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Pokemon The Movie

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Full Review for Pokemon The Movie by neodeleter

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Dude, you need to see to vote that it was awsome. I chose awsome because it was like,... Um...da bomb? I don't know. All I know was it was awsome. Also, like, was Pokemon made in japan? And if so, why??? U.S.A. RULES!!! If it was made Japan, did they translate to English?



I say it didn't get a ten I think it should have been done like real life. But they should have made so it looked like real life. That would have made it an Awsomer movie than before. Doesn't any one agree with me? Am I right? PLAY ROBOT RAGE AT miniclips.com. I'm some one in the east USA.



Super sound effects. It was awsome for a ...........80's movie. Dude, I mean humans from Supercheats.com, Why do we have to put in atleast 250 characters? It's stupid. Why don't you just make everything we put in to have 250 characters, that's why not alot of people do things for DVD.



What does this mean? I thought it was a movie STOP Movies don't have gameplay do they STOP It's just stupid to put gameplay on a movie STOP Movies don't have gameplay STOP I saying stop because it's like doing something on a... A... I forgot the word but I just read about it STOP.



No clue on this either. Is it like how long it lasts? If it is mine lasted a century. ONLY TEN @#*!@*# YEARS!!!! Well, DVD's don't last as long as video's do I guess and I got mine on DVD. Well I actually got it for Christmas. I don't know what else to put on "Lastabilty."



Great movie!! Awsome!! Oh My god it was a great movie.I had to see it like fifty times just to get over it. This movie was the bomb, as some humans would say. That's right!! I said HUMANS. I am an alien as some humans would call us. I'm just joking. I just needed to use up space. Bye bye baby cakes. I love you.

Final Score: 96%

Review by: neodeleter

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