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353 VxMarauder55 12th Jul 2006 52% Read Review

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'Short' Sims Review

>>> THE SIMS ON PS2 <<<

The sims is a next generation people simulator. Out in the early 21st century (not to be historical or anything!!), the sims has been a big hit. The sims 2 is now out, but I cover that in another review for the pc.

>>> MY RATING <<<

GRAPHICS >>> 4/10 (You couldn\'t really ask for worse..)
SOUND >>> 6/10 (OK, I guess)
GAMEPLAY >>> 8/10 (You can do quite alot!)
HUMOUR >>> 6/10 (hmmm..)
LASTABILITY >>> 2/10 (You play this game for the first time and you end up putting it down. Since I got the game, I haven\'t even played it this year!!)
OVERALL >>> 26/50 (Not the best game ever, but passes the time a bit.)

Please DON\'T ACCEPT this review as a buying guide, you\'ll know what I\'m talking about when you play the game..)


No thumbs

Added 23 Dec 2005, ID #18787, by BigMrHomer_2005 and get
The Immortal knows all and sees all!

The sims was popular on the PC for 2 reasons.

1-it gave you people to kill, feed, and to wet themselves. And 2-girls liked it.

Of course, I didn't buy it because I will not feel Earthly pleasures until I'm freed from this website.

This game sees you finding your Sims a job, house, toliet, fridge etc. As you progress the missions of the main mode, you will unlock new objects.

So, all is well. But, only people with social problems will enjoy controlling their sims.

The tasks do get rather mudane after a while, and you will soon the initiative to play.

Multiplayer is great though, and this is a fairly good game.
Graphics: 82% Boxy, but detailed and colourful.
Sound: Amusing Language, good music 83%
Gameplay: 76% Practise required, but effective.
Lifespan 50% (90% if you like it, 30% if you don't)
Overall 74% Hard to criticise as a sims game, but as a PS2 game, it's boring.

Buy only if you like sims...


No thumbs

Added 16 Jan 2004, ID #6348, by the immortal
Hard but enjoyable

Over all Dudley is hard and I haven't beat his "pad" yet but it is a great time killer.


No thumbs

Added 23 Dec 2003, ID #5546, by kriz shogun
Hello All Sims Fans

Dear,all Sims fans
This review is kind of long,but if you take the time to read it it will be to your benifet.

This review includes pros and cons,cheats,hints and tips,and advice for hard levels.

First of all i will talk about the pros and cons about the Sims.If you are a true Sims fan you know about the computer version.

The computer version has lots more items to buy than the Sims for the Playstation 2.

Also you can buy upgrade pack for the computer version and we all know that that will not happen for the Playstation 2.

Although the closest thing we will get to an upgrade pack is a completly new game that hasn't been released but EA Games will be trying to release it by Christmas in 2003.

The game is called The Sims:Bustin Out.This game will let you go to neighbors houses and clubs and all that good stuff along with new items to buy.

Overall compared to the computer version I think that the Playstation 2 version better.Igive the Sims a 10 out of 10.

Next is the cheat section.*Note that all of the cheats have no spaces and from the menue they will be all capital keep settings this way.*

To enter a cheat start at the main menu and press all at the same time L1,L2,R1,and R2.Enter the following cheats:

-MIDAS (unlocks all items.)
-FREEALL (makes all items free.)
-SIMS (unlocks the open-ended sandbox mode known as Play The Sims.)
-PARTYM (unloks bonus mode to play two-player games.)
-FISH EYES ( gives a first-person view during the game.)

Now it's time for the hints and tips.All of these tips are for Get A Life Mode.First of all make your sim a Cancer when you create his/her personallity.

Trust me this is the best personallity because he dosen't need alot of social attention and this is a good thing later in the game.

The bad things are he/she burns alot of energy doing certain activities.A prime example is working out your sim burns a ton of energy doing that.

Also your sim will like to eat. He will need about two meals a day.Now for the juicy stuff.

In the level Money From Mom before moving out make shure all of your stats like cooking,logic,body,ect.

This will take a long time but trust me it's worth it because I tried it later on in levels as a Leo and not very many stat points.

Leos crave social attention.If you choose Leo as personallity might as well just devote two hours of your time to talking.

