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Money Rock

Keep an eye out in your town for a rock which changes location each day. This rock has money in it which can be accessed by hitting it. Hit it repeatedly to get more money.

Added 18 Jun 2012, ID #5165, by Sanzano and get

Unlock Trophies

Unlock Bug Trophy:
Catch the largest bug by the end of the contest.

Unlock Fish Trophy:
Catch the longest fish by the end of the contest.

Added 18 Jun 2012, ID #5164, by Sanzano

Midsummer's Espresso Maker

If you speak to Tortimer on Midsummer's day (21st of June) you will receive an espresso maker.

Added 18 Jun 2012, ID #5163, by Sanzano

Connection Bonus

If you transfer your saved game file from Animal Crossing: Wild World ALL your previously unlocked items will become available for sale in the catalog at Tom Nook's store.

Added 15 Nov 2010, ID #4105, by Sanzano

Bank unlockables

When you deposit the indicated number of Bells at the bank the corresponding bonus will become available.

Shopping Card:
Deposit 10,000 Bells at the bank.

Box Of Tissues:
Deposit 100,000 Bells at the bank.

Gold Card:
Deposit 1,000,000 Bells at the bank.

Piggy Bank:
Deposit 10,000,000 Bells at the bank.

Green Feather:
Deposit 100,000,000 Bells at the bank.

Blue Feather:
Deposit 200,000,000 Bells at the bank.

Yellow Feather:
Deposit 300,000,000 Bells at the bank.

Red Feather:
Deposit 400,000,000 Bells at the bank.

Purple Feather:
Deposit 500,000,000 Bells at the bank.

White Feather:
Deposit 600,000,000 Bells at the bank.

Rainbow Feather:
Deposit 700,000,000 Bells at the bank.

Deposit 999,999,999 Bells at the bank.

Added 15 Nov 2010, ID #4104, by Sanzano

Town Fund Unlockables

The following building or structures becomes unlocked when you have donated the indicated number of Bells to the Town Fund at Town Hall. These buildings or structures have no effect other than to show off what you donated.

Built when you have donated 200,000 Bells

Built when you have donated 400,000 Bells

Windmill or Lighthouse:
Built when you have donated 1,000,000 Bells

Added 15 Nov 2010, ID #4103, by Sanzano

Tom Nook's Store Prizes

Earn 1 point for every 100 Bells spent at Tom Nook's store and receive the following prizes when you have the indicated amount of points.

500 points

Triple Shells:
800 points

Yoshi's Egg:
1,000 points

Bad Bro 'Stache:
2,500 points

Toad Hat:
3,000 points

Peach's Parasol:
4,000 points

Hero's Clothes, Varia Suit, or Wario Hat:
5,000 points

Hero's Cap, Majora's Mask, or Samus Mask:
6,000 points

Midna's Mask:
6,500 points

10,000 points

Added 15 Nov 2010, ID #4102, by Sanzano

Nooks' Store

After Nook has upgraded his store to Nookington's he will ask you about it about once a month. The answers you give can cause him to revert the store to a previous model. Give the answers below for the desired store.

Nook 'n' Go:
Give the answer 'Hours'

Give the answer 'Balance'

Nook's Cranny:
Give the answer 'Sorry, no'

Give the answer 'Variety'

Added 15 Nov 2010, ID #4101, by Sanzano

Tom Nook's Store Upgrades

When you have played the game for at least one week complete the following tasks to have Tom Nook's store upgraded to the corresponding level.

Nook N' Go:
At Nook's Cranny spend or sell 25,000 Bells and then wait 1 week from the day Nook's Cranny first began.

At Nook N' Go spend or sell 90,000 Bells and then wait 2 weeks from the day Nook N' Go first began.

At Nookway spend or sell 250,000 Bells and then wait 3 weeks from the day Nookway first began. Unlike in Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: Wild World you do not have to have someone come to your village to buy one thing as well to get Nookingtons.

Added 15 Nov 2010, ID #4100, by Sanzano

Unlock Espresso Maker

Talk to Tortimer on Midsummer's day (21st June) if you want to get the Espresso Maker.

Added 26 Jun 2009, ID #2862, by Sanzano

St. Patricks Day Hat

If Wiiconnect is switched on on St. Patrick's day (16th March) you will receive a letter from Nintendo which will have a gift attached to it called the Shamrock hat.

Added 31 Mar 2009, ID #2621, by Sanzano

Unlock New Years Shirt 2000 - End of Time

Talk to Tortimer by the town hall on December 31st to get this bonus.

Added 8 Jan 2009, ID #2347, by Sanzano

Fruit Lots More Bells!

If you happen to be carrying a lot of rare fruit the isn't your hometown fruit, or if you're at the island and are trying to take home lots of rare fruit to sell for bells, need not worry! Yes, there is a box. But who wants to take multiple trips to sell them? You can only fit so many things in your inventory.

