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Lego City

This features can be unlocked by collecting 10 Gold Bricks throughout the game.

Added 30 Jul 2012, ID #5236, by Sanzano and get

Anakin's Flight

Collect 30 Gold Bricks throughout the game to unlock the Anakin's Flight mission. If you complete this hidden mission you will get the Naboo Starfighter as a prize to use elsewhere in the game.

Added 30 Jul 2012, ID #5235, by Sanzano

Stud Fountain

When you have collected ALL 160 Gold Bricks in the game you can build a 'Stud Fountain' outside of Mos Eisely Cantina. This will give you an infinite supply of studs.

Added 30 Jul 2012, ID #5234, by Sanzano


Unlock Slave 1:
Complete ALL 36 Minikits Collection missions to unlock Boba Fetts spacecraft in ALL vehicle-based missions.

Unlock Naboo Starfighter:
Complete the 'Anakin's Flight' mission to unlock the Naboo Starfighter in ALL vehicle-based missions.

Unlock Anakin's Flight Mission:
Collect 30 Gold Bricks that are hidden throughout the game.

Unlock Ghost Characters:
Complete Story mode to unlock the Ghost characters for purchase. Ghosts characters are invincible and are ignored by enemies except when in vehicles.

Unlock Bounty Hunter Mission Room:
Buy ALL 'Bounty Hunters' or 'Bomb Throwers' in the shop. Jabba the Hutt's Bounty Hunter Mission room outside of the cantina will now be unlocked.

Unlock New Town:
Get 50 Gold Blocks (from finishing minikits, True Jedi, etc.). In the 'Bonus' room in the Cantina, build
Door number 6.

Unlock Cutscenes:
Collect ALL the Gold Bricks to unlock an option to watch ALL the cutscenes at the Cantina.

Added 22 Mar 2012, ID #5050, by Sanzano

Score Codes

Enter the codes below to get the indicated score points for free:

Score x2 - HBF899
Score x4 - DQY857
Score x6 - NMP499
Score x8 - XXY99G
Score x10 - VXZ123

Added 28 Oct 2011, ID #4755, by MongooseGeneral

Unlock Indiana Jones

This hidden character is unlocked by going to the 'Bonus Room' at the Cantina in Mos Eisley and watching the 'Lego Indiana Jones' trailer. When you have viewed the trailer you can then buy him at the shop for $50,000.

Added 8 Nov 2007, ID #818, by Sanzano

How to get a lot of freaking studs!

Alright, now you will need the multipliers to do this very quick. Since some of you don't know the codes, I will put the codes down. After you out in the codes, goth the extras menu on the pause menu and enable all of them. This will get you the multiplier x3840.

X2 - HBF899
X4 - DQY857
X6 - NMP499
X8 - XXX99G
X10 - VXZ123

When you enabled all of them, go to Episode 1(Phantom Menace). Then go to Mos Espa Pod Race. If you do Story, you will probably get somewhere around 200,000,000 studs. If you do challenge, you will get around more than double the amount you will get in Story.

Like this if this helped c;

Added 3 Jun 2013, ID #5524, by Guest

400000 studs

Buy X2, X4, X6, X8 and X10 then go to ep 1 ch 1 and do it over a
Nd over about 27 times the you will have all of the studs thst you can get on the game.(:

Added 3 Mar 2013, ID #5451, by Guest

Krijg 3840 score

Type dit alemaal
Score x2 - HBF899
Score x4 - DQY857
Score x6 - NMP499
Score x8 - XXY99G
Score x10 - VXZ123

Added 3 Jul 2012, ID #5197, by Guest

Millions and billionz of money!!!

First enter Score x2 - HBF899
Score x4 - DQY857
Score x6 - NMP499
Score x8 - XXY99G
Score x10 - VXZ123 in the enter codes menu at the bar
Then enter HS9K44V for invincibily so you wont loose no studs (money)
Then go to episode 1 chapter 6 DARTH MAUL.
1. Defeat him when you first start level (have this level on freeplay because your going to have to need a person with a blaster and make sure you have all the cheat codes turned on but you have to go to extras on the pause menu and turn on all the score #X so you get WAY more money)
2. Go into that room with all the platforms (the first room with the platforms not the one near the end of the level)and follow him untill you see the grapple hook circle, change to a character with a rifle (gun) and grapple hook up to the top where it takes you and it should have ALOT of coins up there and by the ways youll have alot of bad company but it shouldnt matter because your invincible so collect all the coins!
3. When your done collecting coins you should have $30,067,200 cause thats what I got and the coin results may vary just to let you know.
4.finish level and be happy thanks

