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Added 29 Feb 2004, ID #11284
This game is great its got ace graphics and new tricks.

If you haven't got this game I say you should.

I give it 10/10 and get
ID #8765

THPS this is one of the greatest game out its a king among games from furthing your selected players career to having a game of graffiti with your mates this game is a must have which words cannot do justice once you play this game youll be hooked.

ID #8764
This is a cool game where you get tapes and tasks but if you are thinking of geting this game for a friend or family i would get them Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 you can make your own skaters and traks and its not as hard to find now.

But if its a game you need for about 19.00 this is the game...I would give it a 8/10

ID #2984

On Disk 1 when you first get the Tiny Bronco, go down to the islands in the bottom right corner of the map.

On the beaches there, you can fight a Landworm and get 200AP and 5000Gil and a lot of Exp from him(he's weak to ice).

On the inland, you can fight Spirals and steal X-Potions from them and Morph them into Guard Sorces.

On the grass you can fight Head Hunters which are worth 3000Exp and 80AP.

This is a great way to level up your characters and materia and get a good defense early on.

If you go to Gongoga and fight around the reactor, you will find an enemy that you can morph into a Power Source.

Hope this helps

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