So take one fruit in your inventory and drag it on top of another fruit of the same type in your inventory. They'll be put together in a basket that says "2", or however many fruit are in the basket. You can ONLY USE THE SAME TYPE OF FRUIT IN EACH BASKET. You cannot mix two types of fruits. You can fit up to nine fruits of the same type into a basket. A basket, believe it or not, only takes up one space in your inventory! You'll also find that they sell for a lot more (not counting the math). You can earn a whole lot more at once if you use baskets! You can also display them (they look really awesome) in your room on a table or, obviously, on the ground. You can collect different fruit baskets to match your home! A nice, homey look for your home. You can't walk over them--you'll just run into them. Sell them at Retail...Nook's selling price is 20 percent lower!


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Added 4 Dec 2014, ID #5681, by Guest

How to get the light house easily

First go to the menu where rover is change the date to january 1 2000
Go to your mail box and you will receive 10,000 dollars from your mom keep on changing the year but keep the month on january and keep the date on the 1 keep on doing that until you have enough for the light house or the bridge, water fountain or feathers or to upgrade your house do what ever you want with your money. You can also get your shopping card with the money and buy stuff at the gracie grace store in the city. Hope this helps!! Please NOTE you can get a lot of weeds by doing this but if you want the money you got to try it!! THIS WORKS!!!


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Added 9 Oct 2014, ID #5674, by Pillow

10,000 cheat

Every new year you will get 10,000 bells send in your mail box from your mom. Go to the settings change the year to 1990 Jan,1 go on animal crossing check your mail box there should be 10,000 bells from your mom in there keep on doing this until you reach your goal on how much money you need.



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Added 9 Sep 2014, ID #5670, by Pillow

The Ways of Cloning/Duplication

Things required:
. You And A Wifi Player
. Bells/Items


1. Make sure your inventory has the amount of bells you want to clone/duplicate

2. Go to your friends town

3. Ask your friend to save (DO NOT DROP ANYTHING YET)

4. After the player has saved, Drop your bags of bells on the ground

5. Go to Copper at the gate.

6. End the wifi session but when he is preparing it keep pressing the home button on the wii remote

7. When the menu come up after pressing the home button, click reset, this will reset your game

8. Start your game as normal (talking with rover blah blah blah)

9. Go back to your friends town and split/keep the bells

10. Repeat steps 1-9 over again until you get the amount of bells you require

Hope this helped


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Added 20 Oct 2013, ID #5591, by xArianax

Easy Money (Bunny Day)

When you come to the "log in" screen with Rover, change the day to Bunny Day (Easter, I usually use 4/8/2012) and dig up some eggs. After you click, "open" on the eggs list, immedeatly press A, B, and Z. This maes it a bunny foil and can be used as much as you want, without being considered a cheat to the game. So continuously find foils give the to Zipper, sell all the egg furniture to Tom Nook, and all your friends will say, "Dang, Boi, your rich!" then use it for WHATEVER without "Cheating"!


Added 26 May 2013, ID #5505, by Guest

Easy Bells Without Time-Traveling.

To get lots of bells without time-traveling, these are some steps to follow.

1) Make sure it's Summer on your game.

2) Make sure it's after 9pm and before 8am.

3) Make sure you have many palm trees on your beach.

4) Walk down to the beach with your fishing rod and your net in your pockets.

5) If you see any beetles on the palm trees, catch them. If you see any fins in the water, catch the shark.

6) Store them in your house and repeat step 5.

7) The next day, sell all your beetles and sharks.

Added 21 Apr 2013, ID #5482, by Matt77

Easy bells in a few days (or more)

This hint, tip, cheat, thing takes a few days depending on what you choose to do.

1. Make 4 characters (or you can just use one but you will get less money
2. Set the date to about a month back (or how ever many days or months you chose to do)
3. Do your daily busyness as you usually do but find the money rock for every character and keep it for your main character.
4. Fast forward to the next day and repeat step 3 untill you get back to your original date

Do this as many times as you want untill you are satisfied
Ps: you can use this time to get nooks to remodel, plant and grow lots of trees to get a perfect town ratings and get a better house with the money

Added 2 Apr 2013, ID #5474, by Guest

Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City Cheats:


Shopping Card:Deposit 10,000 Bells into the Bank.
Box of Tissues:Deposit 100,000 Bells into the Bank.
Golden Card:Deposit 1,000,000 Bells into the Bank.
Green Feather:Deposit 100,000,000 Bells into the Bank.
Blue Feather:Deposit 200,000 Bells into the Bank.
Yellow Feather:Deposit 300,000,000 Bells into the Bank.
Red Feather:Deposit 400,000,000 Bells into the Bank.
Purple Feather:Deposit 500,000,000 Bells into the Bank.
White Feather:Deposit 600,000,000 Bells into the Bank.
Rainbow Feather:Deposit 700,000,000 Bells into the Bank.
Piggy Bank:Deposit 10,000,000 Bells into the Bank.
ABD Machine: Save 99,999,999 Bells in your ABD Account.

Added 18 Mar 2013, ID #5463, by Guest
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