Added 3 Jun 2012, ID #5147, by Guest

How to Drive a boat on Land in new town

Have Player 1 drive the four wheeler into the lake in new town, and sit. Launch the orange boat, and get into it. Make sure that player 1 is in the four wheeler, next to the edge with the launch. Drive the boat towards the edge, and over the four wheeler, and the boat will go onto the land, and it will still drive. :-)

Added 12 Apr 2012, ID #5073, by Guest

R2-Q5 Cheat

The cheat I used to unlock R2-Q5 is:


Added 24 Dec 2011, ID #4889, by tickettoride964

Lots of studs

Step 1. Enter these codes HBF899
Step 2. Go to level 1 (the phantom menace,negotiations)
Step the level about 5 times(if you do not want to lose money use this code)(HS9K44)
Final step. ENJOY


Added 12 Dec 2011, ID #4877, by Guest


Go to level 1 in revenge of the sith and enter the code(enter the code at the bar)int729. When you start the level shoot as many guns on the republic crusiers. Trust me I did it and I got over 100,000 dolars!

Added 2 Oct 2011, ID #4722, by Guest

Go on flying house on new town/new city

On new tow or city you notice theres a house that go up in the air when you go next to it. To go on it is simple. All you will need to do is when the house gose up wait for it to come back down. Then when it's down, hop on it with a dondon (that one grey animal) and you sould go up with it. It may take practice because you might have troble staying on.and theres a cetain spot on the roof you defentley stay on.

Added 22 Jul 2011, ID #4594, by Guest

Unlimited studs

You need character studs for this in epp 1 level 1 come out of the room. Then turn right and find a room with some pks in it get all the obvious studs then destroy the pks. About500 studs come out for each one and each time you destroy one another comes to take it's place

Added 21 Jul 2011, ID #4593, by Guest


X 10 VXZ123
X8 xxy996
X6 nmp499
X4 DQY857
X2 hbf899

Added 8 Jul 2011, ID #4556, by Guest

Invincible cheat

You need 2 players to do can do it in a player has to fall a off the other has to go to another room. But time it right. Then the person died will be invincible (unless you fall off again).I am not happen. Have fun cheating.

Added 5 Jul 2011, ID #4552, by vanman2001


Unlock Admiral Ackbar:
Enter the code ACK646

Unlock Battle Droid Commander:
Enter the code KPF958

Unlock Boba Fett (Boy):
Enter the code GGF539

Unlock Boss Nass:
Enter the code HHY697

Unlock Captain Tarpals:
Enter the code QRN714

Unlock Count Dooku:
Enter the code DDD748

Unlock Darth Maul:
Enter the code EUK421

Unlock Disguise:
Enter the code BRJ437

Unlock Droid Tri-Fighter:
Enter the code AAB123

Unlock Ewok:
Enter the code EWK785

Unlock General Grievous:
Enter the code PMN576

Unlock Greedo:
Enter the code ZZR636

Unlock Imperial Guard:
Enter the code GUA850

Unlock Imperial Shuttle:
Enter the code HUT845

Unlock Jedi Grapple Move:
Enter the code CLZ738

Unlock Ki Adi Mundi:
Enter the code MUN486

Unlock Luminara:
Enter the code LUM521

Unlock Padme:
Enter the code VBJ322

Unlock Recolored R2D2:
Enter the code EVILR2

Unlock Taun We:
Enter the code PRX482

Unlock Tie Interceptor:
Enter the code INT729

Unlock Tie Fighter:
Enter the code DBH897

Unlock Stormtrooper:
Enter the code NBN431

Unlocks IG88:
Enter the code GIJ989

Unlocks Jango Fett:
Enter the code KLJ897

Unlocks the Vulture Droid:
Enter the code BDC866

Unlock Watto:
Enter the code PLL967

Unlock Zam Wesell:
Enter the code 584HJF

Unlock Zam's Speeder:
Enter the code UUU875

Added 29 Dec 2010, ID #4211, by Guest

Flying blue shutter alien

On episode 2 chapter 2 (discovery of kamino). After the game starts go throught the levl like normal, once you get to jango fetts cell go to the door closest by. Become R2-D2 and open the door. once inside light up the dance floor. Then you need to become count duko shock one alien while player 2 runs out the door. Make sure your still shcoking the alien when player 2 leaves. Now go inside and the alien will be flying there shuttering blue and black. Hope you enjoy it =)(=

Added 23 Oct 2010, ID #4050, by Guest
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