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The Snow Park

While it may seem like just one of the buildings that was added to the game in order to facilitate the new hobby that is associated with it, there is actually a lot more to do there than skate - or use the Ski Lift, which is unlocked once your Sim masters the Skating Hobby and completes its collection...

Access to the Slopes means completing the Figure Skating Collection
There are actually a number of activities that you can perform at the Snow Park, including the following:The Snow Lodge Inside Actions

  • Art Deco Floor Lamp: Turn On/Off
  • Bar: Tend the Bar (20m / 75 XP)
  • Black Fridge: Turbo Snack: (20s / 7 XP)
  • Black Fridge: Graze: (45s / 13 XP)
  • Black Fridge: Leftovers (2m / 27 XP)
  • Black Fridge: Meal (6m 3s / 37 XP)
  • Chinese Dining Chair: Ponder (1m / 15 XP)
  • Christmas Candles: Turn On/Off
  • Cosy Living Chair: Ponder (2m / 15 XP)
  • Cosy Living Chair: Reflect (4m / 30 XP)
  • Cosy Living Chair: Speculate (8m / 60 XP)
  • Cosy Living Chair: Doze Off (45m / 157 XP)
  • Daily Grind Coffeemachine: Espresso (10s / 9 XP)
  • Daily Grind Coffeemachine: Double Shot (30s / 12 XP)
  • Daily Grind Coffeemachine: Fancy Coffee (3m / 15 XP)
  • Fireplace - Turn On/Off
  • Golden Globes Bookshelf: Comic (3m / 33 XP)
  • Golden Globes Bookshelf: Short Story (30m / 33 XP)
  • Golden Globes Bookshelf: Sci-fi Book (3h / 450 XP)
  • Golden Globes Bookshelf: Novel (12h / 1,425 XP)
  • Japanese Basin: Wash Hands (10s / 7 XP)
  • Japanese Basin: Clean Under Fingernails (4m / 37 XP)
  • King Kettle: Traditional Tea (30s / 12 XP)
  • King Kettle: Herbal 1m (30s / 18 XP)
  • King Kettle: Pretentious Special (5m / 37 XP)
  • Ol' Faithful Living Chair: Ponder (3m / 15 XP)
  • Ol' Faithful Living Chair: Reflect (6m / 30 XP)
  • Ol' Faithful Living Chair: Speculate (12m / 60 XP)
  • Ol' Faithful Living Chair: Doze Off (1h / 157 XP)
  • Patched Couch: Daydream (2m / 15 XP)
  • Patched Couch: Rest Eyes (5m / 37 XP)
  • Patched Couch: Have a Nap (2h / 187 XP)
  • Patched Couch: Catch Some Zs (4h / 397 XP)
  • Toilet: Use the Toilet (30s / 12 XP)

The Snow Lodge Outside Actions

  • Snowpark Chair: Ponder: (1m / 15 XP)
  • Vegetarian's Nightmare: Use BBQ: (30m / 90 XP)
  • Vegetarian's Nightmare: Grill 'Em All: (6h 30m / 645 XP)
  • Vegetarian's Nightmare: Double Smoked Pulled Pork: (17h / 1,215 XP)

The Ski Lift Actions

  • Snowboard: Quick Session (5m / 45 XP)
  • Snowboard: Surf the Snow (10m / 90 XP)
  • Snowboard: Tricks till Tomorrow (1h / 540 XP)
  • Toboggan: Quick Ride (5m / 45 XP)
  • Toboggan: Snow Glide (10m / 90 XP)
  • Toboggan: Super Slide (1h / 540 XP)

The Skating Rink Actions

  • Ice: Warm Up: (4m / 15 XP)
  • Ice: Quick Routine: (1h / 150 XP)
  • Ice: Relaxing Skate: (9h / 450 XP)
  • Ice: Devoted Dance: (1d / 900 XP)
  • Hockey Net: Quick Puck: (4m / 15 XP)
  • Hockey Net: Penalty Shot: (1h / 150 XP)
  • Hockey Net: Extended Session: (9h / 450 XP)
  • Hockey Net: All-Day Session: (1d / 900 XP)

As you can see the Snow Lodge offers your Sims a lot of options, or perhaps just a warm place to lounge out of the snow and share their narrow escape stories on the slopes!

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38 comments, latest first.
Does anybody have the snow park?
My username is tamarrsmithh, add me if you do please. 😄

Added 17th Aug 2015, ID #599425

Who has a snow park with a coffee maker????

Added 19th Jul 2015, ID #586334

I do! My user name is L1z*17

Added 9th Aug 2015, ID #595888

Hi my sim can not use toilets or thanks giving table in the snow park? Any tips appreciated.

Added 18th Jun 2015, ID #571868

Help me!

