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New Social Points System

Originally the Social Point System was structured to relate to the number of Neighbors that you succeeded in collecting - the new Social-based items in the in-game store were structured such that they required a specific number of Neighbors to obtain. As long as you had that number you could obtain and use them for free, otherwise you paid to buy them.

The updated system uses Social Points, which are similar to Life Points, and can be earned by completing goals while visiting the towns of your Neighbors. Just like Life Point items, there are special items that can only be obtained using Social Points, and just like Life Point items, they are usually more useful than regular items.

With that in mind an overview of the Social System begins with the Party Boat, which is docked in the central town area of the river.
The new Social System includes a brand new set of Social Goals

The Party Boat

The Party Boat is both a place where you connect with your friends via Facebook,which is an integral part of the process of building your social network in the game - as well as receive the free daily gifts, which also relate to the number of your Neighbors. Accessing the Party Boat requires a net connection, as it is one of the server-based

There are five levels of daily gift - each level is worth an increasing amount of Simoleons. Each level requires a different number of Neighbors - the first two levels can be obtained by having three Neighbors, while the third requires 5, the fourth 8, and the fifth 16 Neighbors.

As long as you have connected your device to Facebook, any Facebook friends you have who already play FreePlay are automatically added as Neighbors; if that is not sufficient to unlock full access, you can invite your friends to play the game with you in order to increase your count.

After you collect your daily reward you are shown the Neighbor Town list, which is also the Leaderboard. Basically the towns of your Neighbors are ranked by their town value, with the more valuable being higher up on the list.

In addition to revealing which of your neighbors have the more advanced towns (which means played longer) that will also clue you in on which will likely have the more advanced structures, which can be important if you are looking for Community Lots you do not possess in order to work on their hobbies.Visiting Your Neighbor's Towns
When your Town reaches Level 10 the simple list of Neighbor Towns in the Party Boat Menu will change to include a "Visit" button that allows you to have one of your Sims visit one of the Towns on your list.

You can only have one Sim visit one Town at a time, but the good news is that while there your Sim can do a lot of the things that you would do in your own Town, including building relationships with the Sims that live there (a quick and easy way to pick up extra XP), use any Community Buildings (including the special buildings that are associated with Hobbies - so if your Neighbor has built one of these you can use it to work on that Hobby for your Sim if you have not built that structure in your Town yet!).

Sampling the SP Items

When you visit the in-game store you will find a wide selection of new two-and-three star items that use Social Points as their price.

While a full list is difficult since the content changes often, this selection of items will give you a good idea of the new items that are part of the system:

A variety of TV's ranging in price from 12 SP to 45 SP
Colorful Toilets from 6 SP to 7 SP
Colorful Showers from 10 to 12 SP
Colorful Bathtubs from 11 to 12 SP
Colorful Refrigerators from 5 to 6 SP

Furniture of every type, new beds, counters, bookcases, computers, lights and entertainment items, all of which are either specially colored or present unique culturally and era-specific designs.

Some of the more desirable items are level-dependent.

SP Structures

In addition to adding special items to the game, the new Social System also includes new buildings which are part of it in many ways.

The Nightclub
The first new building in the Social System is the Nightclub, which used to require that you have 3 Neighbors, or that you spend 20 LP in order to build it. After the revisions to the Social Points system changed that, and now requires 15 SP and 36 Hours to construct it. In addition to that, the Nightclub adds $250,000 to the Town Value.

Scandinavian House
A new edition to the game, the Scandinavian House is available in two versions - the first for the regular housing lot, costing 450 SP and requiring 1 Day to construct, and the second for the Premium Lot that costs 600 SP and also requires a Day to construct.

The unique appearance of the house and its culturally significant design is the whole point of it of course, but even more important at least from the perspective of the player is that it serves as a proof-in-concept that we can expect additional offerings in the SP system in the future!

While there have been no formal announcements indicating that additional SP structures will be added to the game, it is very likely to be the case.

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Please add me on GC: >>br1tta<<

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You can add me on Facebook. Calliendra starkweather ... I have a fashion studio.... send a message do I know it is sims

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I hate how I cant get any sp on the sims freeplay
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thank you

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Please help me I am stuck on Design something in a neighbours house...................[color=Blue][/color] I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO πŸ˜­πŸ˜–πŸ˜“πŸ˜–πŸ˜ž

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Hi my name is Emma Jane Ingram and tonight I am getting the night club and I am so happy I can't salut into is finish πŸ˜€

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How do I clean a neighbours pool when none of my neighbours have pools?

