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ID #3400

Timesplitters Is a very good but hard game. There not many good cheats for it just that crappy goldeneye type ones.

I give timesplitters. 8/10. One of the best games on the Ps2! and get
ID #3399

I think timesplitters is the best game i have ever played and no other shoot em up can beat it.

It is also hard but good fun especially the challenge games!

I would give it 10/10

ID #3398

With all the fuss of what game to buy for the new Sony console it was a simple choice, it's worth buying a ps2 just to play timesplitters.

The many different game modes the multitap option with four way split screen provides hours of non stop action, a varity of weapons and levels and the fantastic feature of creating your own levels, simple and fun.

Only 10/10

ID #3397

This game is well and truly amazing

anyone with a ps2 should own it

with amazing graphics great gameplay

and the ability to make your own levels it great fun and never gets boring

10 out of 10 for me

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