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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex Pack Shot

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reflex

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare:Reflex edition is essentially a port of the critically acclaimed Call of Duty 4 modern warfare for the ps3,x box 360,and PC.it includes the entire single-player campaign,squadmate co-op,and full online experience minus 6 players and voice chat.despite it's short comings it is still an out-standing game with excellent controls



The main concern with this game was the graphics.Almost every body was curious as to see whether or not the wii could handle this monster of a game.well,Thanks to Treyarch the game the wii pulls it off quite nicely.Although the HD counter parts definitely look better the wii version is no slouch.only reason it isn't a 10 is because of frame rate issues when the screen is too cluttered



The sound of war is perfectly illustrated in this game.From the gun shots to the sounds of a nuke being dropped.this game delivers in the sound department.The Generals in the multi-player also do a good job in calling the action,although I think World at War was slightly better



Personally I love the wii-mote + nunchuck combo for FPS's.it feels very natural moving with the nunchuck and shooting via pointing the wii mote.The developers also gave you pretty much 100 control over the controls if you don't like the given sets.You can even change the sensitivity for shaking the nunchuck and/or wii-mote.



The single-player campaign is nice,and having squad mate is a good finishing touch so even a friend can tag along(offline),but the real CoD starts when you boot up that multi-player.

The online mode has varied matches from Team deathmatch,to Domination(capture the flag).It takes me about 10-15 seconds to get into a match which is very fast compared to other shooters.

You can also add friends,but you must via the infamous friend codes.

Finally,the leveling system.you get EXP for every kill,assist,and challange you complete.after leveling up you gain special awards like weapons and perks.as well as other challanges.this system increases play value a lot because you always have a reason to play more.that is until you hit lvl 55(the max),you can prestige after that which basically is starting your leveling all over from lvl 1.only difference is you keep your stats and earn a new badge exclusive to those who prestige.In my opinion it isn't worth it,but some people lke going through the rush of earning EXP and unlocking the guns again



Treyarch did a fantastic job with this game,and I really appreciate they bought this fantastic game to the wii because Infinity Ward is too lazy to do it.

The single-player only last about 6 hours,but the amount you can spend on the multi-player is near limitless.and what makes it even funner is the fact the controls are so smooth.Graphics although not that great at all compared to the HD counter parts look very good for a wii game and put the previous CoD installment to shame.

I definitely recommend picking this up during the upcoming winter holidays

Final Score: 94%

Review by: guy in oakland
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