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The Big List of Town Goals

The Big List of Goals: Town Goals

For Quests that take place in NEIGHBOR TOWNS, you want The Big List of Goals: Social Goals...

Rewards and Structure
Goals for your Home Town tend to be rewarded mostly with XP and Simoleons, with the rare Life Point or two also appearing therein.

Prior to the introduction of the extended hobby system the presence of Life Points as part of the rewards scheme here represented an important element, as the increasing number of objects and items that require LP motivated players to seriously pursue the Goals scheme in order to obtain them.

At that point in the evolution of the game Life Points were the "rare currency" in the game, so anything you could do that had even the chance of supplying them was worth doing.

Life Points no longer occupy that position - they have been succeeded by Social Points now - particularly since players can practically mint their own Life Points via the Ghost Busting Flashmob strategy of play.

Just The Goals Ma'am

To be sure that we are all on the same page you should know that the Goal / Quest System largely consists of a well structured collection of logical paths divided into two-part formula; each falling into one of six base categories or types, and these are:

  • Actions Goals: Send a Sim to work, start a hobby. and other Sim Actions.
  • Build Goals: Complete building a Business or Industry.
  • Buy Goals: Purchase a specific item such as a three star stereo/bed/couch plants, etc.
  • Collection Goals. Collect the Tax on the Town Map, the Mailbox Reward, etc.
  • Completion Goals: Complete a Sim action on a certain day or time.
  • Relationship Goals: Get married, have a baby, make an enemy, that sort of thing.

In addition to the rewards that are declared for completing the assigned Quest / Goal, you will also earn XP / SP / LP / Simoleons in the process of fulfilling the requirements for many of the Quests / Goals.
- + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + -

The List

The Big List of Town Goals

The Goals / Quests listed below were obtained via regular game play, and represent the goals that were assigned to us while playing the iPad version of the game and the iPhone version.

It is worth noting that, as this was the original goals system in the game and, as it has been around for considerably longer than the Social Goals System that was recently added with the Neighbor Towns, it goes without saying that the list of available goals / quests is far more extensive and varied than that its sister system.

That being the case there is hardly any chance whatsoever that we can offer a comprehensive listing of a majority of the goals available in the game, though we are going to give it one heck of a go!

Since the two versions of the game that we played are iOS-based and draw from the same engine and data files, it is reasonable to presume that they are virtually identical when it comes to their under-the-skin elements.

Having noted that, and acknowledging that we do not have experience with either the Android or the Kindle versions - based upon posts to the official forums by users of those platforms regarding the areas of Goals and basic game play strategy we believe that the information below applies to all versions of the game no matter what platform they are being played upon.

The goals are listed below by the following structure:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Solution to the Goal / Quest. followed by any notes that may apply if the listing is effected by bugs or other issues in the game. Where there are alternate solutions that will be noted, and their details will follow the preferred solution.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Add or Change a Room (20 XP) I have a feeling that things are going to work out between them. Build a Master Bedroom.
(Access the House Menu and change a room to complete this goal)

Add or Expand a Room (40 XP) Children need space to play, preferably somewhere away from your expensive furniture! Now is a great time to start work on a Children Room!
(Access the House Menu and change a room to complete this goal)

Bake a final batch of Treats ($500) One more batch should do it. Bake one last batch of Treats for the Bake Sale.
(Simply bake the final batch as part of the tutorial to complete this goal)

Bake a second batch of treats. ($60 + 10 XP) Make another batch of treats for the Bake Sale.
(Simply bake the second batch as part of the tutorial to complete this goal)

Bake Something (20 XP) One last thing, bake some sweet treats for that special Sim. Don't forget to mix the batter; they can lick the beater.
(Simply bake a batch of Cookies as part of the tutorial to complete this goal)

Be Romantic (1 LP) Sow the seeds of love. Have a Sim be Romantic with another Sim.
(Use the Be Nice Action to raise their relationship to Best Friend then the Be Romantic Action to complete this goal)

Be Rude ($150) Well that was fun! Except that one Sim kept talking. Go on, tell them off.
(Use the Be Rude Action to complete this goal)

