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Tomb Raider 3 sees Lara Croft in one of her most amazing adventures to date!

The game puts lara in 5 locations around the globe, with a wide range of wepons, enemies and puzzles.

Lara has to retrieve 4 artifacts for a Dr. Willard in London, The south Pacific, Nevada and Antartica. She travels to India and meets Dr. Willard in a...lets say strange way and Travels from a Cathedral, to an coastal village, an Air-Plane wreck and Area 51.

Lets not forget her home with a Quad-Bike course, Gym and an Aquarium and secret room, the ONLY downside is that it is HARD, extremely! I had to resort to walkthroughs to complete it but other than that it was brilliant!

Overall it is a great! and is one of the best Tomb-Raider Adventures ever!

With awesome power wepons, an assortment of veichles and stunning graphics and visual effects,Tomb-Raider 3 is a must Play for any Tomb-Raider Fan! and get
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