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337 tonydatigercg 28th Jun 2006 84% Read Review
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Even better! Added 19 May 2005, ID #12801
I preffered this to the first Tombi. I thought it was more of a challenge. I thought most of the characters were well done and the levels were great. What's bad is that this was too big a change from the first Tombi. The 3D worked well but the levels and characters were too different. But this is just a minor moan. I thought it could be confusing and difficult at times but that\'s what good games should be like. I would score it 91%. and get
Fun. Added 7 Feb 2005, ID #12504
I enjoyed playing and beating this game.

I think Tombi's pink hair is funny too especially since he's a boy.

Great Added 14 Dec 2004, ID #12372
I think this is a great game.

You should try it out if you like platform adventure games.

Good:a good story,fun and a great exploration level especially getting to complete the three ancient songs looking for the three towers.

Bad:a little short and easy
overall:a great game but needs to be longer and harder 80%.
ID #8114

I just wanted to say that this is a very good game, even if you have a few cheats, you still have to find out a lot on your own.

The graphics are colourfull and very funny.

When I first saw my lil' brother and sister play this game I thought it would be an easy childrens game to play.

Well, I tried it and it was actually quite hard (that's hy i'm here at a cheat page) Unfortunately there are not enough sites that offer good help for this game, so if any one knows something, pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!

And by th way, i can't seem to get that squirrel clothing on?! n e ideas??

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