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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Pack Shot

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

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Full Review for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness by Railroad Runner Articuno

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Well, first things first, the game was pretty interesting. Walking around, defeating and snagging pokémon, I guessed it would be boring like in Colosseum before I bought it, but I was in for a surprise. Shadow Pokémon numbers increased, and, like, wow!



The graphics were like, awesome! I had stared at it, thinking how much it had improved. I was shocked at first, then got used to the AWESOME graphics and I started having a Big Mac. =P. The number of territories have increased, letting me have my mouth wide open for, let's say, 2 hours.



The sound was GREAT. I was grooving to the beat for as long as any of my family members can tell. The sounds vary, from those eerie parts to those bustling with life parts. I can say this can get every one's thumbs up. Even a lot of Singaporeans buy this game! It's so popular, everyone has it in Singapore!



A 10/10 again. The gameplay was nicer than Colo, with the added Libra, with chasing that annoying Bonsly, Mt Battle (Welcome back!), the Purification chamber and the Cipher's lab. You get to play as a young protagonist, and snag/catch pokémon that are either from the PokéSpots or trainers.



Well, I would say this would last for, like 1 year before the next generation of the Colo and the XD: Gale of Darkness, comes out. Even if this game lasts for years, I would still play it with some of my family members. At least I can share my file with them! ^__^



I would say this game is extremely awesome, and the makers have put in a lot of effort. Well done, Nintendo! *whispers* Well, let's say this game will stay popular until the Game Boy Micro's (GBM) games come out.... *ends whispers* I hope this game will be available for the Nintendo Revolution, so I can have even better graphics and better gaming!

Final Score: 96%


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