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How to get rid of weeds

Ever tried the time trick and found out you got weeds?I got a solution!Every Monday a ghost called Wisp is at the South East of your town.Get his lamp and use it in the attic.Get rid of weeds,roaches,or get a item.

Added 12 Dec 2012, ID #5399, by Guest and get

Easy bells

Put all your money (at least 50,000 bells) in the bank, then go to the home screen and change the date to 1/1/2035. Take your money out and then change the date to 1/1/2000. Put it back in the bank, and change the date to 1/4/2035.Repeat as many times as needed. You'll start getting 99,999 added to your bells each time doing this. I got about a million in a day.

Added 9 Dec 2012, ID #5398, by 73sheldor


Here is how to get lots of bells!
First go to the town hall once you r there go to the green recyling bin open it , take everything out of it then after that go to Tom nooks then sell whatever you got from the bin!..... U can also go to the place where you go to friends towns then talk to the chubby dog ( lol ) then ask "something lost?" then take everything for there and sell it!!

Hope I helped!!

Added 26 Jul 2012, ID #5233, by Guest

Easy Bells, No Clock Change

U will need palm trees and a net. It also needs to be after 8:00 p.m. All you need to do is run around continuosly and catch all the beetles you see besides the green fruit beetles. There are always 25 bugs throughout your town so if you see a fruit beetle scare it away then a new bug appears. Scring away bugs that don't get you enough money helps you because a better bug may appear. The best thing to do is to scare away all bugs that arent Giant Beetles, Scarab Beetles, or Rainbow Stags. Continuosly check the palm trees because all bugs found on palm trees are worth at least 6,000 bells. I did this and fill my house with bugs and got around 500,000 bells. It may get boring but even doing this for around an hour or 2 gets you around 100,000-200,000 bells.

Added 13 Jul 2012, ID #5221, by Venxas24


Go through your town and hit your rocks with a shovel and you can get money out of it and if you get some money hit it a few times

Added 9 Jul 2012, ID #5212, by Guest

Fast Money

Go to January 1st, 2000 go your town hall talk to the mayor he will give you a new year shirt just keep doing that till you want to stop. One sells for about 2,000 bells! So if you do this till 2035(you can't go farther in time then that)you can have a hole lot of bells in no time!Hope you have fun with all that money!*note you will have a lot of weeds by the time you are done but it's ok you get a lot of bells! Sorry that this is so long!

Added 2 Jul 2012, ID #5196, by madeline80

Earning 99,999 in one day, fast!!

First set the date on your wii console to the 4th of febuary 2000, then go on ACCF and load up your game/profile (the date would've ato-maticly changed)... Next play for about a few minutes, visiting the town hall and going on the bank machine and checking your balance, then save and end your game. Then, after it has ended go back to the wii console settings and change the date to the 4th of febuary 2035, and go back on the game... Load up your game/profile again, and you will have a letter from the bank of nintendo, and with it, you will have earned a sweet interest of 99,999! And there you go.....

P.s. FOR THIS TO WORK YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE AT LEAST 10,000 BELLS IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT TO START WITH!!!!!!! (also doing this cheat will make it so that you lose some townsfolk and when you've finished you will have an unimaginable ammount of weeds, but it's worth it!!)!!

Try doing this cheat first, and then after you have finished this cheat do the whisp the ghost cheat, because one of his wishes is to clear your town of weeds so...... Yh, but happy gaming!! ;)

Added 16 Feb 2012, ID #5005, by Guest

Easy way to make fast money right after you do your job

*THIS CHEAT WORKS ON ANY VERSION OF ANIMAL CROSSING* At the very beginning of your job, Nook gives you the uniform to change into. After you get it, go outside and drop it anywhere. Repeat this process as many times as you wish. Nook will keep giving you more uniforms. After you finish your job, you can sell them. Also, when you are done, you can sell the flowers that he had you plant.

Added 7 Nov 2011, ID #4778, by Guest

No more dead trees

If you are tired of your cocunut/foreign fruit trees dying try cutting a regular tree with an axe,dig up the stub,and bury your fruit.This will ensure the tree grows. 1 p.s.once a tree passes seedling stage it won't die.if it is drooping and has a bite in it it will die and can't be revived.

Added 4 Apr 2011, ID #4411, by Guest

Foreign fruit

Most people say the only way to get different fruit than your fruit is to visit another town...THEY'RE WRONG!!!there is an easier way.5 easy steps.Step 1:buy as many letters(from tom nook) as the people in your town.Step 2:Get as much fruit(in your town)as the letters you bought.Step 3 write a letter for each person with the word "fruit" in it Ex:I like you?Step 4 attach the fruit to each letter(as a present).step 5 send the letters with the fruit attached at town hall.Check your mailbox often for a bunch of letters with presents some will be shirts and some will be...FOREIGN FRUITS!!!YAAAYY! 1 p.s. It might take a couple days for them to respond because there need to be no other letters from different animals.

