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The Nightclub

The introduction of The Nightclub is a direct result of the new Social Gaming / Social Networking element in the game, representing the first structure that features a fusion of Business / Community Lot in the sense that while it is a business per se, it is also a significant social and entertainment activity in the game.

Located on the Town Map between the Recording Studio and the Sports Stadium (actually that makes sense considering the typical lifestyle choices of both the foundation Sims and the Patron Sims for each of those) the Nightclub is a highly desirable addition to your Town.

The Nightclub offers dancing to a DJ, Drinks and Social Fun

Building the Nightclub

Originally the requirements for building the Nightclub were based upon the number of Neighbors (NBR Count) that you had in your game, however with the transition away from NBR and towards Social Points (SP) that made up the newly revised Social System in the game, the requirement has changed.

To construct The Nightclub your Sim Town must meet these minimum* requirements:

  • Town Level 20 or Higher
  • Town Population of 10 Permanent Residents or Higher
  • A direct cost of 15 SP (Social Points)
  • 36 Hours of Build Time

The addition of The Nightclub to your Town increases the value of you Town by $250K.

Nightclub Actions

In addition to providing an interesting beat and background for Sim Socialization, The Nightclub also offers your Sims the opportunity to participate in the following Sim Actions:

  • Booth: Sit (2m / 18 XP)
  • Club Toilet: Use the Club Toilet (30s / 12 XP)
  • DJ Decks: Become DJ (7m / 45 XP)
  • Nightclub Bar: Tend the Bar (20m / 75 XP)

When your Sim takes over the turntables and becomes the Club DJ, any Sims who are also present in the Nightclub and who participate in the Dance Action will, in addition to having their own appropriate stat changes and XP gains, also experience a raised level of Friendship Points for the Sim who is acting as the Club DJ.

Effective Nightclub Use

The most effective use of this community service/entertainment space is to bring together a large number of Sims in the Nightclub, and then take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Whistle as many Sims to the Nightclub as you can;
  • Step 2: Assign a Sim to act as DJ;
  • Step 3: Assign a Sim to act as Bartender;
  • Step 4: Have your Sims drink and socialize for a bit;
  • Step 5: Have your Sims take to the Dance Floor and Dance.

The net effect of this is that all of the Sims on the Dance Floor will increase their friendship with the Sim who is acting as the DJ, while at the same time the Sim acting as the DJ will increase their Friendship Levels with all of the Sims who are participating in the Dance Action.

This method is one of the most efficient ways to take advantage of the bonus points in XP that are obtained from increasing Friendship Levels between Sims.
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* Note: Minimum Requirements often change with each update. The requirements listed above were accurate at the time that this section of the guide was written, during the second major guide revision and version creation, but may have changed since then. If you notice a significant change in requirements please feel invited to let us know via personal message on SC so that we can edit the corrected information into the guide!

Rumors: There is a rumor that the developers are planning to have additional special events and, in particular, personality-themed special events that will have celebrity guest DJ's appear in the Nightclub on weekends, with prize-based competitions for Sim Dancing and the opportunity to add "Celebrity Personalities" to your Sim's Social Network!

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34 comments, latest first.
Well make sites it's actually night time before making them enter

Added 19th Nov 2015, ID #626552


Added 19th Nov 2015, ID #626553

Can you get sims drunk?

Added 8th Nov 2015, ID #623580

Can you get your sims pregnant

Added 5th Oct 2015, ID #614160

Can u make ur sims have woohoo in the night club and get pregnant. #Yes or #No

Added 14th Nov 2015, ID #625163


Added 29th Nov 2015, ID #629578


Added 23rd Oct 2015, ID #619017

Thanks for that, I was just about to get the nightclub...they don't really give tutorials on how to use each place in town!??

Added 10th Aug 2015, ID #596414

I have just spent 15 SP on the night club and it's saying it will take 7464 hours to build ???????

