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Kingdom Hearts II

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Full Review for Kingdom Hearts II by guy in oakland

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Kingdom hearts II is the continuation of KH1(obviously),and also after the events that took place in castle oblivion.You begin the story with a large cut-scene showing you the past journey you had,then beginning the story with this boy who looks similar to Roxas,wonder who he is?

The main point in this game is to find Sora's friend Riku and return to destiny islands to reunite once again with Kairi



Visually this game is just stunning,beautiful scenery pherhaps the best capable for the ps2.Also you will notice how much all of the characters have grown within the past year,especially sora



Nice sound affexts and the voice-acting was well done,but does get boring hearing the same stuff during battle over and overagian....



Gameplay has gone through some changes this year.Now you don't have to press a button to use your abilities,instead you automatically do them once you are in the right position.This makes the game a little to easy,and at times feals like all you have to do is press X the whole time and you will win every battle.Thats not always the case,especially with bosses but it still is a big problem.

They also added 2 new thigs to the game:limits and drive.

Limits are like overdrives that you do with a specific character inyour party these attacks can be very powerful if you use them correctly

Secondly they added drive which is when sora transforms into a different form speacializing in different things.This was pherhaps their best addition to the game making it a whole lot funner,rather then just doing the same thigns over and over again in a battle



This game should easily last you 20+ hours.If you count side missions and mini games it should make the lasting appeal much longer also



If you liked kingdom hearts I your going to love Kingdom hearts II thats all theirs really to say on the subject.Tons of stuff to do including tournaments,mini-games,unlocking all the weapons and armors you will be at for weeks

Final Score: 94%

Review by: guy in oakland

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