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My task is to hug a neighbours cat but my neighbour does not have one. What shall I do.πŸ˜”πŸ˜©πŸ˜›πŸ˜€

Added 27th Jun 2015, ID #576144

This has happened to me, and it is annoying because my friend does not have a cat and I only have one friend. I wish I could by them one.

Added 3rd Aug 2015, ID #593243

I got this too
It's annoying so I just left it and keep trying to convince one of my mates to buy a cat

Added 5th Jul 2015, ID #580032

I have a cat! Add me on Game Center SillyAni94

Added 2nd Nov 2015, ID #621949

you have to have your nieghbour buy one then hug it

Added 30th Jun 2015, ID #577799

ok this didnt really help me at all but thanks anyway

Added 19th Jun 2015, ID #572575

Where do you clean the pool at I can't find it

Added 17th Jun 2015, ID #571802

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I have the social points goal to clean out my neighbours pool and they don't have one. What should I do?

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Feeling: πŸ˜”sad

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Buy a frisbee

Added 30th Apr 2015, ID #550006

How do I read the celebrity magazine?

Added 28th Dec 2014, ID #491235

First buy the magazine

Added 30th Jun 2015, ID #577812

Pretend to auction some stuff to a neighbors town? How do I do that

Added 27th Dec 2014, ID #490912

Go to your neighbor's park, find a podium and there says an option to pretend to auction some stuff. Not sure tho.

Added 13th Jun 2015, ID #569668

Please add me
Ps do you have a cat

Added 27th Dec 2014, ID #490806

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Add me pls, game centre : SVERANSDIKA
Facebook : Syafriandy veransdika

Added 11th Nov 2014, ID #470179

Add me on Game Centre - Paprikamax - I play lots of games including this one !
I also have fire hydrants, a pool, a podium, a video camera, a blackboard, a designers bench etc !

I'm looking for a neighbour who has a fire pole too please ?

Cheers !


Added 7th Nov 2014, ID #468461

You need to find a neighbor house that has the video camera to do that...

Added 3rd Nov 2014, ID #466752

Hey! If you've got ANYTHING for the neighbors quests, add me on GC! I'm eat pies :P

Added 2nd Nov 2014, ID #466457

How do i make my sim practice film making In my neighbors town? Help plz

Added 20th Oct 2014, ID #460750

Cleaning a Neighbor's Pool: Have an ADULT Sim from your town visit a neighbor town then look for a pool there that is dirty. Tap on the pool and select the clean pool task.

Added 12th Oct 2014, ID #457819

Where do I get a fire pole?

To add one to one of your Sim houses, it has to be a house that already has a second floor (or more). On a multi-story house, open the Build/Buy menu and select the HOUSE Button, then click on the STAIRS then on the button for one of the following:

1. Rusty Fire Pole ($450K)
2. Functional Fire Pole ($525K)
3. Standard Fire Pole ($600K)
4. Snazzy Fire Pole ($750K)

Yeah, they are not cheap, are they?

Now as to finding a neighbor with one - you should only bother looking in Sim houses that have more than one floor - and if you don't find one go looking on the chat boards for players who are offering friend towns with courtesy houses. Be an idea to look explicitly for those that state for a fact that they HAVE a courtesy house with a fire pole. Just saying.

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448666

Do you know if there's any advantage to buying one Fire Pole over another? $450K is expensive, but $750K is ridicuous! Hard to justify...


Added 7th May 2015, ID #552975

Add me on Game Center!
I need fire hydrant on neighbors house please!

Added 6th Sep 2014, ID #445099

Where do I get a fire pole?

Added 3rd Sep 2014, ID #444198

The social process and the party boat begin with adding neighbors - once you have some you will be able to visit them. You are best off though seeking neighbors from the boards who are offering courtesy houses.

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443117

Does Gamekiller Help Getting You Sp?

Added 15th Aug 2014, ID #437183

Add me in Game Center please!!! khadar3122

Added 12th Aug 2014, ID #435647

Please add me on game centre: LuluLiliXx - I'm not sure I'm adding correctly! Thanks!

Added 3rd Aug 2015, ID #593262

Add me on GameCenter so we can be neighbors! I need more friends with well developed towns so I can finish missions!

Added 9th Aug 2014, ID #433754

How do u do the first one that's like sezz the new social button and tells u about the party boat

Added 4th Jul 2014, ID #412143

Please add me on fbook Brae DeLano

Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #411413

Add me on Game Center my name is *~Β£exi~*

Added 25th Jun 2014, ID #406234

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