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Swimming Center

Diving as a Hobby is party art, party style, but mostly just showing up!
In addition to being the building required in order to pursue the Diving Hobby, the Community Lot called the Swimming Center is also a place you can have your Sims congregate and cool-off on a hot Sim day, swimming, diving, and splashing around, drinking beverages, and singing songs about the Australian Girl they met at the beach last summer and... Hey! It could happen!

Seriously though, when your Sim arrives at the Swimming Center they can choose from the following Sim Actions:

  • Beverage to GoGo: Espresso (30s / 9 XP)
  • Beverage to GoGo: Double Shot (1m / 12 XP)
  • Beverage to GoGo: Fancy Coffee (5m / 15 XP)
  • Bumpy Ride Slide: Use Slide (7s / 10 XP)
  • Chair: Ponder (2m / 15 XP)
  • Chair: Reflect (4m / 30 XP)
  • Chair: Speculate (8m / 60 XP)
  • Diving Board: Brief Leap (4m / 15 XP)
  • Diving Board: Aquatic Lunges (1h / 150 XP)
  • Diving Board: Disciplined Dive (9h / 450 XP)
  • Diving Board: All-Day Dive (1d / 900 XP)
  • Kiddie Pool: Play in the Kiddie Pool (3m / 16 XP)
  • Kiddie Pool: Make Splashes (1h / 72 XP)
  • Kiddie Pool: Play Pirates (3h / 300 XP)
  • Lifeguard Chair: Guard Pool (3m / 45 XP)
  • Lifeguard Chair: Supervise (8m / 72 XP)
  • Lifeguard Chair: Enjoy View (25m / 130 XP)
  • Pool: Go Swimming
  • Toilet: Use the Toilet (30s / 12 XP)
  • Trophy Case: Appreciate (4s / 7 XP)

Chances are this will be one of the latter buildings you construct in your game - but if the only reason you are building it is to do the Diving Hobby, you may be better off checking on your Neighbor's Towns to see if any of them have built it, since you can use theirs while visiting to level up the hobby.

If it is a choice between building the Competition Center and the Swimming Center and one of your mates already has the Swimming Center, I would go with the Competition Center hands down since you can use your mates Swimming Center but you can only use your own Competition Center. Just saying.

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33 comments, latest first.
It says the TricksHobby place is under construction but it's not, please help

Added 15th Nov 2015, ID #625438

[color=red][/color] I need a bit of help getting money to buy the swimming pool. Can someone tell me how, and not to get distracted from pooling in all my savings into a new kitchen countertop?

Added 20th Aug 2015, ID #600329

My advice are:
1. Try sending your sims to work everyday it makes you gain money and XP faster
2. If you don't like that idea try selling some of the things you don't need
3. Try to plant the simileon sprout (sorry if I spelt that wrong) it's only $250 and you get your money more quickly.

I hope you get your swimming pool and if you don't like these ideas these are totally optional and I hope I help.

Added 31st Aug 2015, ID #604343

I'm on level 14 and don't know how to get to the swimming level and am still just starting a nanny quest I need pool and can you get a pool with a normal house? I have a ton of normal houses but a few mentions can you please tall me soon so I don't get more normal houses

Added 5th Aug 2015, ID #594255

To Build a Swim Center cost 200K and then you will need 11 sims as well :/

Added 4th Aug 2015, ID #593599

Iike 2-3 days ago I checked the total cost for building the swimming center is 100,000$ I've been saving up money, my sims worked and plant their asses off . JUST NOW I check again the total cost is 150,000 how is this happening I'm still at level 16. All this makes me regret for not building it when I'm at the beginning level of the game smh

Added 4th Aug 2015, ID #593566

I am on level 23. the swim challenge is up. it says to build a swimming center however I have no option to build one. there is simply no swimming center in my game. What do I do now? There is no place that says or looks like the swimming center.

Added 10th Jul 2015, ID #582676

It's between the town hall and elementary school. If you still can't find it you might just have to delete the game and get it again (I'm talking about on sims freeplay)

Added 16th Jul 2015, ID #585065

How do I park a car at the swimming center?????

Added 2nd Jul 2015, ID #578931

I have the swimming center built. My question is how do i get more than one sim to swim at the same time.

Added 30th Apr 2015, ID #550056

Ok I'm only nine and figured out how to use the life guard chair and the diving boards

Added 8th Apr 2015, ID #539726

Is the swimming centre a industrial building?

Added 20th Mar 2015, ID #531060

The swimming center for me is $250,000$

Added 24th Feb 2015, ID #520845

I've reached level 13 to build the swimming Center but how to i complete this 'its all going swimmmgly' thing? Pissing me off

Added 17th Feb 2015, ID #517210

How many town points do u get when you build the swim centre I'm 7 this would mean a lot to me as I am level 22 and not got there yet!
Thanks, Sienna rosa lee.

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #498999

I can't use the slide diving board or lifeguard chair why

Added 31st Dec 2014, ID #493593

How much dose a swimming centre cost??! pls answer urgent!!!

Added 29th Dec 2014, ID #492423


Added 2nd May 2015, ID #550657

I just want to have fun at the pool how?

Added 26th Dec 2014, ID #490354

How much does the swimming center cost

Added 26th Dec 2014, ID #490302

Around 200K (200,000)

Added 31st Aug 2015, ID #604347

Why wont it give me any options to go on the swirly slide,lifeguard chair or the diving board.
How do I get a lifeguard chair?
Help me pppppllllleeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeee

Added 29th Nov 2014, ID #477873

Hi guys,
First of all I hope anyone can get back to me as soon a possible please
So it wont let give me any options to go on the (swirly) slide or the diving board and even the lifeguard chair I am only 8yrs and on level 15 please tell me it will mean a lot if you do

Added 28th Nov 2014, ID #477615

I can't use the slide. Why?

Added 23rd Nov 2014, ID #475159

I can't use my neighbor's slide, diving board, or lifeguard chair.

Added 28th Jul 2014, ID #426675

How much is the swim center? ?

Added 2nd Jun 2015, ID #564476

I can't use my fr

Added 28th Jul 2014, ID #426674

When I try using the lifeguard chair, the slide, or the diving board, no options show up.

Added 16th Jul 2014, ID #419697

Did you finish the swimming quest

Added 31st Aug 2015, ID #604344

How can I make the sim supervise in lifeguard chair???

Added 4th May 2014, ID #381552

Hey! How to build the Lifeguard Chair, I'm stuck in this mission..

Added 6th Apr 2014, ID #372102

How do I get a life guard chair?

Added 20th Mar 2014, ID #366346

I thought this was about CHEATS to get the SWIMMING CENTER?

Added 26th Jan 2014, ID #348475

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