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Video Walkthrough

Check out the videos below if you need help getting through the game. The game was played on the Hero difficulty settings

Part 1 (Atlantis)

Part 2 (Ruins Of Atlantis)

Part 3 (Death Gate, City Of Atlantis)

Part 4 (Temple Of Poseidon)

Part 5 (Methana Volcano)

Part 6 (The Keeper)

Part 7 (The Caldera)

Part 8 (Island Of Crete)

Part 9 (Temple Of Athena)

Part 10 (The Bathhouse, Gates Of Crete)

Part 11 (Heraklion)

Part 12 (Heraklion Forum)

Part 13 (Streets Of Heraklion)

Part 14 (Temple Of Athena II)

Part 15 (Mounts Of Aroania)

Part 16 (Chasm Solace)

Part 17 (Aroania Pass)

Part 18 (Sparta)

Part 19 (Jails Of Sparta)

Part 20 (Mounts Of Laconia)

Part 21 (Temple Of Ares)

Part 22 (Path Of Reckoning, Mounts Of Aroania II)

Part 23 (Ice Peaks, Shrine Of Boreas)

Part 24 (Canyons Of Sorrow)

Part 25 (River Of Lament)

Part 26 (King Midas)

Part 27 (Port Of Atlantis)

Part 28 (The Vortex)

Part 29 (Sunken Atlantis)

Part 30 (Flooded Hall, Ancient Atlantis)

Part 31A (Sunken City, Nexus Of Atlantis)

Part 31B (Sunken City, Nexus Of Atlantis)

Part 32 (Death Gate, The Domain Of Death)

Part 33 (Hall Of Damnation)

Part 34 (Temple Of Thanatos)

Part 35 (Death Trap)

Part 36 (Temple Of Thanatos II, Deimos)

Part 37 (Suicide Bluffs, Thanatos)

Part 38 (Path Of Solitude)

Part 39 (Credits)

Part 40 (Final cinematic)


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