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Town Levels and Leveling

The common application of levels in video games is linking the unlocking of a new level with added items, access, or abilities.

The thing is, while that does factor in lightly to this game, the game design actually places a higher value and emphasis upon the monetary value of your town, the number of Sims you have placed in homes, and how many Neighbors (other players/friends) that it has attached to it.

That warrants explaining since understanding it is the key to success once you have a well established town...

Leveling your town is the only way to gain access to new buildings like the Hobby Shop, Pet Store, and Salon - buildings with services you will need if you are going to complete a lot of the goals in the game!

Town Value

The value - basic worth - of your town is determined by a combination of different elements, including the municipal facilities that you have built, the businesses and shops as well as services you have added to your town, and the different employment sources that you have build/added.

As you work through that process you will quickly see how it applies - in order to build some construction projects you actually have to get your town to a minimum value - so the mechanism that is being used is very clear.

Number of Sims

This specifically applies to the number of Sims that you have placed in the houses in your town. These are the Sims that you have get jobs, build relationships, work towards goals, and etc.

Number of Neighbors

This may be confusing to some gamers - they are not talking about how many Sims in your town live next door to each other, rather this is how many other real-world players you know and who you have added as "neighbors" to your town.

This is basically the social element of the game - and really if you think about it it would not be a very good game for the iOS and other platforms if it lacked that sort of feature, right?

You may be wondering why this is important - why it is important to have Neighbors and to visit them? The answer to that is simple: that is one of the primary methods you have for obtaining Social Points. And you will want to do that.

While we cover this in more detail elsewhere in the guide, the basic point to SP in the game is that it is both an alternate currency that encourages you to visit your neighbors and participate in the social aspects of the game, and it is ALSO an alternate currency that is required for many of the new items in the game store that can ONLY be purchased USING the Social Points - and that nicely explains why you will want them!

The Formula for Success

As irritating as this may be - at least respect to the neighbor thing since it means you are going to need to go out and recruit friends to play if they are not already - you should shoot for a balance in your efforts between each, because you will eventually reach a point in the game where your forward progress is blocked if you lack a certain number. This particularly applies to Neighbors.

A Trick for Rapid Leveling

While it is true that your Town Levels will come at a relatively predictable pace, there will be times when you really need to squeeze out a level or two quickly - for instance when your Sim Population is at Capacity but you have goals that require a new Sim, you may find yourself in need of a rapid few levels. You can do that if you use this trick!

An easy method for gaining fast levels is to take advantage of the Sims in your Neighbor's Towns. You can do this for every single one of your own Sims, which makes this an attractive strategy.
Expanding your town and gaining levels will grow more challenging because the cost for each new building grows with the placement of each new building - an expensive circle of ever-increasing costs.
Basically what you do is have one of your Sims visit a Neighbor's Town, then have them work their way through ALL of the Sims that live there, befriending each one. How does that help you? Look at the table below to see:

Stage No.
Stage Number
Reward XP
Stage 0
0 XP
This is the Neutral Starting Point
Stage 1
100 XP
Usually requires 1 'Be Nice' Action
Stage 2
150 XP
Usually requires 1 'Be Nice' Action
Stage 3
Good Friend
200 XP
Usually requires 3 'Be Nice' Action
Stage 4
Best Friend
300 XP
Usually requires 6 'Be Nice' Action
750 XP Total Reward
11 Minutes Total Time

So in essence you spend 11 Minutes chatting up your Neighbor's Sims using the "Be Nice" Action, which takes 1m per use, and at the end of that 11 Minutes you gain 750 XP. This is one of the fastest ways to pick up XP to level your town - bearing in mind that you can rinse and repeat this with every single one of your Sims, using every single one of your Neighbor's Sims!
In addition to increasing the Sim Cap each Level can also add important new items to the game.
To put this in perspective for you, we have 12 Adult Sims in the town we used to work on this guide, and we have five Neighbor Towns with a total of 39 Sims (for the towns we can actually visit - some of our Neighbors have Save Issues that disallow us to visit them).

Doing the math, for each one of our Sims we can obtain a total of 29.250 XP in just over 7 hours. That works out to a total of 351K XP! Ooof! If you can think of a faster way to obtain that measure of levels please be sure to let us know so we can include it here?



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Scruffydog- yes, that is the problem. The more buildings you have, the higher your town value is and the more expensive buildings will be for you. For example, my town value is $5,430,000 right now so a big building like the fashion store costs me $700,000.

Added 23rd Feb 2015, ID #520430

How do I complete the love quest

Added 22nd Feb 2015, ID #520032

I'm looking for a sim town that has an inflatable shark in their pool if you have one I would like to know your Facebook name!

Added 20th Feb 2015, ID #518805

I am in level 16 and I need to buy the pet shop. It costs 200,000 but my sisters only costs 30,000 and she is level 15. Why is that? Please reply if u no.

P.s my town value is 1,000,000 and hers is 400,000 if that was the problem ;)

Added 19th Feb 2015, ID #518086

To the guest that asked how to practise firefighting in a neighbours town, your neighbour has to have a fire hydrant. Then you get a sim to practise by clicking on the hydrant and click 'Practise Firefighting'. Hope I helped.

Added 19th Feb 2015, ID #518085

Some :*#):_$_::!-_=/:: cc :*#):_$_::!-_=/::(__& bc[video][/video]

Added 8th Feb 2015, ID #513333

Look for the fire plug practice object in a neighbor town and use that.

Added 3rd Nov 2014, ID #466778

How do I practice firefighting in a neighbors town?

Added 30th Oct 2014, ID #465241

You interact in neighbor towns the same way you do in your own - by tapping on objects or other sims.

What do you mean their feet hurt?? How can you tell? If you are seeing the footstep Icon appearing over their head that does NOT mean that their feet hurt, it means they have NO PATH to the object you want them to interact with.

The game WILL let you place objects in a way that makes them impossible to interact with. If the object in question is the crib and you are wondering why they won't change diapers it is because they cannot - you have it blocked off. Move it until then CAN access it.

When you move and place objects there is an arrow symbol to show you the direction from which the object is accessed, make sure that that symbol always points to open space.

The leveling system in the game does not have speed controls. You cannot change that.

The hobbies do repeat - you just have to keep doing the hobby tasks until you get something new.

To do the neighbors you need

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448553

How do I interact in a neighbors town while their playing ?

Added 14th Sep 2014, ID #447805

I can't finish certain tasks because ALL of my sims feet hurt even after they slept for hours, no one will even change the babies diapers , feed them , etc . Why is this happening ??? Someone help me please !

Added 30th Jun 2014, ID #409318

Sometimes the hobbies take a while to level up on... What hobbie are u trying?

Added 9th Jun 2014, ID #396450

How do I level up slower? I am already level 19 but I still haven't unlocked the skating park...

Added 14th Apr 2014, ID #374738

I have found the fastest way to gain level is to ghost hunt I can level up in a 24 hour period by collecting ghost and hunting .

Added 10th Jan 2014, ID #342019

When trying to accomplish goals or collect medals, get the same ones over and over. This is not fair!

Added 23rd Nov 2013, ID #321358

Im playing the Sims on my Z10 blackberry and so far there is nothing active at the riverboat. I assume this summer is why the neighbors thingy isn't active either? How Do you get this working?

Added 18th Oct 2013, ID #315164

How do I practice firer fighting in a neighbors town

Added 1st Oct 2013, ID #312039

how do get good at hobbies? No matter how much i do all day practices when they're fully inspired it still doesn't work

Added 15th Sep 2013, ID #309791

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