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80 Artemis The Hunter 15th Jun 2005 20% Read Review

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Ty the tasmanian tiger 2 bush rescue

I think it is a very good and well designed game and it get's your mind thinking when you find something hard and I like the true blue aussie background and comedy.


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Added 24 Jul 2013, ID #34283, by Guest and get
Good Game

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Two:Bush Rescue is an alright

Music 6/10 Not too much good music.
Grapihcs 9/10 Good Graphics just some characters look freakin\' weird.
Gameplay 7/10 After you beat the last boss the only thing you can do is the last boss.And get money.
Multiplayer 5/10 It is very confusing when the camera spins alot and you go out of control(It is racing).
Difficulty 4/10 The first level to me is the hardest.Besides that it is easy.
Lasabillity 6/10 It won\'t last long.
Overall 6/10 Better than the original.


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Added 23 Aug 2006, ID #22930, by Da Mario Man

But here is a game so poor, it makes Pop Idol look like Vice City.

Ty the tasmanian tiger could be used for detention in schools. Or prisons. The graphics are colourful, plain, pathetic.

It plays like a tiger, you can't control it. The camera is everywhere. You will often step through walls.

But it's the music that drags this game to rock bottom. The australlian accents are unbelievably annoying, and the music even more so.

Only buy this game if it's for someone you dislike. But, with a game this bad, you must really loathe them...

Graphics: 45% Colourful, just like vomit.
Sound: 14% Absolutely appaling.
Lifespan: 20% Can't be more than 5 minutes
Overall: A game so bad it doesn't deserve an overall percentage. But if it did, it would be a negative number...


No thumbs

Added 16 Jan 2004, ID #6346, by the immortal
Stop talking like that its driving me MAD

The Good

their all animals
they all look cool
the bad guys are sometimes funny

The Bad

Ty's voice drives me nuts!!!
Back Off Bad Guys Ty's Got a BOOMERANG !!!
The evil boss is called CASS
the bosses can be a bit hard

8/10 good fun for little kids


No thumbs

Added 1 Jan 2004, ID #5830, by The_PS2_God
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