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Get a golden watering can and have a perfect town!

Basicly, your town's lawn must be perfect. There can be NOTHING on the ground, including weeds, clovers, items, fruit, designs, dead flowers (that includes dandilion puffs), or shells. You also must have nothing buried underground, and have as many live flowers as you can (rare and black (not dead, black) flowers (such as the jacob's ladder or 4 leaf clover) will really help, too). Be warned: it is extremly hard and not for the lazy, time-jumpy, or faint of heart. It takes a long and gruelling expirience to get your town "perfect". You can check your town's status by selecting 'The Environment!' at town hall. If, by some strange, time-paradox, you can actually get it perfect and keep it that way for an entire week, talk to Pelly (or, ugh, Phyllis...) She will present you with (da-da-da!) The Golden Watering Can!!! Yay!
Hope it helps,

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Added 24 Jan 2009, ID #2426, by Landon531 and get

Cool & Useful stuff

Hey, peoples! Here are some extra hints I found out-

1.Wear a Mii Mask, and you can't see a bee sting.

2.Eat some medicine to cure a bee sting.

3.On Halloween, wear a design for your clothes, have no hat or accesories, and have nothing in your pockets whatsoever. Their 1st trick will I've give you a free hat, and if you take it off, you'll just get another one. If you keep your pumpkin on, all of the other tricks will be useless, although it will still make the poofing effect!

4.If you save a photo to your SD Card, you can edit it in the Wii Photo Channel.

5.Set the GAME's date to as far forward as you can go. Next, set the WII's date as far forward as it can go, in that exact order. It will be VERY far forward!

Please rate-

Added 18 Jan 2009, ID #2398, by Landon531

Bee stung cheat

When you get stung by a bee just save and quit and enter again and you will be normal.

Added 10 Jan 2009, ID #2357, by rafa9966

Make it become ANY time!

To make this cheat work you need to be able to change the time on your Wii console or Ds. First save your game whilst playing and then go to the wii or ds menu and change the time and date to whatever (e.g. 22 may 2000) and then continue playing and it should put the time and date to whatever you put!
Good luck!!

Added 10 Jan 2009, ID #2355, by T_o_m_m_y6666

Really Easy Bells!

Set the time to December 24 when Jingle goes to your town. Find him outside or in someone's house and talk to him. Get the present and leave. Put on a different accesory or hat and find him again. He will give another present if you look different. Each one of his presents sells for 12,240 bells. This is easy money and repeatable.(You have to leave the area he is in or he won't give you another present. He will say you look like someone he talked to earlier. Wearing different shirts or combining hats and accesories doesn't work.)

Added 2 Jan 2009, ID #2308, by Mewtwo625


Magic Rocks
Every day, there will be a single rock in your town that will have money "in" it, and if you hit this rock money will come out. Hit it repeatedly to get more and more money. Eventually, the rock will run dry. The rock that gives money changes every day.

Free Fishing Rod
If you talk to Tortimer (the mayor) during the Fishing Contest, he'll give you a free fishing rod to use.

Free Net
If you talk to Tortimer (the mayor) during the Bug Catching Contest, he'll give you a free net to use.

The Thanksgiving Event free stuff
On Thanksgiving, starting at 3pm, the mayor will be standing outside with a table full of food, he will be giving away forks and knives to everyone, he will also ask you to deliver some to people. When he gives you them take them and go find the Turkey person in your town, Franklin. He is starting to get that we like to eat turkeys on thanksgiving, so for every pair of utensils he will give you a harvest something...

Added 29 Dec 2008, ID #2281, by Ureilseptim

Lots of Bells or Rare Items

Step 1: Go to the Wii menu and change the date to April 14, 2009. Start your game and go to town hall. There should be a bunny there. Talk to him. He will tell you about an Easter event. Grab your shovel and look for stars in the ground. Note: If you don't have a shovel you can buy one from him for 500 bells. When you have a full inventory of eggs open them all. Talk to the bunny. He will give you an item from the egg set for each bunny foil you give him. You can either sell the items or keep them. You will notice that you have some candy. DON'T SELL IT!

