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Good Classes I Use hint for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex


Good Classes I Use

These are my classes I use whenever I play onliine. NOTE:YOU HAVE TO BE AT LEAST LEVEL 52
I play A LOT of Team Tactical, so my classes names are:
For TDM/FFA(Team Deathmatch/Free-For-All) I use the MP44, Desert (Gold when level 55) Eagle, Flash, Bandolier, Stopping Power, Matyrdom
For Domination I use AK-47w/Silencer, Desert Eagle, Flash, Bandolier, Stopping Power, Martyrdom
For HQ, I use M16A4w/Silencer, Desert Eagle, Flash, Bandolier, Stopping Power, Matyrdom
For Sabo/S&D, I use P90w/Silencer, Desert Eagle(Or M1911 silenced), Bandolier, Juggernaught, Dead Silence
For Sniper, I do M40OA3 all the way until I unlock Barret .50cal. I usually snipe on Crossfire in TDM, but you can whenever. Plus, if you get ACOG for M40A3, USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!I use silenced M1911, Flash, Claymore, Stopping Power, Steady Aim (for no-scopes)

I tend to prefer flash grenades over stun because with flash, it completely blinds you, while stun just makes you move really slow, but you can still see. They both make that same ringing noise.

Other good guns to use: G36C, M249 SAW, AK-74u, MP5, both shottys, and M4 Carbine

I am 5th prestige, KDR 1.84, so you could say I do know what I am talking about. These are my own personal classes, but you have to be GOOD at the game to get the most out of them. If you're not, then you may have diffuculty playing when using these. Until you do get good, find your own weapons and perks to use that you do really good with.
TIP: When using AK-47, aim at the chest, and the recoil would push the gun up to the head, possibly making you get a headshot. I do that and I would usually get 55 headshots with my AK-47 before I prestige.
I would also recommend you NOT use noobtubes on S&D. People will get mad and rage quit. And I know people may call me noob for using Juggernaught, but if you think about it, Sabotage and S&D have respawn limits. For one, you respawn after 7 seconds of waiting, while the other you can't respawn at all, so I would think the more health you have, the more you stay alive. The more you stay alive, the less deaths you have. I went 13-0 once with my Sabo/S&D class, so it is a good class for me.
I would HIGHLY recommend using harder-to-get kills guns, like Skorpion, the shottys, RPD, Mini-Uzi, G3, etc. on the map Shipment. It's very small and if you are good, you can rank up kills pretty fast. I love to do this map on Domination and HQ. The other game modes go too quick. I have gotten over 100 kills twice on this map, one with M249 SAW, other with G3.
I also recommend "finger mashing" the G3 and M14. Since they are semi-automatic, if you can realy "mash" the B button, the guns can shoot pretty fast.

Have fun guys!
My online name-GUD|Johnny

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I use ak47 red dot and m1911.45 silenced perk 1 bomb squad 2 Uav jammer 3 steady aim and I pone noobs

Added 18th Oct 2012, ID #197906

i am still a low level its hard to level up but im a level 22 and getting higher but have some good guns such as m60e4 and dragonova

Added 15th Oct 2011, ID #80588

Dude,this guy actually knows what he is talking about.....I used these classes and now I rape evey noob out there....

Added 19th Nov 2010, ID #18632


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