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Free Roaming Added 8 Feb 2005, ID #3226
This game was perfect. It was basically just like a Grand Theft Auto game rival. (Because instead of being a bad guy your a cop.) I give this game 9/10. Its one short because of the arsenal.

You can only upgrape your gun and use others on the ground that run out of bullets and have to be thrown away.

Plus if you get it for Gamecube (in my opinion) its easier then the one for PS2. So if you dont have this game you should get it, specially if you like to just free ride or beat someone up or kill the cops because they made you mad. and get
Added 21 May 2004, ID #1962
I think this game is totally awesome the best game I ever played. This game is even better than all the grand theft auto games put together. If you are familiar with GTA games you should try this its better.

It has superb graphics. the gameplay is amazing. the driving fighting and shooting complete this great game. i think it is a good game to own dont rent buy. its cool how you can get snoopdog. it has plenty fo fun gameplay to keep you entertained until TRUE CRIME 2 comes out Dec 11 2005. it has a cool storyline and even street crimes you can can get alot of bonus upgarades. it has 30 different cars when you include the cars you take from sivilians. loads of weopens including grenade lauchers. I give this game a maximum 10 out of 10!
Wow! Added 16 Dec 2003, ID #1158
Everyone I have 3 three words! Get that's 1 ... This that's 2 ... Game that's 3 ... yay I can count !
Amazing! Added 16 Dec 2003, ID #1155
This is the best game ever, you really feel you're a police officer!

You get loads of great missions and loads of other stuff, it great!
Wow! Added 15 Dec 2003, ID #1154
I absolutely love this game, it has excellent graphics and gameplay is awesome, it feels like you're really like a police officer, 10 out of 10!
Added 4 Aug 2004, ID #10317
Lushness Added 2 Jan 2004, ID #5935
Clear A Master Grand Prix and you will be able to watch a movie in the pilots profile (won't work with custom machines).
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