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Video Walkthrough

Check out the following video to complete the game with 'Ending A' (give Katey the Zombrex, collect ALL bike parts, and leave). If you get this 'Ending' which is known as the 'Canon Ending' you will receive 15,000 PP.

Part 1 (Introduction)

Part 2 (Zombrex and Motorbike)

Part 3 (Gasoline, Dick, Shed Key, Hunting Store)

Part 4 (Bike Forks, Gemini, Fausto, Find Gems)

Part 5 (Engine, Save Sharon, Tia, Nikki)

Part 6 (Jason, Archie,Zombrex, Bike Wheel)

Part 7 (Darcie, Bob, Give Katey Zombrex)

Part 8 (Boss, Escape, Ending, Credits)


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