Added 2nd Jun 2015, ID #564572

Where is the ski rink? I cant find it

Added 8th May 2015, ID #553468

I'm done in building the snow park, but I can't access it. Every time I click the snow park icon, the game will be lost. How can I access it? Thanks a lot

Added 31st Mar 2015, ID #535963

me too how can i?

Added 29th Apr 2015, ID #549680

I'm only on level 9 and it says u have to be on level 16 am I correct?

Added 13th Jun 2015, ID #569630

In neighbour´s town isn´t snow park! help?

Added 18th Mar 2015, ID #530040

My Sim also cannot enter the snow park toilet. I click on toilet door and a pop up comes up to "Use the toilet" for 30 seconds. But when i choose the option my sim refuses and the blue steps icon show up over the head. I have no such issue with the rest of the items like the fridge, coffe machine etc
No issue neither in "Use the toilet" in the new shopping mall at the entrance under the escalatorsand no issue in the community park. Just in the snow park.

Any idea?

Added 16th Mar 2015, ID #529502

Every time I click on build (snow park) the program shuts down and kicks me out! Is there a fix? I am in the Seniors Quest and I have to visit the snow park. Help

Added 14th Mar 2015, ID #528289

Can you build a snowman?

Added 10th Mar 2015, ID #526885

Q. Where is the ice rink?

A. It is located in the bottom-left-corner of the Snow Park. The Snow Park is located at the top of the mountain - you have to build it. But you CAN use the ones in neighbor towns if you want to start those hobbies early.

Added 2nd Mar 2015, ID #523423

Q. M'y baby can't enter to the toilet so how can i do????

A. For babies you have to wait for them to pee/poo their pants - basically their nappy gets filled and the meter goes red - then you change their nappy and bathe them.

Once they get to the Toddler Stage they can start using the potty on their own...

Added 2nd Mar 2015, ID #523422

Q. My sims can no longer use the toilet in snow park. It's like some thing is blocking their path when nothing is there.

A. It is not actually blocked - at some point during one of the updates the action-zone for using the bathrooms changed so that you basically need to find the spot near the top or bottom of the door that triggers the use pop-up.

Added 2nd Mar 2015, ID #523420

Q. How do you get the key to go snowboarding? At the snoW lodge?

A. After you complete the Skating Medal Collection for the first time the next time through there is a percentage chance for you to "find" the key while they are skating. So just keep doing that until you find it.

Added 2nd Mar 2015, ID #523419

How do you get the key to go snowboarding? At the snoW lodge?

Added 22nd Feb 2015, ID #519941

My sims can no longer use the toilet in snow park. It's like some thing is blocking their path when nothing is there.

Added 1st Feb 2015, ID #510530

M'y baby can't enter to the toilet so how can i do????

Added 30th Jan 2015, ID #509347

Where is the ice rink

Added 16th Jan 2015, ID #502336

You will find that you get better results by using either the Courtesy House section of the guide, or the boards - players who have courtesy houses advertise them there.

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #499541

Does anyone have a snow park add me aineogxo

Added 23rd Dec 2014, ID #488722

The counter on the left inside (the one with the sink in the middle) has a fancy coffee machine on it you can use.

Added 16th Dec 2014, ID #485322

It says to have fancy coffee at snow park (not neighbor's) but just tea there no coffee?

Added 3rd Dec 2014, ID #480037

You will find a Coffee Machine in the entry lobby of the Community Swimming Pool and Water Recreation Center in town.

Added 12th Oct 2014, ID #457860

Where is the coffe machine

Added 4th Oct 2014, ID #454644

The weather machine is purchased unless you got it from the event. As for skates they get them automatically when you have them do the skating activity.

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431955


How do you unlock the weather machine

Added 28th Jul 2014, ID #426952

Where do I find skates for snow park?

Added 28th May 2014, ID #389998

really then i need to update

Added 27th Mar 2014, ID #368658

I'm trying to collect my skating medals and I've noticed the quick practice changed from 4min to 10min. Anyone else?

Added 13th Mar 2014, ID #363825

One of the activities is to surf a neighbors slops with snowboard how do I find the slop I don't see snow anywhere

Added 6th Mar 2014, ID #361534

I have the ski lift unlocked and am looking for a neighbor that does as well. Please add me on gamecenter, ID KailaJuneJ. Thank you!

Added 19th Feb 2014, ID #356921

what if the neighbor does not have a snow park

Added 31st Dec 2013, ID #336732

Two Sims can also have a snowball fight outside the entrance to the lodge

Added 30th Dec 2013, ID #336394

How do I use the ski lift in a neighbors town?

Added 28th Dec 2013, ID #335421

You can look at the globe in the lodge, too - you can locate your town or pick a vacation destination. There are 4 interactions , but I didn't write them down yet. I want to know why I can't have more than 1 Sim at a time play hockey. If I can get a bunch swimming in the pool why can't more than 1 play on the rink?

Added 15th Sep 2013, ID #309776

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