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Full Review for Need for Speed ProStreet by hatershateme

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I have played this game for 1 Year, and understand it well. I have played all the Need For Speed series, and loved them all. I also have Live so I learn what to do in situations. Compared to the Career. This game will be the favorite out of everyone of the Need For Speed series. Its compared to Forza. They have the same real life ethics.



The graphics on this game are somewhat good. The game graphics are not that bad. The only minor thing is when you flip, the parts just automatically fall of without the parts hitting the ground. That's the only thing that is bad. The parts them self are a little messed up, but that's nothing to complain about.



The sound of the cars are really accurate. They seem good. Nothing stands out. The music on this game make you focus on the game. They are old remixed songs, but they help with the driving. The collisions with other cars are really great sounding. The only bad thing about this game and it's sound is the announcer, he repeatedly repeats your name over and over. It just gets annoying. Plus the announcer repeats the same thing, and that is annoying also.



The gameplay is fantastic. With so much to do in the Career, makes this game good. The gametypes and cars to use is the best. With real world places and cars, this game will be legendary to all Car Racing people out there in the world. With being Online, the game seems more greater. You can race your own very cars and share them with others, or just show them off.



The Lastability is also great. The Career, Online, and Tuning certain cars to your liking, will keep you busy as is. The career is fun. So many things to do. By going online, this will also keep you busy. Race against your friends, or random people. That will keep you busy.



With all those things listed above, this game is legendary to Race Car fans around the world. So much to do, so much to learn. With it being a Need For Speed game, you know it's great by the Title. As I said before, not many bad things with this game. Everything else is good.

Final Score: 92%

Review by: hatershateme and get

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