Added 5th Aug 2015, ID #594103

have you used a cheat? if you have this is ofen the result of changing the date and time for rewards. it will probably say that when your waiting for babies and possibly the same for planting and the party boat. if you havent used any cheats/hacks then i have no idea but you cant change the number of hours without waiting them out or just restarting your game completely also i wouldnt advise changing the date and time further so you dont have to wait the 7,000 hours as it could just mean a longer wait. thats all i know hope it helped

Added 7th Aug 2015, ID #595059

So. Today I am building the nightclub. And also, do you earn any money or anything in the nightclub? And does it have to be nighttime so that they can enter the nightclub?

Added 16th May 2015, ID #556862

Can someone explain to me the importance of building friendships between Sims?? Excluding the "partner" relationship, what's really the difference between "acquaintance", "friends", "good friends" etc??

Added 9th May 2015, ID #554007

Acquaintance is like yall cool like its a hi and bye kinda of a thing
Friends is like yall cool and you and the sim are like getting to know and understand each other and have things in common
Good friends will be that you have everything above plus trust and you guys can live together now
Partner will be that that's your fiancé you know before you actually get married
Then there is married when you guys are actually together and in love

Added 8th Jul 2015, ID #581750

How do u get SP???
I got 0
:( D:

Added 14th Nov 2015, ID #625164

Can you get any life points or any money at the nightclub.

Added 2nd Apr 2015, ID #536710

The only reason they won't go in is because its a nightclub not a dayclub so u can only go in at nighttime.

Added 20th Feb 2015, ID #518813

Do u get Social Points in the nightclub?

Added 9th Feb 2015, ID #513873

I could only get my sims to be dj or dance one day. After that they were unable to either dance or be dj..

Added 13th Oct 2014, ID #458211

The friendship effect for the DJ will only appear in the first quarter of the first level of friendship so you will not see it progress beyond that level.

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448528

As far as I know you cannot get them really really drunk - you can only get their happy mood elevated to the top.

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448527

How do you get your Sims drunk?

Added 2nd Sep 2014, ID #443934

No, you can't

Added 10th Sep 2015, ID #606979

I have one sim being the dj and 8 other sims dancing but none of there relationships are increasing with the dj. Please help. Amanda

Added 21st Aug 2014, ID #439192

As for not being able to have your sims enter - I don't know. I just checked on my game and it works fine.

As for getting your sims drunk, I do not believe that was ever an option for FreePlay - but it is for the PC games.

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431921

How can I get my sims drunk?

Added 24th Jul 2014, ID #424331

One part of the counter I can't get my sims to do something. How do you get them to drink?

Added 5th Jan 2014, ID #339893

How do u get more money

Added 7th Dec 2013, ID #326246

Ya my sims just stand outside the club

Added 4th Oct 2013, ID #312596

is there something wrong with the night club cause I can't enter. I could before but all of a sudden my sims would just line up outside and can't enter... some help with this please . thanks

Added 29th Sep 2013, ID #311729

I am having the same issue too. I have tried everything. They still can't get in,

Added 26th Sep 2013, ID #311341

The night club is a destination like the park. Tap the bubble and whistle ur sims to get there…
That's how u get in:D
So thats all u gotta do…

Added 14th Nov 2015, ID #625165

How do u get SP for night club???
i really want it…

Added 14th Nov 2015, ID #625159

The way that this works mate is that you build and place the Nightclub and then the Nightclub becomes a "destination" in much the same way that the Town Park is a destination in the sense that your Sims do not visit it outside and then go through the door, but rather YOU visit it...

Basically you select the Town Map and then from the Town Map you select the Nightclub and, if you have properly placed it, doing so will bring your game play window to the internal view of the Nightclub -- with NO Sims present at all.

You then open the Sim Menu on the bottom left and use the Whistle Icon (same as you do for your visits to the Town Park or the Community Center) and that will cause the Sim that you have "Whistled" to appear INSIDE the Nightclub.

So there should not be any Sim using the door type action.

Try it that way and I think you will find that you don't have any trouble, right mate?


Added 24th Sep 2013, ID #310953

I can't get any of my Sims to enter the nightclub. It always seems to be closed and they throw their hands up in the air when I try to get any of them through the door.

Added 24th Sep 2013, ID #310948

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