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The Grocery Store

While it may not be obvious at first glance what the Grocery Store is about is providing you with discounts on the ingredients for cooking the different dishes you can cook and bake in your oven at home, and discounted seeds for the different crops you can plant and harvest and, in the end, it is all about saving you money...

The Cooking Aisle

The Listing Key below provides you with a list of the items you can purchase here at the Grocery Store along with their stats - bear in mind that the comparative cost or reward may be different for making the same recipe by using the stove in your kitchen rather than buying the discounted ingredients here at the store... Not all of the recipes will be more economical, and not all will offer better XP, but some do!

Cooking Time
1 Minute
10 XP
Hot Cross Buns
2 Minutes
20 XP
5 Minutes
80 XP
10 Minutes
60 XP
Heart Shaped Chocolate
12 Minutes
90 XP
Apple Pie
40 Minutes
180 XP
Choc Pudding
2 Hours
300 XP
Gingerbread Sims
6 Hours
500 XP
8 Hours
1200 XP
Caramel Slice
10 Hours
700 XP
18 Hours
1,150 XP
Banana Bread
20 Hours
2400 XP
Rocky Road
12 Hours
1000 XP
1 Day
1,500 XP
Birthday Cake
5 Life Points
1 Day
999 XP
4 Hours
400 XP
45 Minutes
300 XP
30 Minutes
120 XP
1 Life Point
4 Hours
400 XP
Wedding Cake
2 Life Points
22 Hours
1700 XP

The Grocery Store is a source for discounted Seeds and Baking Supplies

The Gardening Aisle

The Listing Key below provides you with a list of the items you can purchase here at the Grocery Store along with their stats - bear in mind that the comparative cost or reward may be different for growing the same plants by using the garden plot in your yard rather than buying the discounted seeds here at the store... Not all of the recipes will be more economical, and not all will offer better XP, but some do!

Seed Name
Grow Time
Bell Peppers
30 Seconds
1 XP
5 Minutes
5 XP
20 Minutes
25 XP
45 Minutes
60 XP
1 Hour
30 XP
1 Day
350 XP
2 Hour
50 XP
4 Hours
100 XP
1 Day
225 XP
6 Hours
215 XP
9 Hours
155 XP
7 Hours
150 XP
1 Life Point
1 Day
600 XP
24-carat Carrot
2 Life Points
5 Hours
25 XP
8 Hours
325 XP
18 Hours
400 XP
Chilli Pepper
16 Hours
250 XP
Hamburger Plant
12 Hours
465 XP

You will also discover that the ingredients and seeds that can be purchased here are released at different levels than those in the stone/garden at home.

Generally speaking the more expensive the item and the longer its grow/cooking time, the better the profit margin is... While none of these discounts stands out as a major element, when it is viewed over time and especially when it is averaged out over the entire cumulative play time of the game it does add up to a potentially significant figure.

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44 comments, latest first.
I brought 2 cakes from the grocery story and it took 10 of my LPs. Now I can't find the cakes they are not in inventory.

Added 12th Nov 2015, ID #624586

Ummm this is completely UN related but it won't let me build anything else because apparently the swim centre is being built but I'm on lvl 12 so should I delete the app and get it again or what?

Added 2nd Sep 2015, ID #604665

You have to wait until your swim center is built. They only let you build one thing at a time unfortunately.

Added 16th Nov 2015, ID #625810

Did you use Lifestyle points to unlock the buildings? Using LP causes the build cost to go up.

Added 9th May 2015, ID #553998

What are the wedding cakes for?? They're pretty much, ummm, USELESS?

Added 19th Mar 2015, ID #530531

I bought a crib and I don't know where it is?

Added 22nd Feb 2015, ID #519620


Added 17th May 2015, ID #557338

My supermarket says it will take 176705 hours.....I started it 24 hours ago.....

Added 18th Jan 2015, ID #503644

Buying seeds at the supermarket also increases your town's value. The red peppers and the carrots don't because they are too cheap, but each corn bought boosts the value by 1 and as you go up the prices to the more expensive seeds the value goes up by more as well.

Added 17th Dec 2014, ID #485937

It's very expensive to build

Added 10th Nov 2014, ID #470079

The sims active list is telling me to inspire a sim by using a cupcake (the green button) but the button isnt green what should i do

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431784


Added 28th Jun 2015, ID #576731

The price of the supermarket is going up because as you build more things in your town the price to build things will go there is actually nothing wrong with the system it's just how the game was made.

Added 10th Jun 2014, ID #397394

Cool! <3

Added 27th Mar 2014, ID #368656

I am on level 13 at bake gingerbread men but it is not in the oven or supermarket.I need help.

