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Full Review for Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura by Y2K

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Arcanum is one of those game that keep on lasting and staying at Top 100
Arcanum is a game made up of mistery's,puzzels and character building.This is one of my favourite games because you can keep on playing the game and go on for a long time and never get bord.



I give it a 8/10 but thats because this game isn't to new but I'm sure if you have a good enough graphics card this game's graphics would be as good as any other new game just been released. So for how long this has been out it's actually good and by the way it's not as old as I might have misinturpreted.



Sound is 7/10 because the play the the same tipe of music they play throught the game except when your in battle or in different locations. So this might not be the the sound i've ever heard but it's not to bad , like I sais because of the age of the game.



I give gameplay a 10/10 because I've been playing this game for three years now and I've never really finnished it so it kept me going and bussy and with the role play the game becomes even better. The way you interact with the A.I is one of the better Quality's of this game.



Like I said I've played this game for three years now so I gave it 9/10 because I admite I do get bored of it now and again but thats only for like two minutes,ha ha ha.But seriously this is overall a cool game to play for a long while and you don't have to be clever to play it.



So the overall sore is 9/10 and thats really the truth because you can create characters the way you want , magicians,inventors, idiots,brutes,barberians,thiefsand the story line characters. So this is one of my favourite games and now you know why, if you get a chance you should really try this game out.

Final Score: 86%

Review by: Y2K and get

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