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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Pack Shot

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

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Full Review for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 by Lambo84136

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Being the third Need For Speed game around, you'd expect them to have made a great job at this game and completely perfected it by now...
Sorry, no, this is just rubbish, don't buy it unless you're a heavy Need For Speed collector like me, it's the only other game on the planet and there's no beer.



Terrible. Oh so terrible.
Usually I complain that the graphics clash in every Need For Speed game, it's a law for me, but not this time.
This time, all the graphics are ****!
I mean the cars aren't terrible but there has been so little effort put into this game.
No mini movies, yet this game probably came out before minimovies were invented or even before videogames were invented so I'll ignore that for now.
However I'll give this NFS game more than others that I've reviewed on graphics because the actors HAVEN'T been attacked by Pledge.
And it was so easy to solve this problem:



Just ignore this bit, if you've read any of my other reviews, this is basically the same as all the others I've done:
Good sounds
**** everything else.
I could go on for aeons talking about how well the sound is, but my sister wants the computer so I don't really have enough time.



This is where the classic NFS stats returns, TERRIBLE!
You have so little. Yet you have rto remember, this is an old racing game, and with it old racing gameplay, which means you can race, and you can race! And that's about it.
There's no freeroam
There's no pursuits that aren't during a race
There's no customization
There are no shortcuts on the map
The crashes are too dramatic
The steerings too twitchy (That's coming frrom someone who likes twitchy steering)
Doing anything makes you spin
Cops only stay on you for a limited amount of time
But on the good side, you can be the cop. Now, where was I, oh yes:
You need to buy everything
You can't change the view
There's no story mode
Get some coffee, we're going to be here a long time...



Won't last a second because people who buy it will buy it, turn it on, turn it off straight afterwards and then give it back on a second hand exchange at a shop whilst thinking "Ahh yes, what a great way to waste my time!"
THAT, is how terrible this thing really is!



Did Electronic Arts actually bother making this, or give it to a homeless guy and say "You have 2 seconds to make a game!" and this was the result?
Try asking the head of EA that at their next interview, record the answer and send it to me, the answer's inevitable I'm just looking forward to posting that video on Youtube for a barrel of laughs!

Final Score: 46%

Review by: Lambo84136

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