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ID #8008

This game is amazing the grafix are amazing the guns are amazing and it is chalenging.

The levels are harder in this game unlike the first one for psx tommorow never dies was a breeze to easy the creaters really did a good job.

I recommended it to any one who likes a good action game. and get
ID #8007

This game is great it is alot better than the first psx game tommorow never dies .

The cheats are not good though because they don't work.The skins cheat doesn't work because i tried completing all the levels 100's of times if you can help me email me at

p.s I'd appreicate it alot!!!

ID #8006

I think that it is a very good game but it was a bit easy i done the game in 3 days the cheats are good and are hard to get.

The game was much better than tomorrow never die that was to easy and the cheats were to easy to get. I would give this game 95%.

ID #8005
The world is not enough is the best game around aspecially for 007.

I like the world is not enough because it is hard I'am only up to fallen angal because I can not defet gabar.

The word is not enough is better than tomorrow never diesand 007 racing.......!

Die! Added 11 Aug 2003, ID #4278
ID #2846

Hey, this is kinda neat. I'll be glad if it's posted...anyway, you can see aeris at midgar after she dies. Well, her ghost at least.

Trust me! I have done it! First, get the key to sector 5 at bone village.

Then, go inside the slum church. You will see a ghost of Aeris tending the flower's.

If you want to be able to see it over and over again, don't walk forward or it will flash and disappear...FOREVER.

Hope you Aeris-lovers like this.

ID #2841

Go to Junon there will be 12 soilders hidden randomly across the level.Find all 12 of them and then go to the Gold Saucer. Find a man chasing several children.

Talk to him and he will ask you if you want to be Sephiroth.You have the have the choice of being him now or later.

Choose now because he will disappear (the guy chasing the children)at the end of disk 2 sephiroth will act on his own in battle.

I have a question how do you get the key that redXII granpa ask for to the city of the ancients.

ID #2836

How is it that you get to be sephiroth without beating the game 5 times continuosly??

I have tried every possible method that other people have sent in and I am absolutly baffled as to how it I done.

If you know or think you have a good idea on how to do it please post on this site.

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