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Full Review for Pokemon FireRed by Pokemonhacker68

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Hello and welcome to my review. Today I'll be reviewing a game called Pokemon Fire red. This game is an updated version of yellow/blue/red and is a game that is the same as Pokemon Leafgreen, with differences. In this game you get to go to the 9 islands, get all eight gym badges, beat the elite 4, complete the pokedex and complete the national dex.



Well, it denfinitly was better then red/blue/yellow and this time has way better graphics. At some points you get tired of the graphics at places like ice cave or victory road and thats cause your getting tired of going back and foruth back and foruth... So anyway, the battle graphics were awesome just missing a smidgeon of cool and fun.



Nah... Not the best sound. I mostly played with the sound off, but still the sounds have it's moments, like when you battle the elite 4 or you know, a very important battle. The battle sound was better then red/blue/yellow. When in caves the cave music gets anyoying, and thats when you turn the voulume off cause it's on your nerve.



Its an awesome game thats for one thing, you get to trade, battle, catch, buy, sell, explore, battle and if I were to write everything, it would be to long soo...well theres not anything thats really bad in this game, just that it's a rip off you don't get 3 starters like in red/blue/yellow.



Its going to take a while to finish, you have a lot of things to do.
For instance you have to catch all 369 Pokemon, catch sixty Pokemon to be able to catch all 369, beat the elite 4 to get oak to notice you have 60 Pokemon, and you need to have all 8 gym badges to get to the elite 4,and so on.



Fun game is all I can say, wait; I can say much more, THIS GAME IS AWESOME!.
You get to catch, trade, battle, sell, buy, did I mention battle? Its really a good game:
Graphics, 9/10
Gameplay, 10/10
Lastibility, 10/10
Overall 10/10.
Alrighty, enjoy.

Final Score: 86%

Review by: Pokemonhacker68


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