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Sim Creation 101

When The Sims: FreePlay was first launched the process by which the player created a new Sim to add to their town was fairly simple and almost automatic, with the bulk of the settings being the physical appearance and characteristics of the Sim.

Now that the game has some significant history and time under its speculative belt though, that process has become a more refined and in-depth creation event giving the player much more latitude in determining the different elements that go into creating the unique personality of each Sim, or their Sim Identity if you will...

This page takes a look at the different options that the player has in creating a new Sim, based upon the Creation Menu that is used in making that Sim.

The Creation Menu

Once you have chosen to add a Sim to your town - whether that is through adding a Sim to a home that you have just built, adding a Sim to a home that you have recently vacated due to marriage to another Sim in the town, or via procreation, the process begins with a selected and randomly-rolled Sim that the player is free to edit.

You never forget your first Sim - and Nick was the first created for this guide.
For the purposes of illustrating this process, here are the particulars of the Sim that the game randomly created for us when we initiated the add a Sim process:Sample Sim Details
At the very top of the window is a large orange button that reads "RANDOM - Tap to Randomize Sim" and that, when pushed, will roll the dice and insert a random set of stats and characteristics in the boxes that represent that Sim's stats and particulars. We will ignore that and list the default result we obtained from first creating a Sim:

  • First Name: Michael
  • Surname: Barnes
  • Gender: Male
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian 3
  • Personality: Sporty

These elements of the Sim can be altered and changed by tapping on them.

Name: The name can be changed either completely, with the player choosing a custom First and Surname, or they can change one or the other.

Gender: The two basic choices are available - Male or Female.

Skin Tone: There is a wide variety of selections available here, including:

  • Caucasian 1 (Very White)
  • Caucasian 2 (Average White)
  • Caucasian 3 (Darker White)
  • Colored 1 (Tan)
  • Colored 2 (Brown)
  • Colored 3 (Dark Brown)

Personality: This is a very complex setting with many different elements that appear as deep background characteristics. This setting will influence a wide variety of traits from what a Sim finds amusing to who they might like - or dislike - and everything in between.

While you can change it later, the basic Sim design is purely a personal set of choices that is really about you.
The Personality Options that can be chosen here are:

  • Villain - Nefarious traits and evil laugh.
  • Rocker - Rock-N-Roll Dood traits and a love for Music.
  • Romantic - Refined gestures and emotional awareness.
  • Socialite - Snooty attitude and predilection for finer things.
  • Sporty - Physically fit with a preference for sporting Sim Acts.
  • Vigilante - Lawful Aggressive and excels at Martial Arts.
  • Spiritual - Seeks the answer to THE Question...
  • Old School - A real 80's sense of self and outlook.
  • Fashionista - Never met a designer label they didn't tolerate.
  • Crazy - Chaotic Neutral - you do not want to play D&D with this Sim.
  • Party Animal - The Nightclub is listed as their Home Address...
  • Flirt - Really enjoys the chase, not so much the catch.
  • Creative - Has an inner Artist inside that is bursting to get out!
  • Bookworm - Finds a good book to be better than a great date.
  • Tycoon - Money money money! Is there anything else in life?
  • Geek - Has a six-digit Gamerscore and too many Trophies to Count!

While the descriptions above are rather tongue-in-cheek, the reality is that the choice of the base Personality trait for your Sim will impact so many levels of interpersonal relations that it really should be a carefully made choice.

While FreePlay does not rely upon Personality as a significant influence in romantic relations with other Sims or the process of advancement in the Career Path with the measure of emphasis that other games in The Sims Series do, it is still an important element and decision when you create your Sims!

Commitment and Creating Your Sim
Once you are happy with the settings you have chosen and your Sim characteristics meet with your approval, you simply need to tap the check-mark and your new Sim will be created and placed in the world on the Lot you specified to begin the creation process.

At this point the Sim will have minor Sim Needs that you can top-off (assuming that the house you placed them in is furnished). If you need to furnish their home first do that, then see to their minor Needs and, once they are topped-off, it is time to decide what their Career Path will be...

Choosing a Career Path

Choosing their Career Path can be heavily influenced by the Personality Trait you chose. Assuming that you have completed all of the available Industry Structures, you can choose from the following Career Paths from the Career Choice Menu (as of August 2013):

  • Actor: Movie Studio Lot and Buildings / Daytime Work Schedule
  • Artist: Art Gallery Building / Evening Work Schedule
  • Athlete: Stadium Building / Daytime Work Schedule
  • Firefighter: Fire Station Building / Nighttime Work Schedule
  • Musician: Recording Studio Building / Late Night Schedule
  • Politician: Town Hall Building / Daytime Work Schedule
  • Real Estate Agent: Real Estate Agency Building / Daytime Work Schedule
  • Scientist: Science Lab Building / Daytime Work Schedule
  • Teacher: School Building / Daytime Work Schedule

Additional Career Paths are planned for future expansions. Depending upon a combination of Personality and your needs, your decision on which Career to choose will likely be influenced by the income range. You will note that the daily salary for Level 5 (the top level) of each Career above has been included in case that helps you in making the decision for your Sim...

Along with children, Hobbies in FreePlay come to play an enormous element in the game, serving as a key means to differentiate and define your Sims as individuals.

Picking a Hobby

The final Sim attribute that you will want to complete is the selection of their Hobby.

This is actually a more important decision than it may appear on the face of it because in addition to the choice dictating a significant element in your Sims off-work recreational activities, this will also dictate the area of entry for their competing at the Competition Center, and represents a significant source of money, XP, and even LP and SP! Choose carefully - and choose something that fits their personality!

As of the time of the second guide revision (August 2013) your Sim can choose from the following available hobbies:

  • Ballet: Community Center Building / Preteen Sims ONLY.
  • Diving: Swimming Center Building / Preteen and Adult Sims.
  • Fashion Design: Home Study with Fashion Design Bench (buy from Hobby Shop).
  • Figure Skating: Snow Park Building Skating Rink / Adult Sims.
  • Fishing: Uses the Pond at the Town Park / Adult Sims.
  • Ghost Hunting: Used Haunted Objects (see Hobbies for more info) / Adult Sims.
  • Karate: Community Center Building (or home with premium Practice Dummy) / Preteen Sims ONLY.
  • Woodworking: Community Center Building (or home with Collection Prize Bench) / Adult Sims.

The Completed Sim
Now that you have your theoretically completed Sim it is time to get out there and get living! Set goals and attain them - master your profession, become the leader in your Hobby and win awards for it at the Comp Center!

Find love and build a relationship, create a nice home and then have some babies! The world really is your oyster so start shuckin!


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