Step 2: Go to the Wii menu and change the day to October 31, 2008 and make the time after 8:00 pm, but before 1:00 am. Go to Nook's store and buy 3 sets of stationary. You should then have 12 pages. Start writing letters but not writing or sending them. Attach 12 pieces of candy to them. Don't carry any more! Walk around your town until you find someone who doesn't chase you. That is Jack, czar of Halloween. Deattach one piece of candy and talk to him. When it comes time for you to give him candy, give him candy. In return he will give you an item from the spooky set. Repeat until all your candy is gone. You can either keep the items of sell them.

If you sell them you get a lot of bells. I sold everything from the egg set that I had and got around 350,000 bells. If you decide to keep them you get points with the HRA (if you have the whole set wallpaper and carpet included...). It is up to you. Models of your town or bells. It is up to you.

Added 29 Dec 2008, ID #2277, by jmsnyo


Wow in winter, ifyou push two snowballs (Different sizes) Into each other, they form a snowman... Although if you don't do it right, he'll get all whiney

Lovez 4ever
Vanessa AKA XxYoMammaxX

Added 20 Dec 2008, ID #2245, by XxYoMammaxX

blathers, celeste, and brewster

Swing by your town's museum to meet this unique trio. Blathers is a talkative owl who runs and maintains the exhibits while his sister, celeste, charts the night sky from the top-floor observatory. Step downstairs and introduce yourself to brewster, a chill dude who runs the basement cafe called the roost.

Added 19 Dec 2008, ID #2238, by lite70

Easy Bells

The easiest way to earn bells is.

1. Put at least 10000 bells in the bank
2. Save
3. Go to wii menu
4. Go to wii settings
5. Choose calander
6. Choose the date (set it ahead to the year 2035)
7. Go into animal crossing
8. Load it up and check the mail
9. Now do it over again (skip part 1)

If I helped you please rate this cheat.

Added 8 Dec 2008, ID #2211, by master_1

Various Cheats and Hints

# Bank unlockables
Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get the corresponding bonus:

Box Of Tissues: Deposit 100,000 Bells at the bank.
Gold Card: Reach "VIP" status at the bank.
Shopping Card: Deposit 10,000 Bells at the bank.

# Town Fund unlockables
Donate the indicated number of Bells to the Town Fund at Town Hall to unlock the corresponding item or structure. Note: These items and structures have no effect other than to show off what you donated.

Bridge is built: 200,000 Bells
Fountain is built: 500,000 Bells
Windmill or lighthouse is built: 1,000,000 Bells
Green Feather: 100,000,000 Bells
Blue Feather: 200,000,000 Bells
Yellow Feather: 300,000,000 Bells
Red Feather: 400,000,000 Bells
Purple Feather: 500,000,000 Bells
White Feather: 600,000,000 Bells
Rainbow Feather: 700,000,000 Bells

# Prizes at Tom Nook's store
You can earn 1 point for every 100 Bells spent at Tom Nook's store. They can be used to earn the following prizes:

Bad Bro 'Stache: 2,500 points
Banana: 500 points
Hero's Cap, Majora's Mask, or Samus Mask: 6,000 points
Hero's Clothes, Varia Suit, or Wario Hat: 5,000 points
Kart: 10,000 points
Midna's Mask: 6,500 points
Peach's Parasol: 4,000 points
Toad Hat: 3,000 points
Triple Shells: 800 points
Yoshi's Egg: 1,000 points

# House improvement costs
Improvements to your house will cost the indicated amount of Bells:

Normal house: 19,800 Bells
First expansion: 120,000 Bells; results in larger first floor
Second expansion: 248,000 Bells; results in largest first floor
Third expansion: 368,000 Bells; results in second floor
Final expansion: 598,000 Bells; results in basement