Added 2nd Mar 2014, ID #360548

How can i use the wedding cake????? Plzzzzz tellll meeeeee

Added 12th Feb 2014, ID #354279

HELP! I'm on level 11
I havn to bake gingerbread to move on but I cannot bake that bread before level 14?! What to do, please

Added 31st Jan 2014, ID #350103

My supermarket is still being built but it has 145 hours until it's done. Why does it take so long?? And how do I speed up the process, I haven't got enough lifestyle points.

Added 21st Dec 2013, ID #332211

Where do i find things that i buy at the grocery store? I bought the onion seeds but do not know how to plant them

Added 18th Dec 2013, ID #331054

Aren't some of your number off? For the gardening section garlic gives you way mor xp I think it's 1925

Added 18th Dec 2013, ID #330965

I think as your town value goes up the price of everything goes up.

Added 18th Dec 2013, ID #330885

to buy seed.. u need to buy and place a plot first.. you can buy it from the homestore under plants and trees ( i think ?) then when u placed it outside the house click on it and the different kind of seed should appear on your right hand side.

Added 14th Dec 2013, ID #329439

Where can i find seeds?? I couldnt find it in the supermarket....the "money grows on trees" thing..

Added 28th Nov 2013, ID #323118

To get free money just plant either beans, tomatoes and other plants
That offer a lot of money

Added 5th Nov 2013, ID #318075

I don't understand the timings . Say if u buy beans what happens? When I bought it from the supermarket I lost money but I don't think I gained any xp (experience). And why does it say the times. Like does it take 9hrs to get my xp (experience) ?? Plz reply x I'm soo confused x

Added 28th Oct 2013, ID #316814

Supermarket same issue as the above posts?

Added 27th Oct 2013, ID #316619

What level are you able to build or buy pet shop and super market for I have no option to do so as of yet since I am in level 12. Thank you

Added 23rd Oct 2013, ID #316020

Why is it that others who have the same freeplay game have to option to buy a supermarket, pet store, car dealership, etc. and why am I not able to see any of that?...

Is it a glitch?.. or does the new update no longer offer those buildings?

Added 18th Oct 2013, ID #315145

How do you get Carmel slices???

Added 12th Oct 2013, ID #314139

I am level 15 and there is still no option for the supermarket I need seeds ASAP please help

Added 27th Sep 2013, ID #311385

I'm on level 14 and there is no option for me to build a supermarket. But I have to because I have to complete the thing "money grows on trees". I know that it is supposed to be across from the party boat but all that is there is an empty parking lot. Please help.

Added 25th Sep 2013, ID #311176

Buy a garden patch in the home store. You do not need the market built. It's under trees plants and flowers. When a sim is not busy click on the garden patch and I the right seeds will appear

Added 12th Sep 2015, ID #607703

I got nothing but an empty parking lot with a dumpster and no option to build anything. I'm on level 13. When does it become available?

Added 25th Sep 2013, ID #311166

I couldnt find the supermarket on my map. And i dont know how to build one because there is no option to do that so. The quest say that i need to buy seed from supermarket, please help me

Added 10th Sep 2013, ID #309056

Supermarket or grocery store is in the center of the main map. Look at the party boat (it's on all maps and doesn't require building), then look at the pier, then "cross the street" and you arrived at the store! Just remember that before you can access it, you need to build it! Good luck.

Added 9th Sep 2013, ID #308940

Where is the supermarket located? I can't find it on the town map anywhere. Please help, as I am trying to complete the "Money Grows On Trees" goal in the Mystery Island update.

Added 9th Sep 2013, ID #308878

Ya I am on level 16 and I can't get the super market? Please help ASAP

Added 7th Sep 2013, ID #308638

How do i get more money for free[b][/b] [size=12][/size]

Added 7th Sep 2013, ID #308580


Added 6th Sep 2013, ID #308464

I am on level 17 and do not see any workplaces or parks. Please help.

Added 5th Sep 2013, ID #308366

can i delete a building i constructed?

Added 5th Sep 2013, ID #308326

Your town construction rises it does not stay the same price because you constructed another thing not the supermarket at that time. Check how much construction is worth for another building its probably the same as the supermarket.

Added 5th Sep 2013, ID #308323

Hi, Sorry but i had no intention of being rude, sorry if i came across as being rude. I apologise once a again. Could you pls help me solve the problem? Thank you so much and i really really appreciate it.

Added 5th Sep 2013, ID #308321

Hi, in order to build the supermarket, apparently i will need $100,000, however a few days ago, it was only $7500! Is there something wrong with your system! Pls do reply asap as I need the supermarket! Thank you so much!

Added 5th Sep 2013, ID #308320

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