Build a Business ($125) Build a Business on the Town Map.
(Build any Business - that is to say a store or service provider rather than Industry or Community Lot Structure - to complete this goal)

Build the Children's Store (1 LP) The Children's Store stocks all kinds of useful things for your little Sims. Go to the Town Map and build it!
(Build the Children's Store to complete this goal)

Build Two Workplaces (1 LP) Complete construction of any two Workplaces on the Town Map.
(Build a second Industry to complete this goal)

Buy a Bedside Table (10 XP) Bedside Tables are a great place to keep any support items your Sims may require. Buy one! Buy a pair!
(Buy and place a Bedside Table from the Bedroom Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Buy a Coffee Machine ($50) You know what goes well with baked treats? Coffee. Buy a Coffee Machine and place it on a counter top.
(Buy and place a Coffee Machine from the Kitchen Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Buy a Coffee Table (1 LP) You'll need somewhere to put all your Sims' delicious treats. Buy a Coffee Table.
(Buy and place a Coffee Table from the Living Room Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Buy a Couch ($100 + 10 XP) Your Sims require absolute comfort! Buy a couch.
(Buy and place a Couch from the Living Room Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Buy a Phone (1 LP + 10 XP) Brainwave! Have a Movie Night. Buy a phone so you can call your peeps.
(Buy and place a Phone from the Electronics Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Buy a Rocking Horse (40 XP) It's the Grand Opening of the Children's Store and the Rocking Horse is a hot item! Go get one! It'll look great in your new Children's Room!
(Purchase the Rocking Horse from the Children's Store and place it in your Sim child's room)

Buy a Stove (1 LP) Bake Sale! Time to bake some treats. Buy a Stone.
(Buy and place a Stove from the Kitchen Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Buy a 3-Star Rated Bed (30 XP) If things are going to escalate your suitor is going to need a 3 star bed to impress their new friend in the boudoir.
(Buy and place a 3-Star Bed from the Bedroom Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Buy a TV (1 LP + 10 XP) Nothing says 'Good Friends' like sitting in silence and staring at a screen together. Hook your Sims up with a new TV.
(Buy and place a TV from the Electronics Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Buy a Two-Star Stereo (40 XP) Give your Sims something to dance to!
(Buy and place a 2-Star Stereo from the Electronics Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Buy some Flowers (1 LP) Buy some Flowers to put on the Bedside Table to complete the mood.
(Buy and place Flowers from the Outdoors > Trees, Plants & Flowers Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Buy two Lounge Chairs (1 LP) Your patrons will need somewhere to sit. Buy a couple of Lounge Chairs to go with the Coffee Table.
(Buy and place Lounge Chairs from the Living Room Menu of the In-Game Store to complete this goal)

Call a Friend ($150) Call up a friend to arrange a little home cinema get together.
(Use your Sim's Phone to ring up a friend)

Divorce a Sim (3 LP + 120 XP) It's not working out, so it's time to get divorced! How? By complaining and being rude to each other of course! Get two Sims to 'talk' through their differences... and when the time is right, get divorced.
(Use the Be Rude Action between a married couple until you get the Divorce Action and then use it to complete this goal - note that if you have an imbalanced relationship it is possible that one Sim will show the Divorce while the other will not - in that case you will want to repair that relationship by using the Be Romantic Action to get it into parity)

Get 3 Sims in One House (1 LP) Get 3 Sims together at the one house for Movie Night!
(Simply Whistle enough Sims to have 3 in the same house to complete this goal)

Get 3 Sims to Watch a Movie (1 LP + 25 XP) Time for the big event! Get your Sims to watch the feature presentation.
(Have 3 Sims in one house sit and watch the same movie)

Get 3 Sims to Watch a Show (1 LP) Why not warm up with a quick show before the big event?
(Have 3 Sims in one house sit and watch the same show)

Get 5 Sims in One House (50 XP) Time to serve up your treats. Get five Sims to gather at one house.
(Use the Whistle to get five Sims in one house)

