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Osiris Alien Visitation

I want to believe...

A large alien weather balloon - okay it is really a space ship - landed in your town, bringing you a series of 34 quests as part of its event.

Players had 10 days to complete all of the quests in order to obtain the Teleporter, and there was a Weather Changing Device as well.
A typical green visitor from another planet...
The greenish alien visitor gets added to your Sim Tracker (even if you are already at capacity) and while you do not have full control over the Alien.

If however you work hard at becoming his friend you will unlock an action called "Be Examined" which, while just a fun Action, is still worth unlocking just because.
The newspaper article about the odd weather balloon...

The Osiris Quests

1. Be nice to the Alien (1 LP) 2. Become friends with the Alien ($50) 3. Go to the Park => ($70) 4. The end is nigh! (1 LP) 5. Become best friends with the Alien ($50) 6. Browse the Internet (1 LP) 7. Be Nice Action ($50) 8. Spend $16,000 on Electronics (1 LP) 9. Read a Science Magazine (1 LP) 10. Catch the ghost "Warts Cauldron" (1 LP) 11. Have a Hot Snack ($75) 12. Bake Croissants (1 LP) 13. Negotiate with a Sim-eating Plant ($30) 14. Read a Biography ($50) 15. Warn Simanity (1 LP) 16. Make Herbal Tea ($40) 17. Watch a Movie Marathon (1 LP) 18. Read the Encyclopaedia ($20) 19. Grow Beans ($70) 20. Be Rude Action (1 LP) 21. Do the 'Woo-Hoo' Action ($100) 22. Bake Rocky Road (1 LP) 23. Be Nice to the Alien ($25) 24. Deep Sleep ($75) 25. Catch a "Brown Mukluk"Fishing (1 LP) 26. Grow Onions (1 LP) 27. Be Funny Action to Alien ($20) 28. Grow Beans (1 LP) 29. Bake Donuts ($80) 30. Read Fine Literature (1 LP) 31. Catch "Gruesome Gretchen" ghost (1 LP) 32. Do Some Fishing (1 LP) 33. Play with the RC Boat (1 LP) 34. Play Electronica on a Stereo (1 LP)

Your first Teleporter can be found for free in the in-game store, but the second one will cost you 150 LP...
The ship... Err... Weather Balloon that landed in Sim Town.
While Osiris is mostly benign you have no control over him, and he is known to simply appear in your Sim's homes without warning or without asking permission. That can be rather annoying, particularly as you cannot make him leave.

You will just have to learn to tolerate the bloke. There is nothing else for it...
The limited-time quest reward for the Event was a now redundant teleporter

Osiris Departs... For Now

If you were playing when the Osiris Event began you will have had the pesky alien and his ship in your game. Whether you managed to complete the time-limited quest to get the special items from the event or not, you will also have noticed that his ship is no longer crashed in town - and he is nowhere to be found!

The reason for that is simple - he has gone home temporarily to hang out with his bros, recharge, and find something new for you to do and perhaps new ways to annoy you and freak you out!

Give him time... He will be back!

More to Come...


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