This makes it harder to get promoted the highest I got to in carrer levels was 4 in the easiest carrer X-Treme.The best job is millatary trust me.

If you don't have many stat points though take a different job.Another hint is type in cheats MIDAS and FREEALL these will combine so you can get the best stuff.

This is the best thing to do.It will help you regain fun,bladder,ect.

Now for advice.

This is a very short part oh the review.

Follow all the hints and tips above type in at least the cheats MIDAS and FREEALL and don't use the telescope at nite you'll get abtucted by alliens so don't do it.

If you do this you'll be on your way to a happy sim life.

I thank all of you for taking your time to read my review.

Feel free to rate it but most importanhave a happy sim life.

I'm glad I could help in your sim adventures.

Have a happy sim life.


No thumbs

Added 3 Dec 2003, ID #5178, by WarDog578

The sims was and is a huge PC game, but now is on the PS2.

The PS2 version looks better than the PC version (graphically speaking) and runs a lot smoother of coarse with zero waiting with making your sims do things like swim, cook, clean up, go to work, or even feed the fish.

One thing that sucks is the fact that on the PS2 game you are limited to what you can have, you have a bar on the right side of the screen letting you know (it fills up with each item you buy).

Whether or not you can buy more or build more to your house/property, the PC version is unlimited in that area. Another thing is on PC the game has expansion packs, to do more and go further with your sim like taking care of pets to taking a vacation, I don't see that happening with PS2 as easily as on PC.

Now since it is on PS2 you have modes, you have "Get a life" mode which is a game, you have to do things and build your sims stats in order to move on, once you complete that mode you can then choose "The Sims" mode.

This mode will let you start from scatch (building your house that is) and start a life at your pace, if you decide to get a job, then get a job, if not the game is not going to tell you to.

A fun thing to point out is some of the extras they have in the game, like if it is night time and you are looking through the telescope, you can be abducted by aliens, your sim will dissappear for a little while and then reappear in the same spot, also if another sims sees it happen he or she will freak out for about a minute then move on as if nothing ever happened.

All in all this game is good, not great because it is repetative as far having to go work, the bathroom, to bed or eating and all that good stuff to keep your sim alive.

Also the studying so you don't burn your house down cooking or electicute yourself by changing a light bulb or fixing the computer. I give this game a 7 out of 10.


No thumbs

Added 8 Sep 2003, ID #4090, by PanterA




‘The Sims’ on the PS2 is a huge improvement on the PC version. It has a new type of game to it entitled ‘Get A Life’, which is the main game. Here’s how it works: you guide one sim (plus your roommates, if you have any) through life with goals to complete.

Whereas on the PC, you have to control a neighbourhood full of people through boring days, with no real goals or challenges. Although, just for people who like that sort of thing, there is a game like the PC called ‘Play The Sims’, which is unlockable by starting a life in ‘Get A Life’.

Now, on to the controls. Compared to the PC, they get ten out of ten. Although they’re good, it took me at least ten minutes to work them out, (and I’m a professional gamer!).

In general there’s only one thing they didn’t think of, the weather. By which I mean you don’t need a house, just place it all outside. Have I lost you? Sorry, now let me explain, it never rains, so you need no walls or roof. This should be a good thing, but it is something that the game needs, to be realistic.

The only other thing I don’t like is the fact you need to wait until half way through the game to get a partner!

This is a must have for all Sims-fanatics.


Official Rating:




No thumbs


It's time you moved out of Mum's house and spread your wings as a Sim. You'll need to find a job, a flatmate ans a new place to live. Meet life's challenges and you could meey your soul mate and retire to the ultimate party mansion.

*Create a sim and go from rags to riches in seven challenging levels.

*Challenge a friend for love and money or co-operate in an open-ended game.

*Fill their homes with everything from giant screen TV's and stereos to wet bars and swimming pools. Host parties, insult the neighbours, hire a maid or handyman, play in the hot tub, or even get married and have kids.


No thumbs


this game rocks but id say to get it on computer if you have one this game id give it 9/10 for playstation 2 p.s if you get it on computer though get the expansion pack that you can get pets on that rocks even more


No thumbs

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