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Red Dead Revolver

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Full Review for Red Dead Revolver by Jackets28

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Red Dead Revolver the name just says it all. Red, the person you will be playing as most of the time. Dead, people will die in this game. Revolver, one of the the weapons you can use in this great game. The game could not get much better then it is now. There a few things that could be improved. Such as the graphics they are pretty good. I think that they could be better. I recommend this game. It has a great story line!



The graphics, one thing that could be improved in this game. I would not say that the graphics in this game are horrable because the graphics really are not even close to horrable. The graphics in this game are like the graphics in any other Rockstar games.



The sound is really amazing in this game everything sounds like just so real. The sound could not get any better. Also the game has these really good old west music songs on it which is really really cool and great. Whenever you shoot your gun in this game it sounds like a real gun fire



The gameplay is very very great. Story mode in this game is just genius! Once you start story mode in this game you will be like well why did that guy kill Reds father. You will be thinking I hope I will find out later on why Reds father got kilt. You will find out why he got kilt. Everything just falls rite into place in this game. Story mode is a bit longer then it should be. You can also go to showdown mode where you can pick the people that you want to be and have a showdown with them. Showdown mode is very very fun!



The lastability is pretty good. I would say that if you bought this game new it would probally last you about one or two years maybe even three years if you take very good care of it. If you want this game to last you a long make sure that when you are done playing it that you put it away back into the case.



Overall this game is great! Its very fun and addictive. Like I said before there is just only a few things in this game that could be improved. I really recommend that you buy this game. If you can not find this game in stores then you should go online to www.reddeadrevolver.com and order it for twenty dollars.

Final Score: 86%

Review by: Jackets28

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