

4th Weapon - Great Maul:
Acquired at Diamond Paladin rank.


1st Weapon - Rapier:
Default weapon.

2nd Weapon - Kotetsu:
Acquired at Ruby Knight rank.

3rd Weapon - Shinden:
Acquired after Pirate Ship quest in Chapter 5.

4th Weapon - Angel's Tear:
Acquired at Edgemaster rank.


1st Weapon - Kaleidoscope:
Default weapon.

2nd Weapon - Kogarashi:
Acquired at Ruby Fighter rank.

3rd Weapon - Valentine:
Acquired after the second Zenon Mansion quest in Chapter 5.

4th Weapon - Black Widow:
Acquired at Garnet Paladin rank.


1st Weapon - Ice Blade:
Default weapon.

2nd Weapon - Fire Blade:
Acquired at Quartz Warrior Rank

3rd Weapon - Omega Sword:
Acquired after the Himalayas quest in Chapter 5.

4th Weapon - Hyperion:
Acquired at Ruby Paladin rank.


1st Weapon - Kagenui:
Default weapon.

2nd Weapon - Kris Naga:
Acquired at Diamond Warrior rank.

3rd Weapon - Meki Maru:
Acquired after the Fu-Ma Village quest in Chapter 5.

4th Weapon - Fu-Ma Kugi:
Acquired at Sword Master rank.


1st Weapon - Masamune:
Default weapon.

2nd Weapon - The Ancient:
Acquired at Crystal Knight rank.

3rd Weapon - Shishi-Oh:
Aquired after Pyrenees Trail quest in Chapter 5.

4th Weapon - Pandemonium:
Acquired at Ultimate Master rank.


1st Weapon - Soul Edge Alpha:
Default weapon.

2nd Weapon - Soul Edge Omega:
Acquired after defeating Cervantes in Chapter 4.

3rd Weapon - Requiem:
Acquired after the second Old City Cathedral quest in Chapter 5.

4th Weapon - Soul Calibur:
Acquired at Legendary Hero rank.
Use any character in any missionAdded 26 Mar 2008, ID #1298
When you have beaten the game once this option becomes available.
WeaponsAdded 5 Dec 2007, ID #909
Unlock 3rd Weapon for Each Character:
Complete the quests which follow Chapter 5 to unlock your character's 3rd weapon.

Unlock 4th Weapon for Each Character:
In your quest to unlock your character's 4th weapon get the 'Paladin', 'Master' and 'Final' rank.

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