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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Cheats for Wii

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Unlock GGXX Slash and Reload StagesAdded 27 Aug 2009, ID #3080
When you have unlocked ALL the EX characters the GGXX Slash stages will become available by Time Release every hour after you have completed 48 hours of gameplay. When a stage has become unlocked you will be able to access the Reload version of it by holding Z (Respect)on the Wiimote/nunchuk while selecting the stage and music and then pressing the + button.

Unlock EX Ending ArtworkAdded 21 May 2008, ID #1524
Complete Arcade mode to unlock an EX character and the corresponding EX Ending Artwork.
Unlock Guilty Gear Generations CharactersAdded 21 May 2008, ID #1523
When you play the game for a total of 48 hours the Guilty Gear Generations versions of the characters will become unlocked.
Unlock EX CharactersAdded 21 May 2008, ID #1522
When you have defeated the Shadow version of the character in Survival mode press 'Plus' on the 'Character Select' screen to unlock the EX character or alternately an EX character will become unlocked (same order as Survival mode starting with Potemkin) every hour after 48 hours of accumulated gameplay.
Battle Order-SolAdded 21 May 2008, ID #1521
When you complete Arcade mode without losing any rounds you will be able to fight this boss which is an alternate version of the original Sol Badguy character.
Unlock Special IllustrationsAdded 21 May 2008, ID #1520
Listed below are the Special Illustrations in the game which can be unlocked by completing the corresponding task.

Unlock Special Illustration 1:
Already unlocked.

Unlock Special Illustration 2 - 5:
Beat Survival Level 500.

Unlock Special Illustration 6:
Unlock ALL EX Characters.

Unlock Special Illustration 7:
Unlock ALL Gold/Shadow Characters.

Unlock Special Illustration 8:
Unlock ALL Arcade Ending Art.

Unlock Special Illustration 9:
Unlock All EX Ending Art.


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