Added 4 Apr 2011, ID #4410, by Guest

Golden shovel

Ok there are 2 ways you can get a golden shovel ready ok 1: you buy 2 shovels from tom nook and with one of the shovels dig a whole next to your house and then bry the other shovel thats in your pocket then go to tome nook and buy a watering can then water that spot where you burried you're shovel and then save your game then go to rover and then when it shows a list of optipons click other then click set date and time then make it the VERY NEXT DAY then go to the sot where you burried you're shovel un bury it and there you go and the 2 way is: on a saturday night around 8:00 PM go to the city and don't GO UP THE STAIRS go to the right of the sidewalk and if one of the orange cones is moved to the side go in to see resstti and he will give you a golden shovel it might not always work on every saturday but it might hoped it worked.

Added 31 Jan 2011, ID #4290, by makaylasissie

All KK songs in one day

You can get all the KK songs in one day by going back every sat. You will have allot of weeds when you are done though. You go to the wii menu before starting the game and you just go back every sat. It takes about 3 hours and then you will have all the kk songs. I hope thiss is helpful to everyone.=)

Added 23 Jan 2011, ID #4285, by Supergirl3

Meet a ghost

On monday night / tuesday morning go around your time WARNING its only posible from 2 till 4!!!!!!!!! If you see on your screen that someone called wisp is talking try to get closer to where they are talking from. A ghost will appear its wisp and wisp shell ask you to find his lamp so really hes kinda a geine ghost when you find his lamp return it to him and he will say take me somewhere secret take him to your attic and drop the lamp on the floor Note:You cant put normal furniture in your attic only the lamp. When you put the lamp in wisp will grant you a wish click what wish you want and it will arrive the next day (or be gone the next day) but the list of wished is for you to find out hope it helped and sorry the cheat might not make sense and is soooooo long

Added 5 Dec 2010, ID #4166, by Wanttofindwiicheats

about 15,000 bells of oranges

On Halloween instead of collecting candy and looking for Jack, collect oranges or your local fruit and look for your neighbors! Everytime someone curses you the 150 bell oranges turn into 1030 bell oranges! So stock up on oranges and go get cursed then sell them to nook for over 15,000 bells after filling your inventory. Its just a quicker way than wasting your candy and looking for Jack.

Added 15 Aug 2010, ID #3914, by jennylbayliss


To get free money with a bit of a price do the following. Do a few things to get some money..Sell plants ect. Then Put the money into your bank. Save..Turn off the game. Go into your Wii Settings and set the date as far ahead as possible. Turn back on the game and you should get a pretty penny in interest. Once you collect your money leave it in your inv..Save and set the date back. You can repeat that as many times as you want.

The catch is..Your town will lose some folks and gain some strange ones. Also the weeds will grow so you have to clear them out again. Other then that you get quite a bit of free items and lots of money.

Added 23 May 2009, ID #2765, by Kris102469

easy nook points

Go to tom nooks and bye somethime deer like a white king or queen ant time travill to the nook point speacle and go to the cataloge and bye lots and lots

I did this with a white queen and got 400 points for each queen now I have all the itams

Added 24 Apr 2009, ID #2705, by aaddaamm

Easy Way to pay off Mortgage

Okay, here is a really easy way to pay off all your mortgages, and get the biggest house all in a few hours!

Change the time on your Wii to Bunny Day (12th Apil 2009)

Dig up all the Bunny Eggs around town

Put all the candy in your cupboard, you'll need it later

Give Zipper T.Bunny all the Bunny Foil, he will give you a piece of Egg Furniture

Then go sell it to Tom Nook. Each piece sells for 9,000 bells

Change the time to 1 day later

Play for a few seconds, then save and end.

Change the time back to Bunny Day

Repeat everything with the eggs and candy

When you have got lots of money, got bored of Bunny Day or have run out of space for your candy, save and end, then change the time to after 6.00pm on Halloween.

Give all your candy to Jack, who will give you Spooky furniture.
Sell this for about 10,000 bells each

When you have run out of candy, go back to Bunny Day and start again!

You can also give candy to Pave on Festivale (February)

If you do this for a few hours, you will have lots of money! You only need to sell 10 pieces of Egg Furniture to get 90,000 bells! Normally on Bunny Day you can find around 12 pieces of Egg Furniture, so even on just 1 Bunny Day you make around 100,000 bells. So if you keep repeating Bunny Day, you can pay off all your mortgages really quickly!

This does get a little boring after a while though, and there are weeds if you travel too far in time, so onnly do this if you really can't be bothered to make money the hard way.

Also, if you keep the Egg Furniture and the Spooky furniture, you can use it to decorate your new massive house, and get around 60,000 HRA points! Two bords with one stone!

