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Full Review for Need for Speed Underground 2 by Lambo84136

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As the sequel of Need For Speed Underground, Underground 2 has a lot to live up for. After taking over the city of Underground 1, you get challenged by a guy called Calhew. Unfortunately he trashes your ride and so you want revenge. After finding out that Calhew has moved to a city called Bayview, you follow him and plan on taking him out the painful way. Getting contracts to turn him down and go for you instead until he gets bust.



If you have read my Most Wanted review you'll remember that I put that the Graphics clash in it. The same problem appears here as well. The minimovies are worse as well as not just do the characters are attacked with Pledge, but so are the cars. And the cars seem to have a force field around them because the cars can crash into anything and nothing happens.



This is where it is also the same as MW. The sounds are so precise and beautiful it's amazing. The engines, the crashes, the actors it's all very well done I must say. I'm just going to blather on about this stuff for quite a while now so if you want you can just skip this bit it's up to you really.



I'm afraid this is kind of the same with MW as well. It's just unrealistic really. I checked the stats of my Vauxhall Corsa 1.8 and it sais it can go up to 203 mph. That's just unrealistic. Yeah okay it's not as unrealistic as my VW Golf GTI in MW reaching 241 mph but still. And there are still invisible barriers in the air and stuff like that. However, the crashes are more realistic, you DON'T flip whilst going in a straight line and 1 really entertaining thing to do is crash on a U-turn whilst turning because then you usually end up driving along an invisible barrier. For THAT, I give it 10 stars.



This is where it majorly differs from MW. Sure you get more cars in that game and in this you can only have up to 5 cars, but look at the stats. Way more race modes, more challenging races (I can complete it in about 2 weeks, but 1: you just wouldn't want to and 2: I DID IT ON EASY! There are NO difficulty settings on MW). Plus there's a better shopping function as well. But you can get a better shopping function for a reason. Each car is rated on a 10 star visual system. The later you get the parts and the more expensive they are, the higher your cars looks go. And that you need. You see, in order to sign off sponsor contracts, you need to complete 4 things: win a certain number of URL tournaments which you can unlock by winning races, win a certain number of races of your choice, win a certain number of your sponsor's choice and get on the cover of a certain amount of DVDs. And it's the last one you need the looks for. You need a car with a certain number of stars to get onto the covers of the DVDs.



A classic game, with a few glitches and no police but hey, I prefer the NFS games without cops. There are always glitches if there are cops, like so: Hot Puruit 2: Steering's too light, can't customise and doing almost anything makes you spin. Most Wanted: Spin problem again, races either too easy or impossible, cops too hard and it's just unrealistic speeds. So, I kind of like this game personally.

Final Score: 94%

Review by: Lambo84136


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