Get Engaged! (1 LP) Have two Sims be Romantic until one of them is ready to pop the question. Wel'll even give you the ring! The more expensive the ring the greater chance your Sim's Partner will accept, so don't be a cheap skate!
(You can unlock this via the relationship tutorial - but if you have already completed it before getting this goal, you simply need to repeat that process building the Romantic relationship to the point that you can ask the Sim to marry you)

Get two Sims to WooHoo! (1 LP) The time is finally here! Get two Sims to WooHoo.
(Build the relationship to Partner Level and then use the WooHoo Action)

Have a Baby (1 LP) It's time! Tap on the crib and wait for the baby to arrive!
(Place a Cradle in the home of a Married Couple - they MUST be Married - and then use the Cradle to add a Baby to the family)

Have a Romantic Relationship with a Sim (1 LP) Have a romantic relationship with a Sim.
(This should come with regular game play - but what you need to do is use the Be Nice Action to get to Best Friend level then Be Romantic Action to build the romantic relationship from there)

Have a Shower ($150) Love is in the air! Work up a “Rich Lather” in the shower and then get out there and seduce a Sim.
(This is part of the tutorial - simply use the Rich Lather Action in your Sims Shower to complete this goal)

Have Four Sims Gardening ($200 + 10 XP) Work those green thumbs! Get four Garden Patches and have four Sims gardening at once.
(Whistle enough Sims to a house to have four and then set them all to garden at the same time)

Make a 'Double Shot' Coffee ($100) If your Sims are going to be in it for the long haul they'll need to fortify themselves with an enlivening beverage. Make a “Double Shot” of Coffee!
(Use the Coffee Maker to complete the Double Shot Action to unlock this goal)

Make Four Sims Dance to a Stereo ($300) Party Time! Get four Sims to dance at once to a stereo.
(Whistle enough Sims to have four at one house, then have them all dance to music on the Stereo)

Make Two Sims 'Good Friends' ($100) Forge the bonds of true friendship. Get two of your Sims to become Good Friends. How? Farting and electric shock of course!
(Use the Be Nice Action to raise the relationship to Good Friends)

Marry two Sims (1 LP) It's time to take this relationship to the next level! Have two engaged Sims be romantic to one another until they're married!
(Max out the romantic relationship then spend the LP on the best ring to get your Sims engaged, then use the Marry Action to complete this goal)

Place a Crib in the Newlywed's House (1 LP) I think your two newlyweds are ready to have a baby! It's time to prepare. Purchase a crib from the infant section of the Home Store and place it in your house.
(Simply buy a Crib from the Infant Menu in the In-Game Store and place it in a Newlywed's house)

Practice Baking ($125) Practice your Baking before the big Bake Sale.
(Use the Stone to bake some treats to complete this goal)

Spend $60 on Wallpaper and Flooring (30 XP) Now that you have the Children's Room sorted out, it's time to add some color! Spend at least $60 on wallpaper and flooring. Let's make this the best Children's Room ever!
(Spend more than $60 on decorating your children's bedroom)

Use a Wardrobe to Browse a Sim's Clothes ($100 + 20 XP) That is SO last season... Use a Wardrobe to find something new to wear!
(Use the Wardrobe Object to browse through the clothing options for your Sim)

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You have to call from their phone for tech support

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I don't know if this is a glitch or the game, but I did not complete the preteen Sim quest, but the quest disappeared. The weird thing is that I do not have preteen Sims now, but the good thing is that I can just make a toddler into a teen. .__.

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How do I complete the toddlers quest

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To complete the negotiate task you need to grow a genetically modified plant, I believe the tomato plant is one. it will grow into a strange plant that looks like the simoleon sprout, press the plant and choose 'negotiate'. the plant will throw your sim around and appear to eat it.

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Come join facebook group THE SIMS FREEPLAY ADVANTAGE, there is always someone there to assist u with anything from add friends to cheats. See u there.

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U can't skip love is in the air.

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To have a 'rich lather' in the shower, just tap on the shower and choose the 'rich lather' option. Hhope this helped. Happy simming! ;)

Added 6th Jan 2014, ID #340069

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