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Full Review for Pokemon Diamond by Charizone

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Pokemon diamond is a very good game. It all starts out when your itntroduced by Professer Rowan. Then you start in twinleaf town and from there your Pokemon life begins. Your at lake and find a suitcase. It has pokemon. You choose one keep it. So then after that you travel all over Sinnoh sometimes meeting your rival and battling. One major event that happened is when galatic boss Cyrus summoned Dialga from space. After the event Team Galatic dissapears. And you eventually run into the legendary trio. After all the events happened and all badges are collected you battle the elite four. After you beat them, your rial invites you to the battle zone(three islands linked together). There you can find the legendary Pokemon Heatran. Back at Sinnoh, a path appears and you will find another legendary pokemon. Also you can challenge your rival on the weekend.



The graphics are good as you can see very clearly during the game. There also some problems though. If you use Action Replay before you play, it might freeze. That can be a problem when you are doing something very important like trying to catch a legendary or beating the Elite Four. Also you might encouter that some times the cities are invisible.



The sound is very clear and the music fits in where ever you go. The music is very enjoyable and sometimes gets stuck in your heads. But when the game freezes it wil make terrible and annoying sound because that part of the song freezes at the same time the game froze. But oveall the sound becomes quite nice.



When you play the game, it gets of to an exciting start. The game is very good and it's wifi and multiplayer connections are great. Althogh the games has a sort of ongoing ending like you just catch Pokemon and battle people it is still a good quality role playing game.



The game lasts forever and dosen't have an much of an ending except it looks like the end when the credits are shown after you beat the elite four. You would expect the game to end but the exciting parts are just beggining after mjor events happen all over Sinnoh. So the game lasts forever.



Overall the game deserves a ten out ten with a great and exciting storyline. Great graphics and good scenery(without all those problem). Very clear sound and very fitting music to wherever you are in Sinnoh. The multiplayer over the internet is very fascinating as you get to battle, trade and talk all over the world. The close range multiplayer is also fun as you get to mine underground battle trade and mix records with everyone who is within ten metres of you.

Final Score: 94%

Review by: Charizone

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