# Better tools
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding tool upgrade:

Golden Axe: Throw an axe into the town fountain to randomly turn it golden.
Golden Fishing Rod: Catch every species of fish.
Golden Net: Catch every species of insect.
Golden Shovel: Bury a normal shovel, then dig it up four days later.
Golden Slingshot: Knock down eight balloons to have a random chance of obtaining it from a balloon.
Golden Watering Can: Earn a "Perfect" town rating for fifteen days, then talk to Pelly at Town Hall.
Silver Axe: Throw an axe into the town fountain.
Silver Fishing Rod: Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Net: Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Shovel: Obtain from Resetti's Surveillance Center in the city.
Silver Slingshot: Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Watering Can: Purchase fifty bags of seeds from Tom Nook's store.

# Contest trophies
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy for your house:

Bug Trophy: Catch the largest bug by the end of the Bug Contest.
Fish Trophy: Catch the largest fish by the end of the Fishing Contest.

# Easy Bells
One of the rocks in your town will randomly give Bells when it is hit repeatedly.

# Buying multiple number of same item
Go to Tom Nook's store, and buy everything desired. Then, go upstairs in your house, lie in the bed, and select "Save and Quit". At the very beginning screen, press A, then instead of starting, go to "Others" at the bottom of the menu, and press A. At the next screen, select "Date and Time" at the top of the menu screen, and press A. Set the day to one day before the current date, then go back to the first screen, and start the game. Go to Tom Nook's store to find all the same items that were there before. Repeat this as many times as desired. Note: If you did not save the game before you did this, the mole will appear when you start, and this will not work. -From: Cory Solo

# Bug net
Talk to Tortimer the mayor during the Bug Catching Contest to get a free bug net.

# Fishing rod
Talk to Tortimer the mayor during the Fishing Contest to get a free fishing rod.

# Mush Furniture set
Look under the various mushrooms that appear in your town during the fall. They usually appear around 3:00 p.m. Daily in front of trees. You may find an item from the Mush Furniture set (which includes furniture, carpet, wallpaper, and appliances). You can sell unwanted pieces at Tom Nook's store.

# Tortimer's furnishings
Talk to Tortimer on one of the following holidays to get the corresponding item:

Cool Globe: Nature Day
Leaf: April Fool's Day
Picnic Basket: Labor Day
Resetti Model: Groundhog Day
Sailboat Model: Explorer's Day
Wheat Bundle: Harvest Moon

# Whisp's wish
Go to the southeast corner of town on a Monday night. A voice will talk to you. Follow it's directions until you find Whisp the ghost. He will ask you to find his lost lamp. After you find it, go to the your house's attic. Whisp will give you a wish for finding the lamp. You can ask him to get rid of all your town's weeds, remove all the cockroaches, or get a random item.

# Alternate shoe color
Find Kicks the skunk, sitting on a set of stairs. Have him shine your shoes, and their color will now match your hair. Note: You can change your hair color at The Shampoodle. Select "Change style" to return your shoes to their original color.

# Alternate clothing change sound
Equip one of the Zap Suits to change the sound into a heroic fanfare.

# New message notice
A canary will perch on top of the Message Board outside of Town Hall if you have an unread message there.

Added 23 Nov 2008, ID #2160, by Ottersrock

Time Skip

In the main menu of the Wii not the game, you can go to the date and time and change the time in your game. So you make it Christmas or Halloween if you wanted. Cool right. Well happy cheating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 22 Nov 2008, ID #2159, by Shadow Spawn32

magic bell rock

Every day their is one rock that if you hit gives you bells. You only have five seconds to hit it or your chance for the day will be done. I sugest useing the shovel because then you can dig holes around you so your person wont slid back when you hit the rock. If you want you could also use the axe. This cheat also works for the ds version.

Added 16 Nov 2008, ID #2146, by angiegreen97
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