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Added 22 Jul 2005, ID #16294
this game is awsome even though the others are better this takes a long time to put down so if you want a game that you will not put down for a long time this is the game for you
great sk8erboi Added 3 Sep 2003, ID #4118
This is a really great gme he graphics are great and they have every move that they do it is fun so check it out some cheats

full cheat:watch-me-xplode
Can it get better? Added 11 Sep 2003, ID #4024
OK, listen up tony hawk was allways a great game, I have been playing it since 1 and every time I was having a wonderful time becuse this game never got boring.

So why should 4 be difrent? well its not
neversoft and activision
did a wonderful job
though I wasn't sure that
it can get much better, then 3 apparently it can.

New awsome tricks has been aded and the mission based game also known as career mode is completley
diffrent than the other
games, becuse it was made
that you can wonder around and select you're own goals whitout a time
limit which is a great feature cuz the levels are pretty big.

Also I just love to skitch which means that you can catch behind a car or
maybe an elephant and just ride very fast which can help, gaps and combos
ok so I'm too lazy to write
some more.

So see ya later

By the way buy this game its great!
ID #3556
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Soundtrack,levels,moves,characters,park editor,goals and movies!

I Love This Game!Activision and neversoft did a wonderful job!

Alot Better Than The 3 One!

ID #550

In case you are wondering about the hit combos you need to make an +attack and +defence here it is:

1-7 hit combo:+1 attack and +defence

8-15 hit combo:+2 attack and defence

16-23 hit combo:+4 attack and defence

24... hit combo:+8 attack and defence

The highest hit combo I have ever done was a 30 hit combo.

If you don't know how to make it a high hit combo....use your bow and arrow and use your musuo arrows but this will only work with a full musuo bar.

If you have your life gauge as long as it gets,it is easier to get +24 hit combo.

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