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Full Review for Halo: Reach by ArtisticMonkey

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Hello, it is me again. But now I am telling you about my favorite game overall, Halo: Reach. Halo: Reach is a fun game to play because it has so much to do and so many people that play it. My favorite thing to do is forge maps for me and the people I love to play online with.



I give the graphics a perfecto 10. Whenever I play Reach, the graphics always make me feel as if I am actually in the war, in the game. By far out of all the Halo games before Reach, none of them can top the superior graphics that make a Reach spartan, a reach spartan.



Halo: Reach has the perfect bullet sounds that we hear in the everyday guns. Also the music played at the Halo Reach menu screens are perfect for the sorrow of the spartans who risked their lives for the Halo team to defeat the covenant. Therefore sounds get a perfecto 10.



This game has so many available game types for Halo Reach players it's so hard to pick just one of them to play. My favorites are Living Dead (Infection), and Team SWAT. They both involve quick movements of the trigger fingers. So for the variety of gametypes and the excellent campaign and firefight, I am also giving another perfecto 10.



This game has been out for 2 years and I still can not stop playing it. Because of it's epic forge gametype and it's variety of online gametypes, it is so hard to stop playing this game even for one hour. For everytime my little brothers make this game available to me, I grab it and keep playing it for as long as I can and until I tired. So I give this game's lastability a perfecto 10.



From this being my favorite game, I can not stop playing it. The gameplay is unbelievably fun. The lastability for me is probably going to be when Halo 4 comes out or even past that. The graphics are extremely amazing and the sound is just so AWESOME. So basically this game is so incredible I would like for you to take a moment and give the developers a round of applause because overall I give this game a perfection of a straight 10.

Final Score: 100%

Review by: ArtisticMonkey and get

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