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White Knight Chronicles II Achievements for PlayStation 3

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White Knight Chronicles II

Trophies for White Knight Chronicles II



There are 25 trophies for White Knight Chronicles II (PlayStation 3)
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Bronze Medal
Medal presented to rookie adventurers. A small prize from the Guild.

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Bronze Plaque
Proof of completing 1 monster-slaying quest. A special award bestowed by the Guild.

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Bronze Satchel
Spend a total of 100,000 guilder. The money may be gone, but it's been replaced by hope.

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Bronze Star
Learn 1 entire set of skills. Its bronze light shines from the soul of the wearer.

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Letter of Thanks
Rid 1 person of their worries. Their gratitude is heartfelt.

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Mercenary's Badge
Complete 1 quest with an S rank. A badge presented by your clients.

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Rare Dabbler
Collect 1 rare piece of equipment. A bronze ornament in the shape of a sword and shield.

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Stone presented to beginner binders. Fashioned by the Don's underlings.

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