Have fun

Added 14 Apr 2009, ID #2662, by Captain_Smal

Fish lists

Angelfish* 3,000 bells River May-October during the morning/evening and night
Arapaima* 10,000 bells River July-September during the morning/evening and night
Arowana* 10,000 bells River June-first half of August during the morning/evening and night
Barbel Steed 200 bells River Anytime
Barred Knifejaw 5,000 bells Sea March-November, anytime
Bitterling 900 bells River November-February, anytime
Black Bass 300 bells River Anytime
Blue Marlin* 10,000 bells Sea July-September, anytime
Bluegill 120 bells River Year-round during the day
Butterflyfish 1,000 bells Sea April-September, anytime
Carp 300 bells River Anytime
Catfish 800 bells Pond May-October during the morning/evening and night
Char 3,800 bells Waterfall March-June during the morning/evening; September-November during the morning/evening and day
Cherry Salmon 1,000 bells River March-June during the morning/evening; September-November during the morning/evening and day
Clownfish 650 bells Sea April-September, anytime
Coelacanth* 15,000 bells Sea (during rain or snow) Year-round during the morning/evening and night
Crucian Carp 120 bells River Anytime
Crawfish 250 bells Holding pond April-first half of September, anytime
Dab 300 bells Sea October-April, anytime
Dace 200 bells River Year-round during the morning/evening and night
Dorado* 15,000 bells River June-July during the morning/evening and day; first half of August, anytime; second half of August-September during the morning/evening and day

Eel 2,000 bells River June-first half of September during the morning/evening and night
Football Fish* 2,500 bells Sea November-March during the morning/evening and night

Freshwater Goby* 300 bells River Year-round during the morning/evening and night

Frog 120 bells Holding pond May-August, anytime
Gar* 6,000 bells Pond June-September during the morning/evening and night
Giant Snakehead 5,500 bells Pond June-August during the day
Goldfish* 1,300 bells River Anytime
Guppy* 1,300 bells River April-November during the day
Hammerheard Shark* 8,000 bells Sea June-September during the morning/evening and night

Horse Mackerel 150 bells Sea Anytime
Jellyfish 100 bells Sea Second half of August, anytime
Killifish* 300 bells Holding pond April-August, anytime
King Salmon 1,800 bells River/river mouth Second half of September, anytime
Koi* 4,000 bells River Year-round during the morning/evening and night

Loach 300 bells River March-May, anytime
Lobster 2,500 bells Sea November-February, anytime
Moray Eel 2,000 bells Sea August-October, anytime

Napoleanfish 10,000 bells Sea July-August, anytime
Neon Tetra 500 bells River April-November during the day
Octopus 500 bells Sea March-July, anytime; second half of September-January, anytime
Olive Flounder* 800 bells Sea Anytime
Pale Chub 200 bells River Year-round during the day
Pike* 1,800 bells River September-December during the morning/evening and day
Piranha* 2,500 bells River June-first half of September during the day and night
Pond Smelt 300 bells Pond December-February, anytime
Popeyed Goldfish* 1,300 bells River Year-round during the day

Puffer Fish 240 bells Sea July-October, anytime

Rainbow Trout 800 bells River March-June during the morning/evening; September-November during the morning/evening and day
Ray 3,000 bells Sea october
Red Snapper 3,000 bells Sea Anytime

Salmon 700 bells River/river mouth Second half of September, anytime
Sea Bass 160 bells Sea Anytime
Sea Butterfly 1,000 bells Sea December-February, anytime
Sea Horse 1,100 bells Sea April-November, anytime
Sea Sunfish* 4,000 bells Sea June-September during the morning/evening and day
Shark* 15,000 bells Sea June-September during the morning/evening and night
Squid 400 bells Sea December-first half of August, anytime
Stringfish* 15,000 bells River December-February during the morning/evening and night

Surgeonfish 1,000 bells Sea April-September, anytime
Sweetfish 900 bells River July-first half of September, anytime
Tuna* 7,000 bells Sea November-March, anytime
Yellow Perch 240 bells River October-March, anytime
Zebra Turkeyfish 400 bells Sea April-November, anytime

Added 9 Feb 2009, ID #2471, by r0na1d0

VIP status

To reach VIP status you need to deposit 1,000,000 bells into your bank to recieve a gold shopping card

Added 8 Feb 2009, ID #2469, by r0na1d0

how too get rid of all the weeds when going forward in time

You are probably already familiar with how to go forward in time to get more bells. But you don't want to do it because you will get all these weeds and have to pull them yourself right. Because thats the only way you can get rid of them right? WRONG! You can go forward in time and get rid of all the weeds without pulling them youself.

Every Monday night a goast will have lost his lamp and need you to help him find it. Go to the South East corner of your land, you should here a voice talking to you. Follow his directions to where he is and then talk to him. Like I said befor he will ask you to find his lamp. Once you find his lamp go to the attic of you house and he will grant you a wish. You can choose from getting rid of all the weeds in your land, getting ris of all the roaches, or get a random item. Obviously you will choose get rid of all the weeds in my land and WAHBAM! No more weeds

Please rate

Added 27 Jan 2009, ID #2441, by michy
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